Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Secret Is Out

*whispers* I don't want to say this too loud but I think spring has finally sprung though I don't want to get my hopes up. It seems to be the trend this year for snow to pop up out of no where for no apparent reason.

See article from the Calgary Herald last week:
Spring, Calgary Style.

Though living in Calgary my whole life I've come to accept that each month is peppered with it's uncharacteristically seasonal weather. Warm winds blowing over the mountains in the middle of January causing a mid winter thaw. A good example of that would be the 1988 Olympics- we had such warm weather for them that the Bobsled run was melting mid day.

I've also seen snow all the way up into June (that really makes the farmers cross.)

Regardless, these unpredictable weather patterns are a part of living in Calgary. I've heard that people who live in places where the weather fluctuated like this are friendlier. I think it's because we always have something like the weather to talk about with people waiting in line at Starbucks.

It was close to +20 degree's yesterday and so I decided that I would go for a walk around my neighbourhood (oh damn, I'm doing laundry and it's ready... HOLD ON!), the sights, sounds and smells had "spring" written all over them.
  • Strapy sandals on soon to be tanned feet...
  • busy, crowded patios of pubs full of laughter and yelling...
  • the smell of a freshly painted something...
  • the sight of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's as well as other sports cars trawling up and down the avenue.


I keep waiting for the trees to bloom though... cherry, apple and lilac trees spring open with softly colored fragrant flowers.
Mmmm my favorite...

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Rolley said...

I love the middle seasons, I call them that cuz they're the in-between, not too hot, not too cold etc :) Great for wearing what ever clothes you want, sitting in the sun or the shade and so on.
I also love watching various types of trees flower at different stages of the year, you know, I've never seen an apple tree flower! Apples can't grow here, its too hot... I should do a google image search haha!