Thursday, May 21, 2009


I admit, I think I have the best smelling toast in the whole office. That's right.. of both the floors in my office my toast smells the best. People will comment as they walk past my office about "Aaaah! I smelt toast in the kitchen, knew it must have been yours! Smells good!". They will mention how they have brought bread of their own to toast and can't wait to eat theirs because mine smells so good. We talk about different spreads, breads and combinations.

  • Raisin toast with Cream Cheese
  • Whole Grain Bird Seed (This is what I call bread with little seeds and such on it.) toast with organic peanut butter and tart apple slices on the side
  • Cranberry Raisin Cinnamon toast with lots of butter
  • Rye with homemade tangy marmalade
Mmmm soo tasty.

There is a dark side of toast though (dun-dun-dunnnnn)... I have discovered that there are people in this darling world of ours who don't like toast *gasp!*. That's right! I have two friends who honest to goodness dislike toast!! Of course people are entitled to their likes and dislikes when it comes to food.. I expect to come across people who don't like seafood, tomatoes, hot dogs and popcorn-but toast? I figured it was one of those things that anyone could enjoy... you just have to find the right combination even if it's Nutella on lightly toasted Wonderbread. As crazy as it sounds I just can't wrap my head around it. It's like saying that you don't like chocolate or strawberries or mashed potatoes...

Obviously I was wrong and I'm OK with that. I just make sure that I have breakfast with these toast hating people so when it comes down to eating, I get to trade my hash browns for their unwanted slices of toast.

Random Moral of the Story:
Food is like the weather, it's easy conversation to have to with people you don't know.


Kristin said...

Oh Nutella. So ridiculously delicious. And someone who doesn't dig toast? Gasp..

Rolley said...

THAT is so true, food is easy to talk about!! haha!!.. wait.. or.. is it that food is easy to talk about for people who are more passionate about food than others? Ohhh?

I love food, I think that's why I could happily talk about it with almost anyone. :-)

I still haven't made those chochy cakes yet, gotta get a microwave still haha!

p.s.. I love toast, toast is an old classic : ) Peanut paste and banana is a personal fav. hehe. I thought everyone just liked toast too, heh..

Life2.0 said...

First, thanks, I like food for thought!

Second, I do NOT like toast. It is crunchy. Worse, the more toasted it is, the crunchier it is! I love bread beacause of its soft squishy insides and chewy outsides! Bread is fantastic, and fresh well made bread is simply ruined by any spread or toasting.

I say save your cheeses and jams (my favourite spreads) for dense all chewy things, like montreal bagels. Even then, go light on the toasting!

amourissima said...

Kristin: I had never had Nutella till just a few years ago. I went to this baked over pizza place and they had this dessert that consisted of fresh baked pizza crust slathered with Nutella. It was served all warm and gooey.. Mmmmm...

Rolley: Food passion- so true! To be honest, I’m sure you aren’t missing much with those quickie chocolate cakes. They are very much microwave quality... it’s just some what enchanting to imagine that one can make freshly baked chocolate cake in 5 minutes flat. But if you ever do I think a good vanilla ice cream is a must! Mmmmm…

Life 2.0:
I agree with you on the delights of well made freshly baked bread and wouldn't dare toast it- that is until it went stale from leaving it on the counter over night. Then it's game on and I toast it, French Toast it or make uber tasty grilled cheese sandwiches from it.
Mmmmm.... Montreal Bagels....

The best thing I've ever had toasted was day old banana bread... it causes the sugars to caramelize a bit and with a bit of butter. So amazing! I am so hungry right now.... *drools*