Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh Happy Friday (which is actually thursday)

Today is my Friday (even though it's Thursday)- I'm off for the next 4 days and plan to spend as little time as possible in front of the computer. Soak in a bit more summer for winter which seems to be only a few months away.

Don't have much of a plan- there is The Calgary Fringe Festival that might be interesting or maybe head out to my family's cabin for a few days. I might even take it down a notch and spend lazy afternoons sitting by the river reading one of the books I have on the go. Ooooo the possibilities are endless!

How do you plan to spend your weekend?

Happy Weekend Everyone! I'll leave you with an appearance by Wilco and Feist on The David Lettermen Show (I'd be very happy if Jeff Tweedy and Lesley Feist had babies- they would be such lovely musical babies! Don't even get me started on Feist- I've been a superfan for YEARS.)

(Video and Pictures Borrowed from listen to feist)

A Day Without Megan Fox?

What oh WHAT will we do? Men around the world will have no reason to get out of bed and face the world because August 4Th 2009 has been coined “A Day Without Megan Fox”, or as the NY Daily News referred to it “Megan Fox Media Blackout Day”.

[enter gasp here]
“'You can have too much of a good thing,” says’s Editor-in-Chief James Bassil, who tells us, "We’re joining in the media blackout and giving our readers a one-day reprieve from the woman we’ve
been drowning in all summer.”
(via NY Daily News)
The star and her string of *ahem* high intelligent quotes first got on the nerves of Michael Bay of Transformers. Now, it has spread like a bad virus into the no-no places of men's websites including Asylum, Double Viking and AskMen.
“Enough is enough already!” Double Viking said on its website. “Yes, Megan Fox is banging. Yes Megan Fox is delicious. Yes Megan Fox farts rainbows. But seriously, enough is enough!”

These websites claim that they are going to give their readers a much needed break from the constant ooze of Fox-related news. Though they claim not to have anything against the lip licking, mouth gaping starlet they will not be posting stories about the actress (similar to the media black out regarding Speidi.) for a 24 hour period.

Regardless, I'm sure neither we or she will notice a difference and to be honest after seeing this video:

She fidgets to much for my liking.

(photo courtesy of Amy Grindhouse)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bloggers Block

I have bloggers block, I can't seem to come up with anything interesting to write.
So here is a handful of baby bunnies for you too look at- it's your "Awwww" of the day!


Far to cute for their own good!

Hop (I know- boo hiss!)You Are All Having A Great Day!

Photo Borrowed

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tree 101

So on Friday I wrote a little post and mentioned that I wanted to research some trees that I talk about a lot ( in real life not blog life.) and admit- know NOTHING about. Well except that Aspen is what we have out at my family's country house, pine trees are what I call ALL tree's that have needle on them instead of leaves and Poplars are the ones that blow fluff in the spring.

Really, a very juvenile knowledge about them- but I love them just the same.

So I Googled it Friday afternoon and then sent my simple findings to my friend Calvin ( who is my hiking buddy- you may know him from previous pictures posted in my blog.), you see- we have a conversation during our last hike about what the different types of trees are. We fell on the realization that we were both aware of them and had simple understanding of them but never really got around to find out what the true difference were between them.

Poplar Tree
"Populus is a genus of between 25–35 species of deciduous flowering plants in the family Salicaceae, native to most of the Northern Hemisphere. English names variously applied to different species include poplar, aspen, and cottonwood. "

In Calgary we know Cottonwood Trees as the ones that produce fluff in the spring- it's the female trees (those females- always causing issues.) and make everyone all sneezy and watery eyed with allergies. I always use to call them Poplars but really that is just the tree nationality, it's like saying I'm from Canada (with is true) but really- I'm a Calgarian (a city with in the province of Alberta that helps to make up the country of Canada.).

Aspens are these fabulous trees that I am most use to seeing out west, closer to the mountains. They tend to have long trunks and a canopy of leaves at the tops. Usually their bark is whitish/ grayish with black marks and leaves that whisper in the wind.

