Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tree House Envy

Over the last few days I have read a handful of posts revolving around lovely people and their lovely "tree houses". These "tree houses" are delicious backyard/condo patios draped in lovely lines, downing in fresh flowers and surrounded by a variety of tree's. Perfect spots for reading, writing, painting, sunning and drinking Sangria with others. I'll admit- I've been indulging in a little "tree house envy"- my "tree house" is more of a cinder block with AstroTurf (it's the first time AstroTurf has actually improved something.) for birds to poop on. OK- it's not that bad but it's north facing, second floor in the middle of downtown. It's great for people watching as long as my neighbours upstairs aren't renovating because if they are I usually get sawdust all over me and my indoor/outdoor carpet.

Because I rent I can't really do too much to change the area however I think I might still get a nice little bar high bistro table with chairs and add a planter of flowers. There is a plug out there as well so I could also hook up a simple little water fountain which actually might be nice.

So though I may not be able to have my "tree house" just yet I can have my little oasis in the city. My little haven from the rat race below me and perhaps make peace with some of the spiders.


Anonymous said...

i am finding so many fun blogs today while i am out tryig to network! yours is too cute i would love to add one another as followers and link exchange! let me know if you are interested! have a great day~rach

amourissima said...

Awww- you are too sweet! Thank you!! checked out your blog as well and WOW! You have such pretty things!!!