Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Real Age?

Today I was watching an old episode of Oprah on You Tube. In the episode they were chatting about being the best you you can be. It was a week long series of episodes that touched on health, sexuality, spirituality, money and Oprah gaining her weight back. They brought up something called "Real Age" and it was a test that you took online (for free) that told you due to your life style what your REAL age was.

One woman was devastated when a year before she had the "Real Age" of 60 something but in reality was only 41. She had her moment of awareness and started making changes in her life so when Oprah and Dr. Oz followed up with her a year late she had brought her "Real Age" down to below her actual age- following me? No- that's OK... you don't need too...

Curious about this I logged on to the site and starting taking the test. After taking the test for 1 minutes and entering my email a million times I got the calculations of my "Real Age". I was amazed that I was 4.5 years "younger" then what I actually am. The site which kept my preferences saved scolded me for worrying too much and not doing any strength training. Oh and for being on birth control *shrugs*.

There are these things- like this- that pop up in my life that always seem to surprise me. I worry (see I worry to much.) that I'm not as healthy as I actually am or have as much money as I really do. Maybe I'm smarter then I think or happier then I tell myself I am. Seems as though I have limited my thinking a bit... Hmmm that's something to be aware of.

Anyway- being that I am only in my early 20's now I can stay up a little later and watch an episode of 24- it's been a few days and I wonder what kind of trouble Kim has gotten herself into now.

What's your "Real Age"?

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