Pine Trees aka Evergreen Trees
"The family Pinaceae (pine family), is in the order Pinales and includes many of the well-known conifers of commercial importance such as cedars, firs, hemlocks, larches, pines and spruces... They are trees (rarely shrubs) growing from 2 to 100 m tall, mostly evergreen with subopposite or whorled branches, and spirally arranged, linear (needle-like) leaves. The female cones are large and usually woody, 2-60 cm long, with numerous spirally-arranged scales, and two winged seeds on each scale. The male cones are small, 0.5-6 cm long, and fall soon after pollination; pollen dispersal is by wind. Seed dispersal is mostly by wind, but some species have large seeds with reduced wings, and are dispersed by birds"

My simple understanding of Evergreen Trees is all trees with needles as leaves are pine trees. I've never paid much attention to any of the sub species though I love them all equally, enjoying their fragrance and making Christmas Crafts with the pine cones. We don't have Cedar tree's in Alberta because our climate is dry and so I see most of them when I travel out west to BC. We typically get Spruce, Firs and Pine.

Here is a link from the Canadian Forest Service that explains the difference between the three.

So that's my story about tree's. I started this post yesterday but got distracted... like I usually do when I try and research trees. I love looking at them, playing under them and enjoying them in my world however the horticultural part of it- I get a little lost. I think it's all the Latin names that mix me up.

*ps: If you don't already own a copy of the book The Giving Tree- buy it*

Good Morning Monday... errr I Mean Tuesday

Yesterday was a complete and utter write off. For real... I don't even know what I did with myself at work. *stops to think* Yup, no recollection of my time at all. I left early and went straight home and despite another warm afternoon I put my pj's on and lounged on my couch watching reruns of Mythbusters, drifting in and out of sleep. I finally got my butt up and into bed at 10pm and slept right through till my alarm went off at 6:15am. I must have been tired.

I had a pretty nasty headache yesterday, one of those sick ones that wouldn't go away even after taking 2 Extra Strength Advil for Migraines every 4 hours. I do have this essential oil that I get from Saje called Peppermint Halo- I apply it along my hairline, the top of my head and on the back of my neck. It smells strongly of peppermint (hence the name Peppermint Halo) and tingles softly for hours- almost like a mini massage. I started to feel somewhat human again moments after using it- I'm always amazed at how well it works for something so simple.

Regardless of the headache some concerns that have been foreground for me the last week have come to a kind of resolution as of yesterday. Though I can say honestly that not all the outcomes have been ideal at least there are some answers for now and action is being taken.

So, it's a lovely Tuesday morning. The air is cool with rain and smelling fresh. Tuesdays are always fun because that's when new music comes out on iTunes! I had a busy weekend and perhaps tonight I will be able to make the time to tell you a bit about it!

Have a lovely day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

'Tis Friday... finally!

It's Friday, almost time to go home and I have a relaxing weekend planned. I just finished a project I've been working on all month- well to be honest I have to work on it EVERY month and I leave it to the last minute. It's because it's a lot of work and I have way more important things to do with the rest of my month like come on here and write rambly blogs and scour Craig's List for used, well priced treasures. Oh and Google stuff I want to learn about- that reminds me... I wanted to find out about the defining characteristics of Aspen vs. Poplar and Fir Trees vs. Pine. Anywhooo.... I will leave you now with a song I've been enjoying. It pretty much sums up my next week!

Have a lovely weekend! I'm off to go learn about trees so I hope to hear some stories on Monday!

(if you are reading this on Facebook look at the bottom of the post and click on "original post" to come to my blog and see the video.)

