Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

*A note regarding the The Anytime 5 Minutes Chocolate Cup Cake from my friend Ryan*

"I think I was too hard on the cake.
I mean, it had to grow up in a tough neighbourhood, unlike the luxurious, leisurely environment of the oven. No, it grew up in the trailer park by the high-power electric lines buzzing, and got kicked out of the house at age 16. It wasn't spoiled with any baking powder, like those silver spoon cakes. No, it was just given an egg and told to make the best of it. Dag nabbit though if it didn't ended up just as choclately as the next cake! Sure, a little rubbery, maybe, but when you're forced to grow up fast you have to get tough or you won't make it past minute two. So what if it doesn't fit in at a fancy-schmancy dinner party.
The fact is, who else can you turn to when you have chocolate cake emergency? Throw in some ice cream, and you'll get through it together."

*The moral of the story is let them eat cake- as long as it's warm and comes with ice cream. *

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