Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm not sure what it is about animated movies... I hate (yes- HATE.) about 96% of them. I get annoyed at the how unlikely Nemo's escape could really be or that Happy Feet still has his baby feathers as a grown bird (and he picks the most superficial girl bird on the iceberg.). It's silly and pointless I know but they bother me... a lot. I don't usually watch them because it's often so hit and miss with me, even Bolt which I found entertaining... I had a hard time with it. Mostly because I really don't like the idea of a lost dog (enter scene of me bawling like a baby for 1/3rd of the movie- what am I? 8???).

On Saturday I saw the movie Up- an animated movie from Pixar I had NO intention of watching. From the trailer it looked like it was about a grumpy old man floating around in a house powered by a huge bushel of helium balloons. I had however heard a bit of a rumble about it being "good!" "great!" "wonderful!" and I just like watching movies so I went.

  • First of all- see it. I enjoyed it so I imagine that the rest of the world will adore it.
  • Second of all- bring tissue. I cried sobbed through most of it.
  • Third- if you know dogs. See it. Period.

The animation was stunning. The story was overwhelmingly heart warming and there was just right mix of adult and children storyline to make it compatible for all ages. I was surprised at how much I resonated with the movie... and how I was the only one in a theater of 30 children who was bawling her eyes out *ahem*. Though I must tell you that for every good cry there were about 2 good laughs.

I'm trying not to say too much as to not spoil the story if you choose to watch it. Do watch it though.. it's good for the heart and the mind. I mean, you can only go Up from there....

(BOOOOO HISSSSSS!! I know, I know...)


Anonymous said...

Definitely wanna see this!

amourissima said...

Be prepaired though- it's a total tear jerker... but worth it.

Calvin said...