Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Unexplained Broken Heart

I don't understand why it is that I feel as though I have a broken heart. Everything in my life points to it not being this way but I can't always ignore that dull weight that holds me back every so often. Perhaps it's a sign that I've outgrown what I have now.

"Where do you go with your broken heart in tow?
What do with the left
over you?
How do you know when to let go,
where does the good

Tegan and Sara

-Where Does the Good

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morning Duet

It was two months ago that I decided I wanted to go on a holiday. I usually go west at least once a year sometimes making it all the way to the ocean, sometimes only making it as far as the golf courses and wine tours. Regardless, it was time to plan again.
I wanted to write a post expressing my frustrations in planning a huge multi destination holiday on my own but I'll give it till Sunday. Things should be wrapped up by then, if not I'm giving myself permission to complain.

Instead- I will talk about the birds. Doesn't matter what time I go to sleep at, I usually wake up sometime before 7am- "with the birds" was what my Grandfather use to say. Even though I live in a urban, high density, trendy area of downtown Calgary, it's older so there are lots of mature trees and flowering lilac bushes. This gives a variety of "city birds" safe places to hide and have babies. As I woke up this morning and my brain was starting to make sense of the noises I noticed between the underground parking gate opening and a lawnmower the sound of birds.

I usually like to focus in on the bird songs, I imagine that I'm waking up in a cabin far off in the forest somewhere. There isn't another person around- just me and nature. I snuggle up and play with that image for a bit, my mind is waking up quickly and it is identifying all the different songs picking out a particular rhythm between a Robin and a Chickadee.

Chickadee Says "Sweeet-iee"
Chickadee Says "Sweeet-iee"

and so forth.
It's actually a pretty charming duet even when the over zealous House Sparrow pipes up.

Friday, May 29, 2009

What A Feeling

Who: Me
What: Dance Party
Where: The Kitchen
When: Any time, any place, any day...
Why: whyyyynot!

Kitchen Dance Parties are an on going thing in my life... usually done as a solo event. Parents gone for the night- Kitchen Dance Party with the dogs. Boyfriend gone out with the guys- Kitchen dance with the dog. Dixieland Delight by Alabama comes up on my play list- Kitchen Square Dance Party!

There are memories that come to mind when I think of the dances I've had.

I was making dinner, it was a hot August night. I distracted making sugar coated nuts to go in this delicious summer salad made with tangerine and fresh greens. Music was playing in the background as it always is. Some people always have the TV on... I always have music. Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" came on about a third of the way through John had come in from the patio without me knowing. He grabbed my arm, turned me around to face him and we had a little dance. It was about 2 minutes of sweet.

Another night more recent then that Laura was over- of course we were listening to music and laughing. We had just finished dinner and for reasons I can't remember we both got up to march like fools around the kitchen. There was so much silly in that room that we were tripping over it. Of course, it goes both ways and those neighbours that I see more then likely see me too. I'm not consistent in shutting the kitchen drapes at night so I hope they enjoyed the show.

It was just a few weeks ago the dance party went on the road to Walmart. Standing in an aisle looking at the fuzzy things you stick to the bottom of furniture so it doesn't scratch the floor Mark grabbed me and we started twirling like contestants on Dancing with the Stars. Some old man stopped to watch us for a moment. I'm not sure if he was scared or looking for the fuzzy sticky things too.

I suppose those memories don't really reflect on the solo kitchen dance party. There have been so many of those that they all sort of blend together at some point. On mornings when I wake up before 5am (I have a finicky internal alarm clock at times.) I'll get out of bed and turn my music on starting with a high energy movement meditation which eventually transformers into an impromptu early bird dance party. I also went through a phase where I having these mad dance sessions just before bed then I'd wonder why I wasn't falling asleep for hours after- heart still racing from pretending I was the girl from Flashdance.

Moral of the story is I think that kitchen dance parties are a key ingredient to a happy life. Letting loose with everything you've got on that slippery surface with just socks on your feet...

What a feeling!

