Friday, August 28, 2009

Manners & Other Such Things

I went to see the new WWII movie Inglourious Basterds the other night and like anything by Quentin Tarantino, I enjoyed it. It brings out my inner butch or something. Such a production of subtle details, emotional camera angles and music that is meant to manipulate your every sense. I tend to over see the blood and violence finding it more of a piece of art then a shock my system. Hopefully that's normal.
Films that take place before the 1960's always provoke a renewed pride in etiquette and it's importance in day to day life. I tend to find myself disenchanted with the way things are now and how what we all need is a good refresher class in manners.

It's more then manners though, it's more then etiquette, decorum or knowing which fork goes where and when to use it. It's consideration, respect and the desire to treat people well. Perhaps I am starting to sound like a rambly old man shaking my cane at the world as I talk about this and how way back when pay phones (yes, remember those? public phones on street corners that were used by everyone not just the drug dealers.) were just $0.25.

True, it's fun to be swept off my feet by a man who knows how to order for me or who lends me his arm as I teeter down the street in my strappy high heels (even though I do know well how to walk in them, it's nice to have that added support on the uneven cement.) but who am I kidding, there are very few men who actually display these qualities. Most don't like to touch when out in public for fear of public displays of affection might render their manhood. Honestly though, that entirely just comes down to wanting to have your needs considered.

Even now as I pull these thoughts through my mind I find that I am coming up with a change of perceptive. Initially I scorned the 60's and the 70's for their free spirit and revolution, that with all the head way that was created came the demise of social elegance. I don't think that's accurate though. True, life has become somewhat more casual on a day to day base. Fashion has evolved to be less formal. Things don't take as much of an effort as they once did (think of written correspondence or even getting lucky on a Friday night.) and there isn't the ridgety that was such a staple in the stereotypical early 1950's. But do you think that with that also came the lack of please and thank-yous? Currently we have the potential to have the best of both worlds.

A few months ago I wrote a small little post about please & thank you and the importance of it to me. With some further thought towards the subject I've found out just how important social grace is. That not being able to define for yourself when it is a good time or it is a bad time to burp at the table (I'm sorry, I couldn't think of a better example. It's because I'm sipping on a Root Beer as I write this) is somewhat unattractive. I'm not saying don't ever burp, I'm as immature as the next 6 year old and sometimes drinking soda with my friend and burping each others name is something I want to do for giggles however I always take in consideration of my surrounds and who might be offended about my actions.

I think that is what might be missing more then anything; consideration and empathy for other people and respect for their experience. Often I find that we (the general "we") can get caught up in what is best for ourselves and forget to look around and see that there are other people in this world who are effected by our actions. That even though I expect to be treated with respect and dignitary it's important that I treat others the same way. Genuinely. I also have the option now, to ask for this respect myself. To reach out and say "would you mind if I took your arm as we walk down the street?" because thankfully, to be a verbally forward woman isn't frowned down upon as much as it once was (thank you woman liberation for that one!).

I know, this is scattered- it's because I have a lot of beliefs in this subject and I am trying to keep it somewhat short and light (doesn't look like I'm trying that hard). So, teach your children manners- show them the foundations of social grace. Be aware yourself of your own tendencies and operations of the mind. Recognise the positive in others and be gracious for what they do for you. Receive openly, without expectation and always say thank you in one way or another. Oh and please try not to fart in bed.

The End.

it would also be in poor form if I didn't give credit to Google Images for allowing me to borrow thier images.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Naked As A Jay Bird

During my morning troll through my blog subscriptions I came across a post from a woman who wrote very candidly about nakedness (I'd usually link to the blog right about here but I'm not sure if she would appreciate that or not). Of course having to put my two cents in about this one (I'm a bit of a nudie, not by choice but more out of just being oblivious to things) I went on to babble about my own experience and using the phrase "Naked as a Jay Bird" just came naturally. I got to thinking halfway though my typing where the HECK did that phrase come from? I mean, seriously... I'm an amature bird watcher and maybe it's just lack of experience but I've never seen a naked Jay Bird.