The King Eddy

When I hear the name "King Eddy" my mind instantly goes to 2 places- an era I was never a part of and a raunchy old hotel that now collects dust in one of Calgary's shady areas. A few years back the King Eddy closed its doors after 99 years of operation. It was the oldest hotel in the city, and in the final phase of its existence it provided shelter to two dozen men, who were evicted August 2004. The King Eddy had been through at least two heydays: in its first decade as a classy establishment on the flamboyant Whiskey Row, along 9th Street, when it operated 150 rooms and a restaurant with forty tables; and in the 1980s, when it became known as Canada’s oldest blues bar, a tradition that continued to the end.
(The New Concept)
That wasn't going to be the end, there was a fight and eventually rites were won and the King Eddy which at one time faced a wrecking ball now faces a much deserved revamping. Please see the links below. The first one being the story prior to the August 2004 closing, the second being a gallery of the design concepts and lastly, a recent article about the plans for the new King Eddy.

Over all, if the things move forward a small little part of me is rooting that they keep the general integrity of the King Eddy in some aspect of the new plans. It appears from looking at the designs that they have incorporated the old building in with the new which is exactly what I mean. However, condemned builds are old buildings and sometimes old buildings can not be salvaged so perhaps even something as small as moving that old wooden bar or that infamous neon sign into the new is enough to make it so the King Eddy's spirit lives on.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Festival Fever for Calgary

Well- we are at the peek of summer and festivals are in full swing.

Summer Festival Guide 2009

Get off your butt and get out there and have some fun!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Us Hens

Tonight, my mum asked me to go to a movie and being the good, dutiful daughter I am, I went. I love my mum and regardless of what that psychic told me 2 years ago I have a wonderful relationship with her. My dad's away on business and our dog is in the animal hospital recovering from surgery.

side note:
Riq, our 10 year old Golden Retriever has been through a journey these last few weeks- found a tumor (bad) took it out (good) the mass was contained (excellent!). Just in case, better check the rest of him (good thinking) found he had a mass in his liver (bad), better check his blood- uhoh! Cancer (badder) put him under again and removed 3/4's of his liver and found that the cancer was also in his gallbladder (baddest) but they think they got it all (good) and he has now come out of the anaesthetic and is doing well (even better!). The vet's just want to keep their eyes on him one last night JUST in case (WONDERFUL!).

So with that being said my mum needed some distraction tonight so we decided to watch My Sisters Keeper... actually there was no "we" in that- it was my mum and I'll see just about any movie (within reason.). Initially I had no intention of seeing it- sappy, sad, cancer dying movies don't top my movie watching lists. It's not because I'm a hard and crusty around the edges it more that I have such a heightened sense of empathy that movies like that can do a number on me. You think I'm exaggerating but I'm not- you should have been in the car with me after watching Benjamin Button.

We were a half hour early which was a good thing because within 15 minutes the theater was 3/4 of the way full. With only women. I can honestly say that I have never in my life been to a movie where every seat was filled and it was ALL women. OK- there was one guy and he was 92 years old but other then that there were so many women in the theater I thought I might have an estrogen overdose.
I've never seen a thing like it before and it was actually lovely because the usual loud popcorn eaters and seat kickers were not present. Plus, those who felt inclined to get a little misty eyed or fall into violent sobs were free to do so because they were in the company of other women. It was like being in the ladies washroom, there were tissues, gum and chap stick being passed around like a joint at Woodstock '68.

Over all the movie was good, I didn't find it sad as much as I found it touching. There was a fantastic range of acting ability which impressed me more then anything. Type "A" chick movie that didn't focus on a relationship between a man and a woman but more the intertwining of the family dynamic, the whole cancer thing was in the background. This movie isn't for everyone but gauging by the reactions from the other hens in theater this movie was for them.

I'm glad I saw it.

Shredder 2.0

This week has been very exciting at the office.

