Monday, May 25, 2009

So Pleased To Meat You

Networking has never been so tasteless (depending on your pallet of course)... Pleased to meat you


Rolley said...

eww.. gross! heh. Original idea though, it can't be real, surely. :-) It'd be easy enough to photoshop a thin bit of dried meat or something to make it look like a business card :-s

What's YOUR business card look like?

I don't even have one.. haha! I used to though.. the one I used to have was white, with reeeally dark navy, awesome bright red, and metallic silver.. It looked nice.

amourissima said...

Well I can say that mine doesn't look liked dried up meat either (I'm sooo disappointed *sarcastic*) and doesn't sound as fancy as your navy one with metallic silver.

Mine is white with black ink and my company’s logo is teal. *yawn*