Well, except for maybe THAT one... so anyway, like any intelligent young lady sitting at work thinking about naked people, naked birds and just being naked I turned to Google. After sifting through piles of junk I came across one intelligent answer by Michael Sheehan from Cedar, Michigan, USA. It seems that he had done his own junk sifting and came across two plausible answers:

(1) In 19th century America, jay was slang for a hick, a simpleton, a gullible person. In that case, naked as a jay would refer to a completely vulnerable person, not to a bird. And we have another vestige of that meaning: to jaywalk. This referred to country bumpkins wandering around gawking at tall buildings and paying no attention to traffic signals.

(2) All perching birds, including jays, are born with hardly any down at all, making them quite helpless.

So with both that and the whole Jay Walking thing figured out (bonus points there!) I think we can all continue on with our days satisfied and happy as clams!

image borrowed from Doodle Diner

Answers borrowed from Wordmail: Naked as a Jay Bird

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things I Didn't Know Existed

I will admit, that life hasn't taken me over seas (though often I wish it would. I'm pretty sure I could eat my way though France, Greece, Italy, Sweden and where ever the heck perogies come from) but it has taught me many lessons on living between Canada and Mexico. None of those lessons have taken away much of my whimsy and so I often get so gleefully excited over simple things like wild bunnies, cardboard boxes, amazing pate and things that I didn't know existed.

Things like a recipe for bacon ice cream (I know- ew!), smile and face recognition and Bicycle dancing:

Did you know that existed? I didn't! Heck- I'd watch that over synchronised swimming ANY day! Double heck! I wish I could ride a bike without crashing- PERIOD!
Happy Wednesday Everyone! So far it's been a busy week of work (good thing) so I haven't had much time to do any "during work" blogging (mixed feelings... but mostly a bad thing because I like to blog.).
Hope you are having a great week so far!

Here is a picture of me and a humongous picture of Feist.
Who's the bigger dork NOW?

Monday, August 24, 2009


On Saturday I went to the theater with my mum and watched Julie/Julia. I've been pretty excited to see it as I am with just about any movie that has to do with food. This infatuation all begun years ago when I saw a syrupy movie called "Simply Irresistible" and from that point forward I became a lover of movies about food and of the people who love food (and the magic behind it) just as much as I do.

I actually just finished the book a few weeks prior and I was surprised at how much more I enjoyed the movie- don't get me wrong, The book was a delightful read which filled my head with a lovely buttery glow however the movie was more compelling to me as a story. Plus it made soooooo hungry (they always say hunger is the best sauce). However, the part that reached me more then anything in the movie was life doesn't end at 30. I know, I know- blah blah blah... it doesn't REALLY end at 30 I am aware of that... but inside... deep inside there is a little voice in my head (an evil little raspy voice that scares the dickens out of me.) that whispers... "yes it does, life ends at 30..."


Well, I hate to break it to you little voice in my head but it doesn't. Much like me, Julie Powell, (the creator of Julie/Julia) had a job that though it paid the bills- it wasn't a passion or rather her passion. She found THAT at 30 (or really quite close to it) and now lives her dream. As for Ms. Julia Child, through from what I gather she exuded with a particular amount of life passion already she didn't find what she was truly looking for until she was toeing 40 and then publishing her first book 10 years after.

The story has brought my limited thought system into view for me, that really there isn't an expiry date on life or a deadline for when I need to be my certain type of person. Though the it doesn't challenge my concerns about living a long and health life style this does however prove to me that age isn't as big of an obstacle as I may think it is. Things come as they do and with the right attitude plus patience it will all work out in the end.

And on that note...thank you ladies for breaking through the rigid thoughts that lurked in the back of my head. Empowered, motivated and inspired- all that from a delightful movie about two woman who love food.

Happy People

Happy people, I know a lot of them. Or at least my perception of them is one of which I think that they are happy. They go about life with a smile on their face and a tune with their walk. I'm a happy person (most of the time- I learnt that I can't be happy ALL of the time. That's not healthy.)! A few months ago I met a happy person, a woman who seemed to have it all- a great job, a big family and impeccable fashion sense. It was a delight when I would run into her because her cheer was so contagious that I couldn't help but double over in laughter right a long with her.

