Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My New Addition

My roommate moved out about 6 months ago. When he left he took everything with him because, well... it was his (thank goodness too because -bless his heart- his stuff was very tacky not my style.). All I had left was my bed, a kick ass computer and my dishes because, well... those were mine. I know, I'm kind of old to be starting from scratch but I've never had to buy anything before. I've always lived with someone- my parents, a boyfriend or a roommate. It wasn't until now that I actually have my own place that I do need a kitchen table, a couch and maybe a lamp or two. I don't really need a TV- I have my computer for when I feel like injecting something the equivalent of junk food into my brain.

*Gossip Girl = MacDonald's in case you didn't know this already.*

and movies- I watch a lot of movies. Well, not a lot but when I have time I enjoy watching movies (preferably not romantic comedies). In order to do this I need to be able to sit in front of my computer which for a good few weeks I did so by perching on my tool chest (not good for my back).

I searched and searched for the ideal dinning table and the perfect couch. I found both of them about a month later (February). The table and chairs I was able to take home right away but they were out of stock on my couch- no big deal. I've been with out one that long what could another month going to hurt? Fast forward to mid April and I got a call that half of my couch was ready for delivery but the rest of it was still on back order. Half a couch is better then no couch so I agreed with a smile that I would take the half and wait for the rest rather then taking the whole thing in May. Fast forward to May 7th 2009 and I get a call from the furniture store- the rest of my couch is here (a week early) I was SO excited. They delivered it 2 days later and I can now say that my place is finally starting to feel more like a home.

This couch is pretty exciting to me because it fits perfectly where I want it (I'm in a 900 sq ft 2 bedroom condo), it has a section that pulls out so it makes into a bed for overnight guests, it has extra storage (big fan of that- I don't do well with clutter.) and- it's a bit of a sexy couch!
So, all in all- I'm feeling very adult-like with me new couch and me new kitchen table. When I return from holidays in the middle of June I plan to get the place fixed up with lighting, art and perhaps a rug or two. Then I will finally be able to have a house warming party with out having to worry about breaking any of my old roommates Transformers (that is a whole other blog... ). Even though I must admit- my couch reminds me a bit of a Transformer.


A "cheery" disposition said...

I love that couch. I also love being able to decorate the way I want and not have to figure out what my roommate likes.

amourissima said...

Thank you! I am rather smitten with it too! Nothing compares to having a place that feels like "yours"!

Rolley said...

yeah its awesome getting your own stuff, that you simply love! I sorta did the same thing recently, bought a heap of proper hardwood furniture, 10 pieces! I love it all so much, it cost a ton but the fact is it'll all last forever.. and its beautiful stuff.

amourissima said...

Hardwood- stunning! My parents have this kitchen table that they've had since they were married (Over 50 years ago.)It’s solid wood (that's about as specific as I can get...) and been through 6 kids, many dogs and too many to even think about counting family dinners. It has scratches, Knicks, and chunks taken out of it but I love it. Like a sponge it's absorbed many of our favorite memories.

Kristin said...

Love your couch! I wanted to get one with a chaise attached and got vetoed. The hubs. He just doesn't get it.

amourissima said...

Kristin: such a shame- he totally missing out ;)