Day #1- Meet the New Girl
Day #2- Department gets a new shredder
Day #3- (today) have LUNCH with the new girl

I'm not going to tell you about today, that was just typical lunchroom fun but I am going to tell you about the fancy new shredder. A long time ago- about 3 years ago I started a job HERE, in an office- I had been working in jewelery for almost 11 years and got tired of it *sigh*. Here I learnt all about Microsoft Office, postage machines and having weekends off. Lovely! I moved around a bit and finally got myself a little office off the north corner with 6 other lovely ladies (and 1 man). And a shredder! This wasn't your everyday purchase from Office Depot shredder that only did one page at a time- this thing could take a stack of 10 and demolish it in under 30 seconds. I was in love!

It's true- it doesn't take much to make me fall a sleep in love. You see, I knew I was in love when I looked closely and noticed that some other quirky sole had pasted a printed off picture of Shredder from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I delighted in that for years until just last month I heard Shredder 1 sputter out his last stack of paper and die- never to shred again. Maybe his motor couldn't take any more staples, maybe we weren't suppose to put DVD's in him or credit cards (by "we" I mean "I")- so I did with out, Shredder 1.0 sitting in the corner with a "Broken" sign on him and me putting my confidential documents straight into the recycling bin.

Fast forward to yesterday- I see my boss walk past with a dolly in tow and on that dolly was a GIANT box- *gasp!* a NEW SHREDDER! Excited, I went to take a peak- this one is big, mean, black and grey! Totally intimidating looming in the corner by the printer- I can tell he wants to pull my hair! Regardless of Shredder 2.0 dominating air I took a stack of papers and fed it to him. He was hungry and eager! Devouring stacks like I've never seen before and all with his mouth quietly closed!

He is awkward and needs to be broken in. Still smelling of new plastic I think when no one is looking I will paste a new Shredder picture on him. Make him feel like part of the team as for Shredder 1.0 he still sitting in the his little area with his two printer friends and Shredder 2.0. He isn't ready to go home to the big plastic recycling plant in Japan- I'm not sure if he ever will. He's still my first love and I will always remember him.

Many Happy Journeys Shredder 1.0 may your electrical cord always run long even if your motor doesn't.

<-Shredder 1.0
Shredder 2.0->

Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon: A Zowie Bowie Movie

They say it's the last place you'd ever expect to find yourself ...
I saw the indie sci-fi epic delight Moon over the weekend. The film is directed and written by newbie Duncan Jones aka: Zowie Bowie (yes, THAT Bowie.) and it's a delicious combination of stunning visuals, melodious instrumental music and 1970's space grit (think moon boots and chunky orange buttons). Sam Rockwell was great as a blue collar spaceman and his partner in crime, GERTY (done by Kevin Spacey) made an excellent stone faced unintentional funny man.

Though I can't say that I found it shocking (perhaps seeing Bruno temporarily ruined that reaction in me.) it drew me in and kept me close. Ending on a bitter sweet note I took a moment to watch the credits float down the screen dazed and hungry for just one more inch of story.

Moon is an emotional movie, the director is quoted as saying:
"I want people to leave the theatre tapping away on their iPhones, looking up Helium-3 as a potential fuel for fusion power generation, and discussing the prospects of Lunar mining. I want sci-fi geeks to be jumping around excitedly, chattering about how cool we made the rovers, harvesters and base. I want the romantics to be teary-eyed, having a little shared moment with the people they love, or calling them up if they are far away. But most important, I want people who love movies to say, 'That was pretty damn good. I wonder what these guys are going to do next…'"

The New Girl: Part Deux

So "the new girl" started today, I'm kind of shy *blush* and she seems a bit busy (obviously.. she's new and is learning the ropes.) but I went in and said "Hi!". I like her- she seems nice thought not overly interesting. All she seems to be doing in her work- which IS good. My boss was looking a little tired today, I asked if there was something I could do but sadly I couldn't for confidentiality reasons.

Today is funny- I usually don't wear black in the summer especially not to work. Not sure why that is, perhaps just one of those funny little "rules" I have about fashion (Undergarments should always match, don't show too much of a good thing, don't wear short shorts until there are leaves on the tree's and it's above +21°C in the shade.). Anyway- today I wore a high waisted black pencil skirt and a white shirt.. it just felt like a black and white day. WELL, let me tell you! I wasn't the only one! Walking to work about 75% of the ladies had the same idea, then when I got to work the usual people that I run into again were mostly wearing black and white.

