Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Calgary's Most Notorious

Yesterday, I broke the law- a little. As discussed in earlier blogs I am working on creating a home for myself. Needing many basics I have been spending a little bit of time at Ikea to start myself out (rugs, lighting, decor for the walls.). I'd like to say that I was one of those hip, creative types that can blow into her living room with ribbon and egg cartons and create amazing items in 30 minutes flat but truly... I just don't have the time for that. So, for now, I have to resort to other peoples creative inventions and replications of them. Simply put- I can be Martha Stewart later (By the way- is she still out there? I'm not kidding when I say I don't have much time these days.).

On Monday Laura and I went to Ikea with getting Ice Cream the only thing on the agenda (they have $0.25 ice cream there.) however we left with an arm full of stuff. She with 2 rubber dog dishes for camping, 2 roll-ish type things (Now that I think about it I don't really know what those were.) and 3 package of batteries. I left with 2 lamps and 2 sets of those eco-friendly light bulbs- we forgot about ice cream.

Arriving home I was excited to put my lamps together- pretty things about as tall as me- I imagined them creating just the right mood (while being easy on my electrical bill thanks to the eco-friendly light bulbs) in whatever room I thought they worked best in. When I got to the part where I screw in the light bulbs I hit a giant sinkhole bump in the road. The bulbs I had purchased were the wrong size. They didn't screw into the sockets properly. *sigh*

So the next day, Laura and I headed to Ikea 30 minutes before their closing time. Due to circumstances in both of our lives that was the soonest we could get there. In most stores, I agree, 30 minutes is more then enough time to do a simple exchange but the way Ikea is set up in Calgary (and perhaps all around the world.) you have to go those this mad maze between 2 floors weaving in and out of slow walking people with super-size-me shopping carts. That was just to get to where the light bulbs were... then we would have to wait in line for at least 20 minutes in the "Ikea is about to close so hurry to the front with your purchases, NOW!" line up. Once completing that portion of the adventure I would then have to go to a totally separate section of the store, take a number and wait for my turn so I could return my item.

I'd like to note now that this is not a negative statement against Ikea at all. That's just what my previous experiences have been. The people there are lovely and truth be told- I'm sure they would have stayed till midnight to help me but I've worked retail before... I don't want them to stay late over light bulbs (even if they were $30's worth of something that I would 't use anywhere else in my place.).

Laura and I pulled up to Ikea making our first illegal choice. We parked in the "Expecting Mothers and Family Only" parking and not in an empty spot waaaay in the back where no one would really park anyway but smack up front! The most convenient bit of parking real estate in the lot and no Mame- neither of us are mothers, expecting others or even look like expecting mothers. Running inside we avoided the mad maze but slipping through a "Staff Only" doorway right into the market area (the place where light bulbs come from.). Coming across the light I had purchased the day before Laura and I pulled it apart to inspect the type of bulbs they had used. We then ran to the mountain of bulbs and found the ones we needed. It was a matter of seconds before either of us knew what we were doing- I'd pulled the useless bulbs out of my bag and swapped them for the ones I needed. Yes, I made sure the prices were the same (even the model numbers were the same "E12" just the bottoms were much slimmer on the ones I needed then the ones I'd purchased.) but I knew right then that I was cutting through a lot of red tape. I tossed the proper bulbs in my bag (making sure I still had my receipt from before.) leaving the useless ones in the pile where I had bought them from the day before.

We made it in and out of the store in 10 minutes. I doubt I will ever do this again and yes, this is the closest I have ever come to breaking the law since my one rebellious day in high school. It still feels naughty though- but that really can't be helped can it.


Laura Trevey said...

love Burt!!

Rolley said...

ohhhh damn! You are so bad! HAHAHA!!! That just reminded me of a funny line from a kids book I like reading.. "breezily bad, mischievous, mad!" haha!

So, was it all worth it, are the bulbs what you expected? I recently put them through the entire house, for eco reasons, not sure about the cost reduction yet but the old style bulbs are simply such a waste of energy. Its tricky picking the right type cuz the wattage and stuff doesn't mean the same thing as the old bulbs.. :s


Haha...I changed & saw the reduction on the bills... Thank goodness that they look much nicer & warmer instead of the old version which was so harsh white.. & cold... ~Lovely summer to you dear!

amourissima said...

Yes, Burt's awesome!

Ooooh Sounds like someone has written a book about me!

I noticed that they are no longer that harsh, unflattering light anymore! I thought it was just me...