We saw each other a few days ago and chatted lively about the warm weather and sandals. The topic of the weekend came up and with out skipping a beat she told me her husband was moving out because he just would not stop having office affairs. I stopped mid step and looked at her. I didn't know how to read her... I didn't know how to react. He face had relaxed from it's usual open smile and for the first time I saw who she really was. Behind it all was a woman who was hurting. A woman who didn't want the world to see her as defeated (Which in my honest opinion she isn't. He's moving out, she's making a new life for her self and THAT in my world does not translate to defeat.).

I saw her again this morning, her ex-partner had moved out and she finds an eerie calm in the quiet house. I'm impressed with her ability to move through life un-distracted by the turmoils at home, I doubt that if confronted with the same situation I would be able to display the same self control. This alone confirms for me that sometimes the happiest people have the biggest secrets.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cake Day

Today is cake day. Once a month at my office we get together on a Thursday and eat cake. It's a planned thing and the receptionist orders something big and with tones of icing. To be honest- the whole thing just turns my hungry little tummy. It's not the cake- I love the cake. I take off most of the icing and even have it for first breakfast if the mood strikes me so. No, it's not the cake it's the people. No offence everyone- I do like the people I work with. There are some really stand up people here however being in a room the size of my condo with 75 people all eating sugar isn't my idea of fun. Or it isn't until I get in there, sit down and have some cake. Prior I break out in a cold sweat and my heart pounds a million times a second. It's silly. I'm not a shy person... well I guess I can be. I can clam up when I'm expected to say something intelligent but as if I'm expected to saying anything profound other then "Mmmm... can I have another piece?"

*it is at this point that the harem of girls came to grab me and force me to face cake day*

I am happy to say I survived and it actually wasn't that bad. Sure there were the moments where I said something off the wall as I usually do. Over all though... we laughed, we had fun and best of all we had cake. What more could you ask for on a cake day like today.

Is there anything in your life that you dread going to but once you get there you actually have a lot of fun?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Lunch Case

I've been looking for a fancy-dancy lunch case for what feels like years now. It needs to be two things- attractive and big. Currently I use either my Lulu Lemon GYM BAG- yes... a gym bag or a reusable cloth bag. It all depends on how big my lunch is that day (it can get pretty big). You might be saying to yourself right at this very moment that "It's back to school time! The perfect time to buy a lunch case!"- it's not. As much as I love Barbie, Transformers and the always so gummy Hannah Montana... I'm a professional (for real, I am.) and don't need to be walking to work winking at all the cute suits with Dora the Explorer slung across my shoulder beside my oh-so-posh Coach purse (Nothing personal Dora). Plus, aside from all that, those damn things are just to small. All of them- even the nondescript black and grey ones over in the "adult" section are just to small. Though I may look it, I'm not a yogurt and diet coke girl kind of girl. I'm a left over "chicken apple oven thing" with homemade biscuits, an apple, carrots, yogurt, banana and cookies for desert. That's just lunch, I also bring breakfast but we won't go there right now.

I was inspired to complain post this when I was taking a mini break from my work and found myself on a fun little site called Think Geek (I *heart* geeks- just so you know) originally I thought maybe they might have something fun for my desk (I want a pet crab at work but they are hard to find. Not the eatable kind of crab that you get from the grocery store but one of those tiny little guys about the size of a paperclip.) but I ended up finding THIS-> the "Nom-nom-nom Lunchbag"

Too cute with it's sassy little write up and half eaten happy sandwich picture. Sadly though, its not what I'm looking for. So the quest for the perfect lunch case continues...

