Thursday, May 7, 2009

What the Cheese Said to the Pie

Food. I love food. Not just any food or all food but good food. The definition of good food to me is... "creative concoctions of top quality ingredients made in a way that doesn't seem as thought it's trying to hard." I like to be able to taste the food I am eating without murdering confusing my taste buds.

The best example I would have for that would be Apple Pie. Classic and simple. There are key ingredients: apples, pie crust, sugar and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.). The apples should be tart, the sugar should be brown, the crust should be flaky (and preferable homemade.) and the spices should be precise. It's important to be able to taste the apple when one is eating apple pie. I don't want Apple-Pie-Spice pie. I want Apple Pie. With a slice of well aged cheddar to accompany it (personal preference of course.).

Good french food accomplishes this well, blending quality ingredients with excellent skill resulting in a very satisfying, delicate and superficially simple (though we all know french food isn't simple- non, non!) delight for the mouth. Mmmmm... Just thinking of it reminds me of the 1987 movie Babette's Feast- a favorite of mine for sure. I have to admit that any movie revolving around the creation of food drives me a bit wild even a particular animated one showcasing a small rat with a flair for the culinary arts (need I say more?).

It's the sharing of the food that lies the most satisfaction thought. Passing forks with mouthfuls of food speared on them, exchanging your tasty samples of experience with other people at the table. Delightful. Food is more then nourishment for the body and soul- it's a way for our bodies to ingest art. To savour every star from Picasso's Starry night and swallow it down to your belly so it is only yours- that is what food is.


Rolley said...

mmmmm apple pie, yes yes... fresh apples (not tins), fresh pastry, just the right spices, the darkest of sugar!, the right crunch, serviced straight out of the oven with a big spoon of delicious vanilla ice cream (for me!!!) mmm.. food is definitely art!!

Sometimes tasting food or drinks can be a voyage in the imagination for me! I might smell and touch the cane fields in Venezuela for a fine rum, see the trees and farmers who grew and picked the fig I'm eating, etc etc..

The skin on a peach is art!! Nature at its best, the velvety goodness, shimmering, and the smell, OHHH!! Better stop before I get carried away!! :-D

Good food is essential to my life!

Lotty said...

Agreed! Apple ie is great but has to be fresh :D xxx