Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thoughts Of The Moment

Watching: The neighbours across the way.... not in a creepy Peeping Tom sort of way just a curious way. Like people watching... but they are in their house. They could turn off the lights or close the drapes if they didn't want me to see in. I'd like to have people I know who live close to me...
Reading: Mister Pip... I've been reading it for a few months which is just silly for me. I keep getting distracted or too busy but I've stuck with it. I'm sure I'm only an hour away from finishing it. What I am getting from it is an understanding that life doesn't need to be as complicated as it is right now.

Listening: Samskeyti (Live) by Sigur Rós- it just popped up on my iTunes. Right now I have so much music that it's my mission to at least start by listening to each one once. I have it on "random" and it's pulling up some of the most wonderful (and others are very horrible.) songs I didn't know I owned. iTunes needs to pay ME for all the money I've spent with them.

Cooking: Nothing right now, it's close to my going to bed stage. I'm half waiting for my phone to ring but doubt that it will.

Wanting: I want what I see and what I have. Sounds silly but what I have is wonderful and at times I compare what I could or should have but really it's about wanting what I have and being happy with it. I'd also like some answers and a house but those will come later.

Promising: To follow my heart and do the things that scare me. First identify what scares me and then do them.

Feel free to do your own meme with me! Just for fun...


Anonymous said...

haha! There's something about being able to see into a house at night with their lights on that draws me in too! I'm so nosy!

Robin said...

Hah, I watch my neighbors all the time.
Not in a creepy way, I just like people watching.

I loved this post.


Rolley said...

That was nice to read, I will do my own!!

Okay, I typed it in here but it was a tad long, I might put it on my blog instead hehe.. I like a bit of personal reflection!