Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take Me Tuesday

It's Tuesday afternoon and I am attempting to write a blog which I must admit is a wee bit hard considering I have nothing to really talk about. I had a very tasty lunch however it wasn't enough- I'm still hungry so I am distracted by the thoughts of cookies... and chocolate.

I have many things on my mind other then cookies and chocolate. I'm excited about going away next week to the west coast of Canada. It will be a road trip of sorts with lots of different destinations to go too... I don't want to say too much because I want to save that for a future blog. I plan to get some lovely photos and maybe even something good enough to frame and add to the bare walls of my condo!

I'm also thinking about how I want to space out the plans for my week- I don't have anything on my calender (which is rare for me.) but over all I have some things I need to get done like laundry and cleaning. As the days are getting warmer I'd like to change my cozy winter bed linens with the lighter and whiter summer ones. I produce too much body heat when I sleep- I am a little furnace, I must admit! So when the nights get warmer so do I- I blame it on my rocket fuel metabolism.

I also would like to get some yoga in, I haven't done any in the last few days and can feel the tightness in my body. Though that could have been from hiking up that mountain on Sunday ( I plan to blog about that later too... Just waiting for the time to upload pictures from my camera.). When I get back from my holidays I think I will join a studio again... I miss the class environment though it's convenient to do my own yoga on my own... my quality of yoga just isn't where it usually is when I am in class.

Along with starting yoga I'd like to also re-learn how to knit (I've been inspired by other peoples adventures in the land of yarn.)- I don't want to knit anything in particular but just the simple act of knitting sounds so relaxing. Couple that with the desire to make jewelery again I think if I can start both of those things I will really deepen my enjoyment of my personal time. Stay away from watching as much TV as I do- not that it's really that much but it's more then I am use to and I don't like that. I imagine my mind getting slower with every minute I spend in front of Gossip Girl or Californication.

So that is an itty-bitty glimpse into my mind right now. I am also distracted by this package I am trying to finish for work... it's so close to being done but I need to go over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure the final product is perfect- I'm just putting it off. I also have some important (non-work related) emails to respond too and I've been putting those off till the end of the day.

So with that note, I am going to run off and finish my work!
Happy Tuesday Afternoon!


Rolley said...

haha nice post, really, you started with "nothing to really talk about" and then let a heap of thoughts out, and it was good to read.

I'm keen as to see the hiking pics, and your knitting creations once you start again if you find the time hehe.

HEY! I'm the same in sleep, even in the winter I have to sleep without a shirt cuz I get too hot. haha!

amourissima said...

Your winter is much different then my winter I think :)

Someone once told me that if I didn't know what to say to start with that.... so that's what I did. Teehee~

Rolley said...

Yeah true true, it is VERY different.. its just a few days off winter here and you can still wear shorts and a shirt! haha. Love it, wouldn't trade it for a winter any where else. : ) summer is a bit crap though ehhe.

Kristin said...

I've really been wanting to learn how to knit. It's just finding the time!