Black and white, white and black- where ever I went there it was! THEN I met the new girl- she too had black and white on AND basically the same outfit all the way down to my shiny black patient leather heals. We both though it was pretty funny.

It reminded me of another girl I use to work with, we not only had the same clothing but often accidentally wore it on the same day. I use to get a kick out of- not that I have ever been the type of girl to go all matchy-matchy with a friend but I enjoy coincidences like that. Thing like when Laura and I say the same random thing at the exact same time, I'm gleefully 13 again and yelling jinx! Which reminds me... I think she owes me a soda...

Anyway- the day is done and I have to pick up my boots from the shoe makers! he's bring new life to a pair of old faithfuls. Only 60 more days till the snow might come.

Happy Random thoughts everyone and enjoy your evening!

I Want To Vacuum

If you are no stranger to me then you will be no stranger to my place and no stranger to my obsessive compulsive disorder desire for order and cleanliness. If you said yes to one or more of these things then you will NOT be surprised by my excitement over...

*drum roll please*

A wonderful collaborated creation by Japanese electronics giant Toshiba and appliance manufacturer it's easy on the eyes (see pictures), ears (65- dBA max noise level), back (weighing just 2.1kg/4.6-lbs) and bank account (at 10,500 Yen/ approx $113 USD). With plenty of accessories and a long 6 meter/19' cord I can't wait to get my happy little hands on it- not to mention my dirty little floors.

Bad News:
Sadly, it's currently only available in Japan but what it is that they say? Build it and they will come?? Well, I'm going to build a giant mess and I have faith that in time, the Snail Vac will come and find me. *crosses fingers*

Friday, July 17, 2009

The New Girl

There is a new girl starting in my department- I wonder what she is going to be like? Currently we only have one girl looking after what is truly a job for two (that one girl is NOT me- I do my own thing waaay over here. I'm the only one who does my job.) so... enter New Girl! She will have the office across from me so I hope she's interesting. The girl who use to sit in that office was very interesting- one of my fondest memories was the day she slept under her desk for most of the day.

I came in and though I saw her sitting at her desk, 10 minutes later she was gone and I didn't see her till after lunch. She didn't just appear- I actually saw her crawl out from under her desk, looking a bit green. She was sick and in her defence wasn't able to find a ride home just yet. Sleep under her desk was the next best choice.

Some people have all the luck and can sleep almost anywhere. I have a hard enough time just sleeping in my OWN bed.

Anyway, in an attempt to burn off the last few minutes of my work day here are some pictures of The New Girls office and the view from her window. It's been cleaned (though, to me... it still looking like someones office but maybe that's because MY office- when clean- looks a lot like this.) and is ready for her arrival on Monday.
Do you remember your first day of work?

Hello Weekend, Hello Sunshine

Need I say more? oh yes, I do... can I go home now? thanks.

so what are YOUR plans for the next few days??

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Has It REALLY Been 10 Years?

It was 1999 when the likes of Tyler Durden (played by a "just met Jennifer Aniston" Brad Pitt.) punched, kicked and bled his way across movie screen around the world. Fight Club. It's been 10 years since the film was released- can you beleive it?

In honor of it's anniversary Hole In The Wall Studios will present a late night showing of the now classic film on Saturday July 18th 2009 @ 11:30pm.

