Friday, May 29, 2009

What A Feeling

Who: Me
What: Dance Party
Where: The Kitchen
When: Any time, any place, any day...
Why: whyyyynot!

Kitchen Dance Parties are an on going thing in my life... usually done as a solo event. Parents gone for the night- Kitchen Dance Party with the dogs. Boyfriend gone out with the guys- Kitchen dance with the dog. Dixieland Delight by Alabama comes up on my play list- Kitchen Square Dance Party!

There are memories that come to mind when I think of the dances I've had.

I was making dinner, it was a hot August night. I distracted making sugar coated nuts to go in this delicious summer salad made with tangerine and fresh greens. Music was playing in the background as it always is. Some people always have the TV on... I always have music. Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" came on about a third of the way through John had come in from the patio without me knowing. He grabbed my arm, turned me around to face him and we had a little dance. It was about 2 minutes of sweet.

Another night more recent then that Laura was over- of course we were listening to music and laughing. We had just finished dinner and for reasons I can't remember we both got up to march like fools around the kitchen. There was so much silly in that room that we were tripping over it. Of course, it goes both ways and those neighbours that I see more then likely see me too. I'm not consistent in shutting the kitchen drapes at night so I hope they enjoyed the show.

It was just a few weeks ago the dance party went on the road to Walmart. Standing in an aisle looking at the fuzzy things you stick to the bottom of furniture so it doesn't scratch the floor Mark grabbed me and we started twirling like contestants on Dancing with the Stars. Some old man stopped to watch us for a moment. I'm not sure if he was scared or looking for the fuzzy sticky things too.

I suppose those memories don't really reflect on the solo kitchen dance party. There have been so many of those that they all sort of blend together at some point. On mornings when I wake up before 5am (I have a finicky internal alarm clock at times.) I'll get out of bed and turn my music on starting with a high energy movement meditation which eventually transformers into an impromptu early bird dance party. I also went through a phase where I having these mad dance sessions just before bed then I'd wonder why I wasn't falling asleep for hours after- heart still racing from pretending I was the girl from Flashdance.

Moral of the story is I think that kitchen dance parties are a key ingredient to a happy life. Letting loose with everything you've got on that slippery surface with just socks on your feet...

What a feeling!

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