If Meryl Streep Were a Blog

uh-oh... alert Us Magazine Weekly! It appears that not only did Katie Holmes and Ashley Olsen show up in the same dress but I have shown up with the same post as another woman (whom I am a HUGE fan of) in the last 24 hours *gasp!* Whatever shall we DO!

I suppose the only thing a woman can do when she finds herself in a situation like this is acknowledge the other person and admit graciously that she is a much better writer. She is! I'm not even being modest here. Jo's blog was one of the first I stumbled across and have since fallen in love with waiting patiently for each new post! I am flattered that her quick and witty mind has fallen onto a similar topic to write about as mine (which I often feel has the consistency of Melba Toast.). I feel like a local news anchor standing next to Meryl Streep at The Oscars (though I don't know why a local new anchor from Calgary would be attending The Oscars and be standing next to Meryl Streep .).

"It's a great honor just to be here but really, she is the star!"

So this is my acknowledgement of Jo's blog and her post about the Archie, Betty, Veronica love triangle. I doubt she even reads my posts but that's OK because she does look better in that post then me.

Kudos's Jo!
My post on Archie, Betty and Veronica " I Choose You"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Choose You

Before there was Ross and Rachelle, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Before Harry ever met Sally there was Archie and Veronica... and Betty. Like some graphic novels none of the characters seem to age. The gang in Riverdale have been going to High School since 1942- what a nightmare. However in celebration of their 600th publication they have written a story board insinuating that Archie finally chooses- and he chooses Veronica.

I have to stop myself now and be honest with you all. I've only bought one of these "digests" and it was last year when I had a an operation. Needing something to pass the time that didn't take much to think about. This did the trick nicely. Most of the stories were of Jug Head binge eating, Veronica spending all of her fathers money that only Paris Hilton could relate too, Archie chasing Veronica where ever she went and Betty chasing Archie.

First of all- Betty, you need to move out of Riverdale. You are an intelligent, beautiful woman who knows how to cook up a storm. Move to New York, ditch the sweater sets and find a nice non-ginger boy who will love and appreciate you. Crushing over a man for 60 years who hardly gives you the time of day and then ditches you for your best friend is a total waste of time. But that's just my honest opinion...

Second- aren't they all still in High School? Who gets married in High School these days anyway (and stays married.)? It's not like she's 4 month pregnant and Archie's making an honest woman out of her. I just don't get it... I remember in Elementary School a good friend of mine was getting married to her boyfriend of 3 days during recess. It was epic and never really ended up happening, I think they broke up by Thursday. This reminds me of the same thing, two young kids getting caught up in the romance of it all craving to play house. As I try to wrap my head around it (especially considering I have even read this one- it comes out in August.) I come up with all sorts of excuses and reason this might be happening. Perhaps it will take place in the future... or it will be a dream... I guess it just comes down to the face that I'll just have to read it.

Wanted: Breakfast Buddy Liaison

One Breakfast Buddy
Must have healthy appetite, healthy attitude and enjoy good conversation. Offer open to Male or Female (catty women need not apply.) Please show up at my office before 8:15AM with an empty belly and a smile on your face. Offer not available on Fridays because it's just too damn busy.

I use to have a breakfast buddy at work *sigh* someone who I use to bug at just before 8am (because I am usually a bit of an early bird.) to go get breakfast with from the grill in my office building.

He'd pay and then I'd pay and then he'd pay and then I'd pay. By the end of it I had him hooked on cookies completing a breakfast and he had me hooked on Denver's. Half Denver's as they so affectionately became known as (see older post -which I need to find, I didn't intend to talk about this so I didn't do my hunting for links prior to writing.)...

It wasn't that I needed Pat there- I'm perfectly happy doing my thing on my own. I eat at restaurants by myself, go to movies by myself, take classes and travel by myself. It's not that I can't function in life without someone else by myself side... I just miss the company. He was my sidekick between 8:00-9:00am..

