Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morning Duet

It was two months ago that I decided I wanted to go on a holiday. I usually go west at least once a year sometimes making it all the way to the ocean, sometimes only making it as far as the golf courses and wine tours. Regardless, it was time to plan again.
I wanted to write a post expressing my frustrations in planning a huge multi destination holiday on my own but I'll give it till Sunday. Things should be wrapped up by then, if not I'm giving myself permission to complain.

Instead- I will talk about the birds. Doesn't matter what time I go to sleep at, I usually wake up sometime before 7am- "with the birds" was what my Grandfather use to say. Even though I live in a urban, high density, trendy area of downtown Calgary, it's older so there are lots of mature trees and flowering lilac bushes. This gives a variety of "city birds" safe places to hide and have babies. As I woke up this morning and my brain was starting to make sense of the noises I noticed between the underground parking gate opening and a lawnmower the sound of birds.

I usually like to focus in on the bird songs, I imagine that I'm waking up in a cabin far off in the forest somewhere. There isn't another person around- just me and nature. I snuggle up and play with that image for a bit, my mind is waking up quickly and it is identifying all the different songs picking out a particular rhythm between a Robin and a Chickadee.

Chickadee Says "Sweeet-iee"
Chickadee Says "Sweeet-iee"

and so forth.
It's actually a pretty charming duet even when the over zealous House Sparrow pipes up.


Rolley said...

This post was nice! It reminded me of something funny though haha!! Every now and then the Kookaburras (native Australian birds) start "laughing" (they call their birdsong laughing because its like a crazy drunk laughing out of control), just before day break. Its always right outside the house, and its so loud!! You wake up and its like "AHhhh! Bloody Kookas!!!" heh.

Beautiful birds, and its a nice sound to hear except when its before sun up. heh.

I was living in America a long time ago and I was at a museum - there was an Australian animals exhibit and you press the buttons and get all sorts of animal sounds and stuff.. anyway, this mum pressed the button and out goes the Kookaburras through the speakers, and her daughter went "WHAT's THAT Mummy?" and the mum went "ohh.. um.. It must be monkeys..".. hahaha! I strolled off with a wry smile.

amourissima said...

When I was in second grade we had a teacher exchange. My Canadian homeroom teacher flipped jobs with a teacher from Australia. She taught us a song about Kookaburras and one line in the song was "Laugh Kookaburra, laugh kookaburra- that's not a monkey that’s me HA HA HA"

Cute song... that's really the only part I remember.