Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mount Yam (as I so affectionately call it.)

So I took a hike up a mountain on Sunday with my good friend Calvin.

Mount Yamnuska
Mountain height: 2,240 m (7,347 ft)
Roundtrip distance: 8.78 km

This was a great hike but proof that I might need to invest in some decent hiking boots. I'm just so resistant to them because I prefer something light and flexible. I feel weighed down by the girth of hiking boots.

The weather was warm and hardly a cloud in the sky. Lucky for us a spring breeze was with us most of the time keeping us cool and by the time we got to what they call " the chimney" there was a little snow so it was cooler. Especially considering that was the most stressful part of the hike.

Mount Yam from my camera phone... oh and a nice close up of Calvin's dirty wind shield on his car

Mountain Crocus- the first flower of spring. They were really late this year though because spring took forever to come.

Calvin "Climbing" over the edge

Calvin and I

Calvin and I at "The Chimney" This was the gate way to the really intense hiking along loose shale and deep snow. I was in running shoes and shorts. Good Job Blanche!

We made it! Calvin looking confident at the top (pictures were NOT taken on the way up because I was too scared!)

Eeeek! Not looking so confident at the top! Scared of heights and no fast way to get down alive... I think I was making Calvin more nervous then he should have been because I seemed unsteady and wouldn't sit down.

Look Calvin- no hands! (OK that was lame.. but the hike was awesome!)


Calvin said...

Actually you were making me nervous because if you had lost your balance, you were close enough to the edge to go over without any way to stop yourself. When we were sitting down, there was no way our center of gravity could extend over the edge, therefore much safer. :)

amourissima said...

And you being nervous was making me nervous which in turn was making you more nervous...
There creepy bugs on that rock- much safer to wobble around standing up then it sit down and get one in my pants.

Rolley said...

haha that looks great!!! Amazing that the round trip is only around 9kms, especially since its up 2,240m!!!! The closest mountain to my house is only 670m high, and its a 12.6km walk each way to the top haha! Most of it is walking around the mountain, threw the valley THEN up the back - I did it in summer this year, bad decision, ran out of water.. heh.

Anyway, I'm most envious indeed! :-D what great mountains.