Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Choose You

Before there was Ross and Rachelle, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Before Harry ever met Sally there was Archie and Veronica... and Betty. Like some graphic novels none of the characters seem to age. The gang in Riverdale have been going to High School since 1942- what a nightmare. However in celebration of their 600th publication they have written a story board insinuating that Archie finally chooses- and he chooses Veronica.

I have to stop myself now and be honest with you all. I've only bought one of these "digests" and it was last year when I had a an operation. Needing something to pass the time that didn't take much to think about. This did the trick nicely. Most of the stories were of Jug Head binge eating, Veronica spending all of her fathers money that only Paris Hilton could relate too, Archie chasing Veronica where ever she went and Betty chasing Archie.

First of all- Betty, you need to move out of Riverdale. You are an intelligent, beautiful woman who knows how to cook up a storm. Move to New York, ditch the sweater sets and find a nice non-ginger boy who will love and appreciate you. Crushing over a man for 60 years who hardly gives you the time of day and then ditches you for your best friend is a total waste of time. But that's just my honest opinion...

Second- aren't they all still in High School? Who gets married in High School these days anyway (and stays married.)? It's not like she's 4 month pregnant and Archie's making an honest woman out of her. I just don't get it... I remember in Elementary School a good friend of mine was getting married to her boyfriend of 3 days during recess. It was epic and never really ended up happening, I think they broke up by Thursday. This reminds me of the same thing, two young kids getting caught up in the romance of it all craving to play house. As I try to wrap my head around it (especially considering I have even read this one- it comes out in August.) I come up with all sorts of excuses and reason this might be happening. Perhaps it will take place in the future... or it will be a dream... I guess it just comes down to the face that I'll just have to read it.


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ditch the sweater sets...haha!

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