Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's In Your Freezer?

It was during a recent conversation with Laura that she informed me of the death of Shakespeare, the shop pet. He was a chatty blue budgie who I had spent much time making bird noises with while waiting for Laura to finish up at work. Sondra, the shop owner, took Shakespeare to the vet last week because he wasn't acting like his typical Shakespeare self. Sadly, the vet put him down so Sondra took his little body home and put it in the freezer-

"The FREEZER?!" I said, shocked.
"Yes," said Laura "the freezer."
"I've never heard of such a thing..." trailing off in though... I pictured myself at Sondra's house opening up the freezer to look for food and finding a frozen budgie instead. *shudder*

Laura then went on to tell me about the things her former roommate (who is also one of her good friends) left behind in their freezer:
  1. a piece of her parents wedding cake

  2. a piece of cake that had something to do with her sisters daughter

  3. a dead hamster from 10 years ago

  4. AND (wait for it)... her sisters placenta from her first born child. Just in case.
I was shocked, all I have in my freezer is food that I plan to eat like frozen veggies, ice cream, cookie dough... Again, my mind wandered off into the dark world of reaching into the freezer for a popsicle and pulling out someones frozen placenta. *shudders* This makes the dead bird seem a lot more acceptable now. I guess people can be sentimental about things and who am I to judge. I still have some old love letters I got in Jr High School, but I don't keep those in the freezer. I suppose I understand the cake- especially the parents wedding cake. But weren't they suppose to eat that on their first year wedding anniversary?

"Another wedding cake tradition is to have the top layer of the cake made out of fruit cake. This layer is saved and frozen for the bride and groom to eat on their first anniversary."

Aw how romantic... I don't think I could wait a year for cake. Oh wait.. it's fruit cake- I can wait.
So tell me, what do you keep in your freezer?



hmmm, we keep lots of icecream, veggies, organic pizzas, Ice of course , for cocktails, extra butter for baking etc. frozen decorative ice buckets to chill champagne in, frozen kid organic meals/and pastas, last minute party hordoerves. No pets though. fun post!! I did freeze the top of my wedding cake and we ate it on our first anniversary many years ago

Kristin said...

PLACENTA? Ewwwwwwww. I accidentally got a peek at mine after I gave birth and almost threw up. Ick.

Rolley said...

haha, yeah, we have nothing strange in our freezer (just ice cream, ice blocks, ice, frozen rasberries, pastry sheets.. and um.. probably nothing else!), and there's NO WAY in hell I'd put a dead animal in there!!! hahah!!! hilarious. I've heard of the placenta thing though, I know people who've done that then planted it under a tree hehe. Still, not really my cup'a'tea ; ) hehe

amourissima said...

The whole thing is rather horrifying and hilarious to me!