Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sad Robot

I'm feeling stuck. Fighting an undertow and I must admit- I'm a bit like a sad robot.


It's moments and days like these that I write things that I'd rather not admit. I keep them locked away in another blog because it's hard to show that even this girl has a sad moment.

I'd like to fix it but sometimes it's not my place to do so or even the right timing.
Sometimes life looks so different then from how I picture it. I get frustrated and and stuck in the undertow.

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Rolley said...

Hey! We all have to fight the current at times, you almost said the same words that I've said about myself before actually.. like being a bit of a robot. It can wear you out at times, being a sad robot...

But then, don't worry don't fret, at the end of a time you always seem to power through it, take command, and everything is fine. The sun comes out and everything is peaceful for a while, before the journey does a full circle again.. At the end of each circle maybe, maybe we have more depth, character and dare I say it but, wisdom?


Your comment on my blog today really made me laugh. heh. Ta.