PS: This is my 100th post! Happy 100th My Dog Dinner!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Breeze

I sat on the steps with you, the sun was out and warm on my bare arms. This whole thing was strange for me between the sun and you coming to talk to me, I wasn't sure what to do. What to fix. I kept getting distracted by your hair as it flowed in the summer breeze.
It wasn't until tonight as I thought about you that I knew what to do. To just be there for you. As your friend. That perhaps what you need now more then anything isn't someone to tell you truths but someone to stand by you through the truths. That in time it will all blow over with this summer breeze.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Something Profound To Say

I wish I had something profound to say today. Something earth stopping or at least inspiring but sadly I don't. I attribute my lack of ability to inspire to my recent horrible-guilty-but-can't-stop-obsession with Big Brother. I have gone from never watching TV to watching only good TV to watching Big Brother. I blame... I blame no one but myself. I don't even have cable!

I didn't watch TV at all when I first move out from my parents place for the 5th and "this is for real" time. I moved in with my roommate Steve who had a vast DVD collection of TV programmes and I found myself enchanted by The Office. I stayed up ALL night watching one after another after another- I couldn't stop. I hadn't watched TV in years. I swear I felt my mind give up on thinking and surrender to a state of zombie like trance. From there slowly the people in my life started introducing more and more TV into my life.

First it was The Office... then Dexter, Heros and Californication. I watched Arrested Development and next came the start of my bad-horrible-nasty TV phase (which I am still so deeply in)... 90210 (the original series.... it was on sale for $20- how could I not?). It was sick- I was obsessed.... then the new 90210 started and I was sucked in something bad that there was NO turning around especially with Gossip Girl right behind with their perfectly matching head bands and under aged drinking. This was around the same time that I discovered my heart warming CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) drama's about horses and love...

TV had me good... and with a few more shows added to the list I wasn't going anywhere until summer. Summer came and all this TV stopped- I went into a state of detox and this is when I was introduced to Mythbusters and shortly after that Big Brother started. I haven't been the same since.

I have already planned my next fix too- when I'm done watching Mythbuster I am going to start watching Mad Men and hopefully get back to some creative TV? Ideally, I'd like to stop watching all together- go back to the way things were before but I can't. OK- that's not true.. I can but I don't want to. It gives me something to talk about in the lunch room. Something to use to help me relate... to connect. It's almost September- whatever am I going to do???

I do have a a sliver of light though- I finally finished a book. It wasn't enlightening or exciting but I finished it and I haven't done that in months. The only thing I learnt from it was that life doesn't stop at 29- which I imagine is a good lesson to learn.

Maybe I need to see this movie -> TV Junkie
but really, I'm really excited to watch Sunday's episode of Big Brother tonight... someone, please... call A&E's Intervention NOW!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Frozen Golf Tart with a Happy Birthday Shout-Out To Hans

Today is my company's Golf Tournament for the clients. Thankfully because it's a blustery +12°C (OK-that was a white lie. Right now at 7am it's +°9C Brrrrr... where the HECK is summer???) I won't have to dress ultra Golf Tarty and whoooo those clients *bats eye lashes*.

I'm a good sport and plan to have fun, regardless of the rain and the chill. My goal today sitting at the Lisa Longball Hole is to generate as much money as possible for STARS.

Wish me luck and send me WARM thoughts!!

on a second and even quicker note I went to Google to grab my link info for Lisa Longball and STARS and found that Google changed their little do-hickey logo thing:

Hans Christian ├śrsted:"a Danish physicist and chemist who is most widely known for observing that electric currents can induce magnetic fields, an important aspect of electromagnetism. He shaped post-Kantian philosophy and advances in science throughout the late 19th century."

If I weren't at home and about to jump in the shower I would pay tribute to him buy writing a much better post then this. Anyway, go check it out! Happy Birthday Hans!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Movie Family (inspired by Gorgeous Footsteps In The Sand)

As per usual I was going through my blog list reading all the delightful writings from today and I came across this post from Gorgeous Footsteps In The Sand.

My Movie Family. And I quote "So this got me thinking even more. If I got famous and a movie was made about my life like tomorrow who would play my family?" this question has never really crossed my mind and hasn't really kept me awake at night however after some though I decided this might be fun! So here it is- w/out photos of my family because I don't really keep those at work. OH! but there might be some on line!! I Googled my name and found some long lost photo's from a family reunion I had a few years ago.

