Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Moose

Calgary is a city of over a million people. Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains we are so lucky to have such stunning topography at our feet. The city is hugged by two large rivers so though I wish I lived near an ocean- the river does fill the void. With spring testing the waters finally the days are getting warmer giving everyone a spring fever that even the homiest of hermits find themselves scaling the pathways that thread through the city. Yesterday, my best friend Laura and I drove to see my parents. They live within 5 minutes from one of the many beautiful parks that adorn the city. Glenmore Reservoir - it's huge with horse trails, mountain biking, walking paths and a yacht club. Once you get into the park it's as though you have been transported out of the city buzz and into a more rural area of Alberta. A delightful way to wind down after work. We took off with our dogs eventually getting deep into the forest following a beaten path rather then the busy paved one that we had to share with speeding bikers and slow walkers. The air was rich with the smell of awakening foliage and the sounds of birds looking for their mates. I'd mentioned that it would be wonderful to see some wildlife joking that a moose or a bear would be exciting. The experience was delicious. On the way back we chatted about this and that- there is never a lack of words where Laura and I are concerned. Expecting to see typical wild animals like rabbits, squirrels, beavers and birds at first I wasn't too frightened when I saw something move in front of us. I stopped and notice it was not only TWO of something but it was huge! I screamed out of instinct- a blood curdling "I'm being attacked!!!" scream.

Laura: "what is it??!! What's WRONG!!"
Me: "Horse!! Horse thing!! OH MY GOD!!!"
Laura: "Horse THING???-"
Laura: "oh my goodness!! What do we DO?!"
Me: "MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE and DO NOT make eye contact!!!!"

so we broke into a spring screaming at the top of our lungs

Laura: "Is it going to chase us???? I need to know so I know how fast I need to run!!!!"
Me: "Just RUN!!!"

Of course the moose were harmless. My main concern was that perhaps one was a Mama and the other was the baby. If that was the case then there may have been reason for panic but really- they were just as scared of my insane screams us as we were of them. I have never seen a moose that close in the city before so it was a bit of a shock.

Next time I'm not going to joke about seeing anything other then bunnies.


Rolley said...

haha hilarious!! I was gonna ask if that photo was THE moose but I imagine between screaming and running you didn't manage to take any portrait shots hehe. I'm sort of envious here, I wanna see a moose!! haha!!

amourissima said...

Careful what you wish for!! Heehee!
I'll trade you one moose for one Platypus ;)

Rolley said...

HAHA okay!! I think I'll have a hard time getting it past customs though hehe. Did you know that our cute little Platypus is 1 of the worlds only 2 mammals that lay eggs? The other is the echidna! Both little cuties.. I've had echidnas at home before, once we even looked after a little baby we found on the road, man it was cute.

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