Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just Us Hens

Tonight, my mum asked me to go to a movie and being the good, dutiful daughter I am, I went. I love my mum and regardless of what that psychic told me 2 years ago I have a wonderful relationship with her. My dad's away on business and our dog is in the animal hospital recovering from surgery.

side note:
Riq, our 10 year old Golden Retriever has been through a journey these last few weeks- found a tumor (bad) took it out (good) the mass was contained (excellent!). Just in case, better check the rest of him (good thinking) found he had a mass in his liver (bad), better check his blood- uhoh! Cancer (badder) put him under again and removed 3/4's of his liver and found that the cancer was also in his gallbladder (baddest) but they think they got it all (good) and he has now come out of the anaesthetic and is doing well (even better!). The vet's just want to keep their eyes on him one last night JUST in case (WONDERFUL!).

So with that being said my mum needed some distraction tonight so we decided to watch My Sisters Keeper... actually there was no "we" in that- it was my mum and I'll see just about any movie (within reason.). Initially I had no intention of seeing it- sappy, sad, cancer dying movies don't top my movie watching lists. It's not because I'm a hard and crusty around the edges it more that I have such a heightened sense of empathy that movies like that can do a number on me. You think I'm exaggerating but I'm not- you should have been in the car with me after watching Benjamin Button.

We were a half hour early which was a good thing because within 15 minutes the theater was 3/4 of the way full. With only women. I can honestly say that I have never in my life been to a movie where every seat was filled and it was ALL women. OK- there was one guy and he was 92 years old but other then that there were so many women in the theater I thought I might have an estrogen overdose.
I've never seen a thing like it before and it was actually lovely because the usual loud popcorn eaters and seat kickers were not present. Plus, those who felt inclined to get a little misty eyed or fall into violent sobs were free to do so because they were in the company of other women. It was like being in the ladies washroom, there were tissues, gum and chap stick being passed around like a joint at Woodstock '68.

Over all the movie was good, I didn't find it sad as much as I found it touching. There was a fantastic range of acting ability which impressed me more then anything. Type "A" chick movie that didn't focus on a relationship between a man and a woman but more the intertwining of the family dynamic, the whole cancer thing was in the background. This movie isn't for everyone but gauging by the reactions from the other hens in theater this movie was for them.

I'm glad I saw it.


Ryan said...

Oh my... sorry to hear your pup has been having such a time. But very happy to hear he's come through it so great! (Angus also looked concerned briefly, but then he got distracted by a fly.)

Kristin said...

So nice to hear the prognosis is positive! I love going to the movies with Mom and sis. Takes me back to being little!

amourissima said...

Thanks Ryan- things are looking good with Riq :)

I totally agress Kristin- time with my mum is super special to me! :)