Life goes and when you are as young as me * ahem* people move along in their lives and so did he. He left for bigger and better things which I'm OK with. I still haven't found the right replacement Breakfast Buddy-
"Breakfast Buddy- yoo-whoooo??!! Are you out there???"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thoughts Of The Moment

Watching: The neighbours across the way.... not in a creepy Peeping Tom sort of way just a curious way. Like people watching... but they are in their house. They could turn off the lights or close the drapes if they didn't want me to see in. I'd like to have people I know who live close to me...
Reading: Mister Pip... I've been reading it for a few months which is just silly for me. I keep getting distracted or too busy but I've stuck with it. I'm sure I'm only an hour away from finishing it. What I am getting from it is an understanding that life doesn't need to be as complicated as it is right now.

Listening: Samskeyti (Live) by Sigur Rós- it just popped up on my iTunes. Right now I have so much music that it's my mission to at least start by listening to each one once. I have it on "random" and it's pulling up some of the most wonderful (and others are very horrible.) songs I didn't know I owned. iTunes needs to pay ME for all the money I've spent with them.

Cooking: Nothing right now, it's close to my going to bed stage. I'm half waiting for my phone to ring but doubt that it will.

Wanting: I want what I see and what I have. Sounds silly but what I have is wonderful and at times I compare what I could or should have but really it's about wanting what I have and being happy with it. I'd also like some answers and a house but those will come later.

Promising: To follow my heart and do the things that scare me. First identify what scares me and then do them.

Feel free to do your own meme with me! Just for fun...

Me Like Cookie!

"It’s an orange, It’s an orange. Me like the 4th clue is it an Yes it’s an orange...yay!!! Me guess right me get cookie. Give me cookie"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hope For Paws

I can't sleep tonight- for now I am blaming the descent of the New Moon (the actual moon, not the Twilight book... Just wanted to clear that up now). I was going through some blogs I had missed reading today and came across this wonderful one:

"What It Means To Care" by MadeByGirl

It's about Bradley, the dog pictured on the left. He was rescued at a shelter by Eldad Hagar who runs an animal rescue organization called "Hope For Paws". They rescue and foster animals that ordinarily wouldn't have a chance in regular shelters.

Thank goodness for people in the world like Eldad who gave Bradley a couple of hours of pure happiness (nothing is better then fast food burgers and fried chicken- just ask my old roommate.). After doing a little research it turns out that Bradley's condition was fully preventable but his puppy mill, backyard breeder just dumped him in a shelter. He ended up going blind and living in severe pain- the lack of consideration and empathy in people breaks my heart. I just don't understand...

As MadeByGirl mentions "Hope For Paws" has created a book showcasing many of the animals they have saved and fostered. It's only $9.95 and it goes to an amazing cause.

More about Bradley and Hope For Paws...

Mount Yam (as I so affectionately call it.)

So I took a hike up a mountain on Sunday with my good friend Calvin.

Mount Yamnuska
Mountain height: 2,240 m (7,347 ft)
Roundtrip distance: 8.78 km

This was a great hike but proof that I might need to invest in some decent hiking boots. I'm just so resistant to them because I prefer something light and flexible. I feel weighed down by the girth of hiking boots.

The weather was warm and hardly a cloud in the sky. Lucky for us a spring breeze was with us most of the time keeping us cool and by the time we got to what they call " the chimney" there was a little snow so it was cooler. Especially considering that was the most stressful part of the hike.

Mount Yam from my camera phone... oh and a nice close up of Calvin's dirty wind shield on his car

Mountain Crocus- the first flower of spring. They were really late this year though because spring took forever to come.

Calvin "Climbing" over the edge

Calvin and I

Calvin and I at "The Chimney" This was the gate way to the really intense hiking along loose shale and deep snow. I was in running shoes and shorts. Good Job Blanche!

We made it! Calvin looking confident at the top (pictures were NOT taken on the way up because I was too scared!)

Eeeek! Not looking so confident at the top! Scared of heights and no fast way to get down alive... I think I was making Calvin more nervous then he should have been because I seemed unsteady and wouldn't sit down.

Look Calvin- no hands! (OK that was lame.. but the hike was awesome!)

Sad Robot

I'm feeling stuck. Fighting an undertow and I must admit- I'm a bit like a sad robot.


