Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Been A While

It's been a while since I've written and my only excuse is I've been busy... I tried to write a fabulous blog on Thursday but through fumbly fingers and bad timing I ended up deleting it. Disappointed but there was nothing I could do to fix it. So, I'm back again- sadly not with a fabulous blog but at least it's with something.

It was Mothers Day on Sunday so I spent the day with my parents hiking out at our Country House with the dogs. I made sure to wear my rubber boots because there were plenty of mud and puddles to play in. It was nice to be out and about in the spring air but the tree's are still very naked of leaves so it still looks a bit like winter. It was a friend of mines father who use to say every year that we were silly to try and plant our plants before Victoria Day (May 18th- aka May Long Weekend.) because there was always a chance of frost. Doesn't matter how nice it has been a smart gardener always waits till after May Long Weekend. That advice has never steered me wrong. So I expect that after this coming weekend I will finally see green leaves on the trees but before then- I won't expect much. Maybe even a little snow (tisk-tisk... Calgary Weather... I tell ya...)!

Tonight, I am hoping that the company I work for has 2 extra tickets for the "Company Box" so Laura and I can see Fleetwood Mac (!!)- I've seen then once before and they were fantastic live. I know as with almost any band they have had their ups and downs in regards to how close they are. Ego's, relationships and sometimes drugs get in the way. When I saw them 5 years ago it was as though that was all put a side and they just went out and played the best music they could. The band was so connected to each other giving us, the audience a glimpse into how closely knit they truly are after all these years.

I also got the rest of my new couch on Saturday. It was finally delivered after having ordered it early February- every thing seems a bit slow leading up to this time of year. I'll tell you more about my couch in another blog- till now I'm off to do a little my work!

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