My Dad:
With out a DOUBT in my mind my dad would be played by Tom Hanks. I'm not sure if it's the nose, the forehead, the mouth or the way he talks but I can't help but be reminded of my dad every time I see Cast Away (and no, my dad doesn't talk to volley balls).
Oh and when I was little I use to think my dad had two jobs, Chemical engineer by day and evening news anchor man by night. I always though Daryl Janz was my dad. Turns out he's not.

My Mum:
She has always reminded me of the young Elizabeth Taylor... just in looks. Maybe it's the era and seeing pictures of my mum from when she first got married. There's just something there. Current Elizabeth Taylor is nothing like my mum- my mother has aged beautifully and has been married to my dad for over 50 years (her first and only love.). My mother also doesn't know Michael Jackson but she does like his music. I suppose Elizabeth Taylor doesn't really seem like a dog person though- and my mum is. So if I could give Cesar Millan a sex change and make him look like a young Elizabeth Taylor that would be IDEAL.

My Siblings:
I have 5 brothers and sister and they are ALL waaay older then me so being that I didn't really grow up with them I don't truly know them. As I think about it I can't even find someone who reminds me of them or even looks like any of them. At least not people that you could Google and identify with.


-Ronaye owns her own Co-Housing Development Company in Vancouver with her partner Brad.
-Bob works for Canada Pacific Railway ( I hope he's a train conductor but I don't think so.)
-Sandy lives in Calgary and is an artist. She is a very active with in the mental health association in Calgary and lives her life full of love.
-Ron lives in Calgary as well and frames houses for a living. He's a very kind soul and I use to give THE best piggy back rides
-Tom in a mad scientist (well a genetic scientist- but I say he's mad!) in New York City. He's the only one in the family this far that has had any children.
I guess you would say that all look like a cross between Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Taylor, Daryl Janz and Cesar Millan.

My best friend Laura:
She's like my sister and honestly I don't even know who I would hire to play her... maybe I'd get Dog The Bounty Hunter just for giggles. I just sent her a text asking who she thinks would be best suited to play her... maybe I'd get Laura Barrett to play her because they have the same name and are in some ways a bit similar. OK- there is a chef named Jennifer Biesty who looks A LOT like Laura... maybe I'd use her. UPDATE: Laura also just responded to my text with "Madonna, we have the same arms". So Madonna it is- sorry Dog, better luck next time.

Mark is easy, he would be Seth Rogen but without the beard. And the curly hair. *looks at picture* What a jerk.

The Head Elf from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

All Dogs:
My mum's dogs would all be played by Dug from the movie UP
Bogie would be played by Wishbone
Kuma would be played by Tank Girl. Kuma is such a riot grrl.

and as for me... who would play me?
The character of Poppy from Happy Go Lucky is honestly a lot like me( except I don't smoke or go to the clubs or teach children.)- it's a bit creepy to be honest I couldn't even finish the movie.

I know i've missed a lot of main characters but I am running out of time at work... so on that cliff hanger-

The End.
( I think this movie is going straight to DVD)
who would YOU have in your movie?

... and the game is now complete!

It's been a while and I honestly don't remember when I left. 4 years ago? Doesn't matter really. I got out, saved myself and after 3 awkward years of blocking emails, ignoring phone calls, changing numbers and shedding tears I can say that things are finally complete. Last month with a call to my cell phone provider I changed my number and turned my back fully on a life that was once uncomfortably mine. That statement isn't truly fair... uncomfortable isn't always a nasty thing, I can appreciate all that I learnt and grew a lot from the adventures I endured.

It's over now, the memories are a dull buzz in the back of my head. I don't have a trace of anything left in my body and now my focus is turned on becoming stronger. Change feels good, it's liberating and laced so sweetly with power. My power. My power that I gave up all those years ago. I gave change some space for breath in case a retaliation may occur but all seems to have fared well and I am optimistic once again.