It's moments and days like these that I write things that I'd rather not admit. I keep them locked away in another blog because it's hard to show that even this girl has a sad moment.

I'd like to fix it but sometimes it's not my place to do so or even the right timing.
Sometimes life looks so different then from how I picture it. I get frustrated and and stuck in the undertow.

Take Me Tuesday

It's Tuesday afternoon and I am attempting to write a blog which I must admit is a wee bit hard considering I have nothing to really talk about. I had a very tasty lunch however it wasn't enough- I'm still hungry so I am distracted by the thoughts of cookies... and chocolate.

I have many things on my mind other then cookies and chocolate. I'm excited about going away next week to the west coast of Canada. It will be a road trip of sorts with lots of different destinations to go too... I don't want to say too much because I want to save that for a future blog. I plan to get some lovely photos and maybe even something good enough to frame and add to the bare walls of my condo!

I'm also thinking about how I want to space out the plans for my week- I don't have anything on my calender (which is rare for me.) but over all I have some things I need to get done like laundry and cleaning. As the days are getting warmer I'd like to change my cozy winter bed linens with the lighter and whiter summer ones. I produce too much body heat when I sleep- I am a little furnace, I must admit! So when the nights get warmer so do I- I blame it on my rocket fuel metabolism.

I also would like to get some yoga in, I haven't done any in the last few days and can feel the tightness in my body. Though that could have been from hiking up that mountain on Sunday ( I plan to blog about that later too... Just waiting for the time to upload pictures from my camera.). When I get back from my holidays I think I will join a studio again... I miss the class environment though it's convenient to do my own yoga on my own... my quality of yoga just isn't where it usually is when I am in class.

Along with starting yoga I'd like to also re-learn how to knit (I've been inspired by other peoples adventures in the land of yarn.)- I don't want to knit anything in particular but just the simple act of knitting sounds so relaxing. Couple that with the desire to make jewelery again I think if I can start both of those things I will really deepen my enjoyment of my personal time. Stay away from watching as much TV as I do- not that it's really that much but it's more then I am use to and I don't like that. I imagine my mind getting slower with every minute I spend in front of Gossip Girl or Californication.

So that is an itty-bitty glimpse into my mind right now. I am also distracted by this package I am trying to finish for work... it's so close to being done but I need to go over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure the final product is perfect- I'm just putting it off. I also have some important (non-work related) emails to respond too and I've been putting those off till the end of the day.

So with that note, I am going to run off and finish my work!
Happy Tuesday Afternoon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I admit, I think I have the best smelling toast in the whole office. That's right.. of both the floors in my office my toast smells the best. People will comment as they walk past my office about "Aaaah! I smelt toast in the kitchen, knew it must have been yours! Smells good!". They will mention how they have brought bread of their own to toast and can't wait to eat theirs because mine smells so good. We talk about different spreads, breads and combinations.

  • Raisin toast with Cream Cheese
  • Whole Grain Bird Seed (This is what I call bread with little seeds and such on it.) toast with organic peanut butter and tart apple slices on the side
  • Cranberry Raisin Cinnamon toast with lots of butter
  • Rye with homemade tangy marmalade
Mmmm soo tasty.

There is a dark side of toast though (dun-dun-dunnnnn)... I have discovered that there are people in this darling world of ours who don't like toast *gasp!*. That's right! I have two friends who honest to goodness dislike toast!! Of course people are entitled to their likes and dislikes when it comes to food.. I expect to come across people who don't like seafood, tomatoes, hot dogs and popcorn-but toast? I figured it was one of those things that anyone could enjoy... you just have to find the right combination even if it's Nutella on lightly toasted Wonderbread. As crazy as it sounds I just can't wrap my head around it. It's like saying that you don't like chocolate or strawberries or mashed potatoes...

Obviously I was wrong and I'm OK with that. I just make sure that I have breakfast with these toast hating people so when it comes down to eating, I get to trade my hash browns for their unwanted slices of toast.

Random Moral of the Story:
Food is like the weather, it's easy conversation to have to with people you don't know.

Free Art

Fact: it's Girly (which is a good thing because I'm a girl.)

