Monday, June 29, 2009

When I Know It's Actually Summer

Summer has OFFICIALLY arrived! I know this NOT because of the warm weather or the flowering gardens or the fact that my calender tells me that June 21st is "the first day of summer"... I know that it is summer because I got my first mosquito bit on Saturday! It happened sometime between the beer run and the cake run during a friends backyard birthday bash... I felt the little bugger bit me and I slapped him hard. I've been relishing in the whole "scratching it good!" feeling since.

I'm fortunate- unlike most of the other people in my life, I don't get bitten that much.. the bugs don't really bug me. I run from wasps because they are just mean and spiders are... spiders are a whole other story.. ugh. I just find them a little creepy- NOT that I have anything to worry about living where I do... I just don't like all those itty bitty furry legs. Mosquito's though- they would rather dine on the other people then me. I'm like leftover Jell-o to them- tasty but who'd want boring ol' Jell-o when they can have Chocolate Mousse , Crème Brûlée or Pecan Pie.

However, take me to the sea side and put me on the sand in sandals and watch as the sand fleas eat away at my tender feet! Sand fleas totally dig Jell-o, I think! It's really not that horrible, I end up with about a half dozen tiny red bites along the tops of my feet and ankles that last for about a week. I get optimum scratching out of them and the mosquito's still don't bother me! Plus it means to me that I was at the beach and that I had fun- THE most important thing in my life... To have fun.


Rolley said...

hehe that's funny, for me its the other way around, I'm always the one to get stung or bitten by something!!! AALllllways get the first mozzie or sandfly bites at sundown, always get the first leach and/or the most leaches on rafting trips.. and last time, i had 30, yes no joke, THIRTY ticks on me after I spent 4 days on the Nymboida River. Gross but hilarious at the same time.. and like you, as long as I had fun (which I did) then its ooookay : ) hehe

amourissima said...

Ew leach! I've never had one of those...

THIRTY ticks!! Holy!! Ouch!!!