I no longer morn the person I once was before I found myself in the storm. The person I am today survived and tried, proving that I have what it takes to battle the worst. I've learnt to trust those instincts I was given and how to deceiver them from doubt. Though I see that I move at a much slower pace when it comes to matters of the heart I imagine that in time that may change. Testing the waters one toe at a time... I have to remind myself that I can swim. I can keep myself a float.

Good-bye old love, the 3 penny opera is done, my bags are put away and the game is now complete!

(image borrowed from GettyImages via google)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy September- no wait...

I just had the strangest thought (and I must admit that it illustrates my current mental condition perfectly!)...

I haven't posted ANYTHING for September yet.

Why? You ask, is that strange? Well... it's August 12th 2009. September hasn't happened yet but my head is already there! I was in and already past the long weekend and loving every moment of it. Geesh!

So yes, it's Wednesday, August 12th 2009 and I haven't posted anything since Friday, August 7th 2009.

It was a busy weekend, didn't get a chance to put on my bikini because it just wasn't warm enough. Our summer has been mild this year with just a few weeks of above +25°c weather. I went to a football game Saturday night which was a total blast (it always helps if you have amazing company, killer seats and the home team wins!) wandered about Sunday- I think I watched a movie called Fanboys but the best thing about it was seeing a cameo from Kevin Smith. Maybe I need to know more about Star Wars to fully appreciate it. Regardless, I think my IQ went down a few points (which I don't mind. I'm sure that you are aware that I am ridiculously smart and could use a little "dumbing down". A perfect example of this would be seeing that I spelt "ridiculously" as "ridiculassy" before the spell check. Genius material over here! Gotta keep that spell check in check and on it's toes, it gets lazy if you don't).

Monday night I walked around with a runny nose because there is something in the air that I am super allergic too. If I didn't know better I'd say that clouds were made out of cats because I am really allergic to cats and the way I've been sneezing that makes the most sense to me. I tried to get some important shopping done but sadly got distracted by the dollar store (the dollar store is like those celebrity gossip magazines at the front of the store- I don't want to go there but I can't help myself. It's such a wonderful cheap guilty pleasure.) which had some Halloween costumes in stock- ie: WIGS. Laura and I played as we usually do but then something got broken *gasp!* I was SO ashamed. I carried the shattered angle to the front counter and sheepishly informed the employees that I had broken it and would be willing to pay the $2 it was worth. The guy just grunted at me and said "No worries, no one would have purchased it anyway." and that was it. I felt horrible for the rest of the night. Oh and I don't really have bad blond hair- just in case you were wondering. OH and I don't usually look stung out- that is a result of my random allergies.
Last night after eating 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, a bowl of organic veggie soup and over a half dozen fresh chocolate chip cookies, I stayed up late with my eye glued to the sky. The Perseid meteor shower is making it's way though Calgary between August 11th and August 14th- I've seen them before but never like this. I live downtown in a city of over a million people. There is a lot of light pollution so it can be hard to make out more then 50 stars in the night sky when I look out over my patio. I could see some small flares in the sky but nothing until about 11pm when I saw a bright, fiery, slightly-bigger-then-a-star speed across the sky for just under a second. It was lovely! I saw a few more and got really excited for a moment went I saw a HUGE ball of light- but that just turned out to be an airplane. There should be more of a show tonight. Ideally I should go to a place outside of the city limits and watch to get the full perspective. I've been lucky to have witnessed a meteor shower while I was away on a small island off the west coast of Canada. There were maybe 3 street lamps on the whole island (plus one taxi cab) and so at night I would sit by the ocean and watch as hundreds of tiny stars speed through the sky seconds at a time.

Tonight I have advance screening passes for The Goods so I'm sure once the movie is done (Hopefully this one won't add to my lowering IQ but I have a sneaky suspicion that it might.) I might be able to deek out of the city for a bit and see what I can spy in the sky.

Anyone get into any interesting trouble these last few days? Spot any meteors or shatter any angles of your own?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wasn't It Just Friday LAST Week?