Fact: it's freeeeee

Fact: who doesn't love pretty walls!

Fact: there can never be enough creative people in the world so lets celebrate them!

Fact: You can get it here -> Feed Your Soul: the free art project

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back from a Back Breaking Break

I'm back from a little break and during my absence it seems that they (whoever "they" are or is or however that grammatically works.) have found "the missing link"- THE link that they claim links humans to lemurs.

Over the long weekend I was having an afternoon delight at one of my favorite spots in my neighbourhood. Over cheese, meats, wine and freshly baked cookies Mark informed me that Hobbits are in deed real. I've always claimed myself to be part hobbit (cheerful demeanor, strange feet and always has a second breakfast- sometimes even a second dinner!) but that would be based more on the J.R.R. Tolkien take on a Hobbit and not on what scientist are actually claiming hobbits to be.

interesting isn't it (though a little less magical then I had originally thought.) but it explains why a good chunk of men I date act like lemurs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Calgary's Most Notorious

Yesterday, I broke the law- a little. As discussed in earlier blogs I am working on creating a home for myself. Needing many basics I have been spending a little bit of time at Ikea to start myself out (rugs, lighting, decor for the walls.). I'd like to say that I was one of those hip, creative types that can blow into her living room with ribbon and egg cartons and create amazing items in 30 minutes flat but truly... I just don't have the time for that. So, for now, I have to resort to other peoples creative inventions and replications of them. Simply put- I can be Martha Stewart later (By the way- is she still out there? I'm not kidding when I say I don't have much time these days.).

On Monday Laura and I went to Ikea with getting Ice Cream the only thing on the agenda (they have $0.25 ice cream there.) however we left with an arm full of stuff. She with 2 rubber dog dishes for camping, 2 roll-ish type things (Now that I think about it I don't really know what those were.) and 3 package of batteries. I left with 2 lamps and 2 sets of those eco-friendly light bulbs- we forgot about ice cream.

Arriving home I was excited to put my lamps together- pretty things about as tall as me- I imagined them creating just the right mood (while being easy on my electrical bill thanks to the eco-friendly light bulbs) in whatever room I thought they worked best in. When I got to the part where I screw in the light bulbs I hit a giant sinkhole bump in the road. The bulbs I had purchased were the wrong size. They didn't screw into the sockets properly. *sigh*

So the next day, Laura and I headed to Ikea 30 minutes before their closing time. Due to circumstances in both of our lives that was the soonest we could get there. In most stores, I agree, 30 minutes is more then enough time to do a simple exchange but the way Ikea is set up in Calgary (and perhaps all around the world.) you have to go those this mad maze between 2 floors weaving in and out of slow walking people with super-size-me shopping carts. That was just to get to where the light bulbs were... then we would have to wait in line for at least 20 minutes in the "Ikea is about to close so hurry to the front with your purchases, NOW!" line up. Once completing that portion of the adventure I would then have to go to a totally separate section of the store, take a number and wait for my turn so I could return my item.

I'd like to note now that this is not a negative statement against Ikea at all. That's just what my previous experiences have been. The people there are lovely and truth be told- I'm sure they would have stayed till midnight to help me but I've worked retail before... I don't want them to stay late over light bulbs (even if they were $30's worth of something that I would 't use anywhere else in my place.).

Laura and I pulled up to Ikea making our first illegal choice. We parked in the "Expecting Mothers and Family Only" parking and not in an empty spot waaaay in the back where no one would really park anyway but smack up front! The most convenient bit of parking real estate in the lot and no Mame- neither of us are mothers, expecting others or even look like expecting mothers. Running inside we avoided the mad maze but slipping through a "Staff Only" doorway right into the market area (the place where light bulbs come from.). Coming across the light I had purchased the day before Laura and I pulled it apart to inspect the type of bulbs they had used. We then ran to the mountain of bulbs and found the ones we needed. It was a matter of seconds before either of us knew what we were doing- I'd pulled the useless bulbs out of my bag and swapped them for the ones I needed. Yes, I made sure the prices were the same (even the model numbers were the same "E12" just the bottoms were much slimmer on the ones I needed then the ones I'd purchased.) but I knew right then that I was cutting through a lot of red tape. I tossed the proper bulbs in my bag (making sure I still had my receipt from before.) leaving the useless ones in the pile where I had bought them from the day before.

