Monday, June 15, 2009

I've Been Away

Oops- I guess that was a little rude of me. I took off without even saying Goodbye. I'm sorry!

I've been away for the last few weeks on a magical adventure exploring the west coast of Canada. I have many tales and the pictures to illustrate but haven't really felt much like sitting in front of the computer and putting the work into publishing them (so to speak.). I haven't even spent much time unpacking.

I got back home late Saturday night- I threw all my bags and such on the floor and went straight to bed. The next day- kicking it all to the side- I showered and dashed out the house. The sun was beating down and it air was finally warm (that was a loooong winter *shudders*) so I spent most of the day going into shops and trying a few new pub that opened up near my place. I read my stolen Sunday paper in the park and didn't come in till the thunder clouds became alarmingly close (false alarm).

When I got home from sunning myself I ended up doing a bit of unpacking but I avoided the laundry. I did empty my suitcases (half heatedly.), put my shoes away and make a small trip to the grocery store so I wouldn't starve to death. I listened to a few of my accumulated Podcasts and watched a little 24 (I'm half way through season 2- I'm so behind in the times.). To be honest- and forgive me if I offend any of you- Jack Bauer is a bit annoying and Mr. Sutherland looks like he drinks too much in real life. He has that stringy-limb alcoholic look to him. Not sure how accurate that assumption is.

So here I am at work- not really sure where to start. It feels semi-good to be back but still... I'd rather be fishing.


Rolley said...

haha nice work,.. i NEVER get sick of holidays.. ahh holidays, oh how I dream of you. hah. Anyway, I missed your posts while you were away, I like reading your honest thinking, its refreshing!

Didn't chance to pick up any knitting needles while you were on leave did you? haha. I got new wool today, 100% alpaca stuff, ohh its so nice. I'm slowly, slowly slowly getting better! haha.

My blogging will be non existent soon for a little while (possibly weeks heh), our third baby is overdue the sneaky thing, it should be coming out soon!! heh.

: )

amourissima said...

Ooooo a third baby! Wonderful!!!! Plan to knit some booties?
I plan to pick some up this week (knitting needles that is.)!

(ps)I tried to comment on your blogs and wasn't able to. Not sure if it was a technical error but regardless- just wanted to mention it. :)