Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Queen Bee

I am the queen of Google- well maybe not the QUEEN but I do Google a lot. My reasons for this are divided into two part ...

  • Laziness: I make Google do all the work looking up web pages that I know the address for so I don't have to type them in (more on this mentioned below).

  • Anal Retentiveness: I'd rather take the extra time Googling then messing up the address bar history with misspelled and single use addresses. I get a little anxious when someone comes over to use my computer and they type the address into the bar "improperly". Not putting "www" before the address sends me into a bit of a silent mental fit. Though I'd never address it with the person (That's not fair to anyone, I do realise that I am being neurotic.)- I just smile and let them keep typing "Facebkok,com" promising myself that once they do leave I will clean up the history and make sure everything is back to normal. *snickers* Normal.

My initial intention was to write about a woman's blog that I came across with Google. I found her blog fascinating purely on the fact they were personal glimpses into her day to day life. She comes across as very warm and easy to relate to. I really enjoy that in a person. I was hooked after I read about her encounter with some wasps. Horrifying (to be in her shoes) and fantastic (to be able to read about it in her words- she has a great sense of humour.)!

Click here to see for yourself!

With that being said, I'm not going to write about what I was originally going to write about. I'll save that for another day.

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