We made it in and out of the store in 10 minutes. I doubt I will ever do this again and yes, this is the closest I have ever come to breaking the law since my one rebellious day in high school. It still feels naughty though- but that really can't be helped can it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My New Addition

My roommate moved out about 6 months ago. When he left he took everything with him because, well... it was his (thank goodness too because -bless his heart- his stuff was very tacky not my style.). All I had left was my bed, a kick ass computer and my dishes because, well... those were mine. I know, I'm kind of old to be starting from scratch but I've never had to buy anything before. I've always lived with someone- my parents, a boyfriend or a roommate. It wasn't until now that I actually have my own place that I do need a kitchen table, a couch and maybe a lamp or two. I don't really need a TV- I have my computer for when I feel like injecting something the equivalent of junk food into my brain.

*Gossip Girl = MacDonald's in case you didn't know this already.*

and movies- I watch a lot of movies. Well, not a lot but when I have time I enjoy watching movies (preferably not romantic comedies). In order to do this I need to be able to sit in front of my computer which for a good few weeks I did so by perching on my tool chest (not good for my back).

I searched and searched for the ideal dinning table and the perfect couch. I found both of them about a month later (February). The table and chairs I was able to take home right away but they were out of stock on my couch- no big deal. I've been with out one that long what could another month going to hurt? Fast forward to mid April and I got a call that half of my couch was ready for delivery but the rest of it was still on back order. Half a couch is better then no couch so I agreed with a smile that I would take the half and wait for the rest rather then taking the whole thing in May. Fast forward to May 7th 2009 and I get a call from the furniture store- the rest of my couch is here (a week early) I was SO excited. They delivered it 2 days later and I can now say that my place is finally starting to feel more like a home.

This couch is pretty exciting to me because it fits perfectly where I want it (I'm in a 900 sq ft 2 bedroom condo), it has a section that pulls out so it makes into a bed for overnight guests, it has extra storage (big fan of that- I don't do well with clutter.) and- it's a bit of a sexy couch!
So, all in all- I'm feeling very adult-like with me new couch and me new kitchen table. When I return from holidays in the middle of June I plan to get the place fixed up with lighting, art and perhaps a rug or two. Then I will finally be able to have a house warming party with out having to worry about breaking any of my old roommates Transformers (that is a whole other blog... ). Even though I must admit- my couch reminds me a bit of a Transformer.

Just Wait 10 Minutes

I live in a place called Calgary, Alberta... I've pretty much lived and considered it to be my home my whole life. Though I do dream of living by the ocean or at least a small body of water.... In time. Maybe I'll become what they call "Snow Birds" when I retire. Of all the large cities in Canada, Calgary happens to have the most unpredictable weather of them all- it's an on going joke that if you don't like the weather here just wait 10 minutes (and it will change.). In order to illustrate this I have copied a quick little synopses of what someone has written about what the Calgary climate is really like.

"July is the warmest month with a 24-hour average of just over 15 and January has about minus 7.The city gets about 169 frost free days per year on average. Some of them occur in the fall and even winter (during Chinooks) after the growing season has ended, so we normally have only about about 115 consecutive frost free days per season, from around May 23 to September 15.

The wild temperature fluctuations characteristic of Calgary weather are partly attributed to the continental climate. The high altitude plays a role, and some of the remaining credit goes to the turbulent winds in the wake of the Rocky Mountains. The temperature reaches 20°C or better, about 85 days each year. And 30° only about four times. Chinooks and cold fronts can result in temperature changes of 10° or more in a single hour.

Calgary has a definite dry season and a moist season. The city gets a little over 400 mm of total precipitation in an average year. Of that we often get 120 cm of snow between September and May, which melts down to about 120 mm of water. That's the drier season.