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything"

Learn Something New Every Day

It isn't very often that we get a chance to meet really cool people (though really- I haven't had the chance to really MEET Ryan... but still you get what I'm saying.)- like really cool people. The type of people who ooze with creativity, intelligence and magic (yes- MAGIC!).
Ryan is one of those people... he never stops amazing me by the things he does. You may remember Ryan from a previous blog of mine regarding those 5 minute chocolate mini cakes titled "Let Them Eat Cake". Or maybe you have heard me play one of his well crafted impromptu songs. A prodigy, a creative genius really... just the other day I got an email from him:

"As for blogging...I've gone and done something I may soon regret. I
started a new blog! It's actually something I've had on the 'some day' pile for
a few years. On Sunday I decided on a whim the day had arrived... behold-"


Witch Hunt

They are looking for me; I can feel it in my bones. One of them just walked past my office and I hid behind my desk. They are looking for the creator of this mornings "burnt toast smell".


I don't know what happened... I slid my bread ever so lovingly into the toaster oven, pressing the button I fluttered off the bathroom (as I usually do) coming out (hands washed OF COURSE) just in time to hear "BEEEEEEEP" indicating that my toast is half done. You see, I'm a dark toast loving girl, I think I get it from my dad. We use to joke that if there wasn't smoke swirling in the early morning sunbeams in the front room Dad's toast was not ready. Now I usually don't like to produce smoke when I'm toasting my bread but I don't shy away from good color. So, like usual- I press the "toast" button again and start cutting up my fresh plums. I may have gotten distracted nibbling on the remaining fruit left on my plum pit or perhaps I spent to much time talking with Peter before turning back to check my toast. Regardless- I knew it was too late when the buzzer went off and I opened the door to have a cloud of smoke escape.

You see, I'm not know for burning my toast- WALTER is. I'm known for how good my toast smells! I quickly pull my black little tiles of toast out of the toaster and recklessly start scraping off the burnt stuff with a knife creating a dark brown pile of fine toast dust in the sink. Powdered Toast Man would have been proud...

Once satisfied with the look of my toast I quickly buttered them and slinked back to my office- you see... the smoke smell moves fast and curious, malicious noses catch a whiff and they come a running...
"Who burnt toast! Who burnt toast!" they yell, usually going into Walters office to see if he was the culprit. As I sit here writing this I see them walking past my office, nose carefully sniffing the air trying to track down the offending food. I'm lucky that my desk is tidy and I can tuck my plate where it can't be easily seen from those walking past. They wouldn't dare search me, would they? At least this isn't as bad as that time I burnt the popcorn in the microwave during lunch and the whole building had to be evacuated (they claim it was just a fire drill but it was a very strange coincidence.).

*15 minutes later*

The air has almost cleared and I think I too am in the clear- I haven't been caught this time but it goes to show that I have to be careful. It's just a matter of a few seconds gone wrong and then all is lost. Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


You've been chasing me around this chess board way to long. Today, I made my move- Checkmate!
This game is mine now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Long Overdue Post About My Holidays

So I went away for 15 days at the start of June (yes, that long ago.)- went along on a road trip to the far west coast of British Columbia. The main objective was to get to the pacific rime- a stunning little area along the western shore line of Vancouver Island. You will find old growth rain forests with lush towering trees, whales and other wonderful sea monsters. I'm going to keep this short and sassy but I do think that these pictures need to be shared.

Went to a place called The Enchanted Forest my whole life I have always driven past it with my parents on our way into BC. This time I was the one driving the car so I got to do what I wanted!

The whole forest was filled with little scenes depicting different fairy tales and nursery rhymes. It was allot of fun for a big kid like me.


tea for two

me and a creepy bunny.

Arrived in the Sunshine Coast which is just north of Vancouver. Saw this Starfish imprint on the doc.

arrived in Tofino which is a small town in the pacific rim. This is a cute little place to eat called The Botanical Gardens.

statues in the gardens

Went on a small hike through an old growth rain forest- look at the size of that tree!!! can you see me in there?

The boardwalk through the old growth forest

the beach in which our cabin was in Tofino.


dried up drift wood along the beach.

Beach in Tofino

Sunset from the cabin

Morning beach walk in Tofino

They don't call it Long Beach for no reason

the picture says it all

another old growth forest

Me and the big tree

In Nanamio- a city on Vancouver Island

saying goodbye to the mountains- for now.