Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Light Switch

I use to believe that when a person left the room that they would turn the lights off on their way out. With a flick of the finger things would go from brilliant, vivid and clear to dark, somber and lost. Only when the person would return would life return along with the light.

I accepted that things were this way. Eco-friendly. Resourceful. Environmentally Savvy.

I also must admit that I thought people were this way as well. That with a flick of a switch they could go from loving me to never wanting to be around me again. I find it rather sad to admit such shallow thoughts, I was naive to them until just recently.

It took being forgiven (for something really small and irrelevant.) to shift things for me. Shift things into a whole new light that perhaps people can be connected, accepting and genuinely forgiving. That feelings aren't black or white. Dark or light... and that when you walk out that door I'm not seeing you for the last time.

This is my light switch. I carry it around with me in my purse for now. I'm learning it's purpose having just found it jammed in the corner with a few other things. I want to eventually leave it behind when I go out the door because who knows! I might actually need it to turn the lights back on when I get home.

Purses, Luggage and Trunks

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