The better part of the 300 mm of rain falling between May and September constitutes our wet (and growing) season. This still makes xeriscape gardening, a technique that conserves water, worthwhile in Calgary weather. We can go months without significant moisture even in the summer.

Most rain in one day - 95.3 mm on July 15, 1927. Most snow - 48.4 cm on May 6, 1981. We usually see some kind of precipitation on 113 days out of the year. And we normally have about 88 days with snow on the ground (1 cm or more).

The winds around here are worth mentioning as well. Southern Alberta in general is recognized as a windy area year round. Calgary's highest gust at 127 km/hour occurred in June, 1956, probably during a thunderstorm not during one of the
winter Chinooks we are so famous for.

Is it sunny there? At over 2400 hours on average of bright sunshine per year, Calgary weather, along with many other south Canadian prairie locations, makes us one of Canada's sunniest places.It can be bright, sunny and extremely cold and wind all at the same time in winter. It's something to experience."

That's right! It's something to experience!

Copied from Stuff In The Air

It's Been A While

It's been a while since I've written and my only excuse is I've been busy... I tried to write a fabulous blog on Thursday but through fumbly fingers and bad timing I ended up deleting it. Disappointed but there was nothing I could do to fix it. So, I'm back again- sadly not with a fabulous blog but at least it's with something.

It was Mothers Day on Sunday so I spent the day with my parents hiking out at our Country House with the dogs. I made sure to wear my rubber boots because there were plenty of mud and puddles to play in. It was nice to be out and about in the spring air but the tree's are still very naked of leaves so it still looks a bit like winter. It was a friend of mines father who use to say every year that we were silly to try and plant our plants before Victoria Day (May 18th- aka May Long Weekend.) because there was always a chance of frost. Doesn't matter how nice it has been a smart gardener always waits till after May Long Weekend. That advice has never steered me wrong. So I expect that after this coming weekend I will finally see green leaves on the trees but before then- I won't expect much. Maybe even a little snow (tisk-tisk... Calgary Weather... I tell ya...)!

Tonight, I am hoping that the company I work for has 2 extra tickets for the "Company Box" so Laura and I can see Fleetwood Mac (!!)- I've seen then once before and they were fantastic live. I know as with almost any band they have had their ups and downs in regards to how close they are. Ego's, relationships and sometimes drugs get in the way. When I saw them 5 years ago it was as though that was all put a side and they just went out and played the best music they could. The band was so connected to each other giving us, the audience a glimpse into how closely knit they truly are after all these years.

I also got the rest of my new couch on Saturday. It was finally delivered after having ordered it early February- every thing seems a bit slow leading up to this time of year. I'll tell you more about my couch in another blog- till now I'm off to do a little my work!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What the Cheese Said to the Pie

Food. I love food. Not just any food or all food but good food. The definition of good food to me is... "creative concoctions of top quality ingredients made in a way that doesn't seem as thought it's trying to hard." I like to be able to taste the food I am eating without murdering confusing my taste buds.

The best example I would have for that would be Apple Pie. Classic and simple. There are key ingredients: apples, pie crust, sugar and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.). The apples should be tart, the sugar should be brown, the crust should be flaky (and preferable homemade.) and the spices should be precise. It's important to be able to taste the apple when one is eating apple pie. I don't want Apple-Pie-Spice pie. I want Apple Pie. With a slice of well aged cheddar to accompany it (personal preference of course.).

Good french food accomplishes this well, blending quality ingredients with excellent skill resulting in a very satisfying, delicate and superficially simple (though we all know french food isn't simple- non, non!) delight for the mouth. Mmmmm... Just thinking of it reminds me of the 1987 movie Babette's Feast- a favorite of mine for sure. I have to admit that any movie revolving around the creation of food drives me a bit wild even a particular animated one showcasing a small rat with a flair for the culinary arts (need I say more?).

It's the sharing of the food that lies the most satisfaction thought. Passing forks with mouthfuls of food speared on them, exchanging your tasty samples of experience with other people at the table. Delightful. Food is more then nourishment for the body and soul- it's a way for our bodies to ingest art. To savour every star from Picasso's Starry night and swallow it down to your belly so it is only yours- that is what food is.