Thursday, July 16, 2009

Learn Something New Every Day

It isn't very often that we get a chance to meet really cool people (though really- I haven't had the chance to really MEET Ryan... but still you get what I'm saying.)- like really cool people. The type of people who ooze with creativity, intelligence and magic (yes- MAGIC!).
Ryan is one of those people... he never stops amazing me by the things he does. You may remember Ryan from a previous blog of mine regarding those 5 minute chocolate mini cakes titled "Let Them Eat Cake". Or maybe you have heard me play one of his well crafted impromptu songs. A prodigy, a creative genius really... just the other day I got an email from him:

"As for blogging...I've gone and done something I may soon regret. I
started a new blog! It's actually something I've had on the 'some day' pile for
a few years. On Sunday I decided on a whim the day had arrived... behold-"



Ryan said...

I used to ooze with creativity, but I found an ointment for that.

Rolley said...

HAHA the famous Ryan, I'll have to pay him a visit. : P
I know what you're saying, I've had many people come in and out of my life who were and are still magic and inspirational.. some people touch you to the core, more so than others.. : )

amourissima said...

Ryan: Glad you finally got that treated, it was getting a bit too delightfull.

Rolley: So true, nothing beats a good inspirational person! Speaking of which… I was watching videos on knitting the other day. I think I remember!

Rolley said...

haha great, so, I've inspired you to knit again, that's nice, I'm a bit flattered hehe :) it really is fun, tedious at times, but fun.

ps. the verification word on this comment is "reeker" haha, its funny when you get funny almost-words.

amourissima said...

I know! One of the verification words I had today was "deficate"
eeermmm Not so lovely! I think I've seen a blog out there all about the strange words Blogger comes up with! tee hee!!