The weekend is here, the weather is going to be nice (I plan to dig out my bikini and book sometime- I've been neglecting both.) and I'm excited to see my girl Reena in about say... 15 minutes. She picking me up and we are heading out- first thing on the agenda (are you ready?) buy hairspray! YES! It;s true, and the fun doesn't stop there! We also have to return something as well! teehee...

It doesn't matter what you do it's who you do. No, who you do it with... you know what I mean.

On that quick little quip (OK maybe not a quip- perhaps more of a quirk?) I will leave you with...

a video of Gwyneth Paltrow showing us peasants how to cook a chicken.

Make what you will of it!

Aging Inspiration

I would be lying if I didn't admit that getting old gives me a good case of the worries... questions like:

  • Have I done enough in my life so far?
  • What if I never end up with the family I dream of?
  • What if I get cancer?

I know, it's not an overly positive way to think but even for this happy go lucky girl I still have concerns on my mind and they become more predominant as I edge closer to 30... I've never been concerned about this stuff before? I guess I've always taken youth for granted without even realising it. I live my life and enjoy each day, try to be good to myself and others around me. Live with integrity, positive intentions and try not to let those winter blues get the most of me. I still get stuck in what's comfortable and though my instinct is to move on I still hold on to some things that really are just holding me back. My main goal is to participate in life and I think that I am but I still worry a little. Perhaps I can pass the blame for that on human nature?

With those anxieties gnawing away at my nerves ever so slightly I stumbled across a post in a new-to-me blog I've been following The Clever Pup (originally I clicked on it because of the charming picture of Algy). I've already made one of the recipes listed- can't remember the name so I just called it "Chicken Apple Oven Thing"... I am so eloquent. Anyway, today I came across another one of The Clever Pup's post regarding a well living woman of 100 years.

Please, read the post now -> Sans Souci- With Out A Care at 100

Reading it a few times over I found myself filled with a warmth of acceptance that I still have time. There is still lots of life to live and I'm doing just fine. Keep things simple- which is good because that's JUST the way I like it and ease up on the worry.

Ease up on the worry, next thing I going to find myself doing is worrying about worrying- ha! Regardless, I wanted to share this because I found it inspiring to my spirit. Now I'm off to go find myself a row boat and a "drink and dividend".

(Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay by Frederick Varley; Red Boat Painting Borrowed from Risdboston)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lunch, How do I love thee?

I love lunch- I know... such a bold statement for a commitment phobic like me (OK- that's not true and like I've admitted in the past it doesn't take much for me to love...). Lunch around here is great- not only do I get excited to eat (one of my favorite things to do... I love food! num-num-num...) but I also get to hangout in the lunch room!

My office is two floors big in a tall sky scraper in the downtown area of Calgary, with in these 2 floors there are 4 kitchens and 2 of those 4 kitchens have tables in them in which we can eat at. No one really eats in the kitchen upstairs (the 26th floor), not sure why... everyone hangs out in the kitchen on the main floor (the 25th floor).

The Lunchroom crowd is a nice eclectic group of people from different departments. We tend to sit around, munching on our lunches, reading sale flyer's and sharing laughs. Topics of conversation tend to have a fairly light air to them and very rarely does anyone ever get into a heated political argument (except of course there was that one time that someone brought up genocide WHICH is indeed an important topic to be aware of but it's a bit heavy for the lunch room. I'll admit that this person has never been back- I think they knew that they had gone too far. It was awkward all around.).

Often the worlds problems are solves on a very simple format that usually involves slides and bungee cords. We discuss the fact that we have to pay to park at the transit stations, how at some stores they make you pack your own grocery's and pay for your own bags. Today was especially exciting because on Thursday the Canadian Tire Sales Flyer comes out (a lunch room favorite) so there was first a mad hunt for it and then it got passed around the table (or in my case I learnt that I shouldn't pass byy THROWING the flyer overhand because it truly can poke someones eye out- sorry Keith.) and then a strong discussion about batteries.

It's wonderful, such a great break in the day often filled with laughs that make our cheeks hurt and our eyes tear. I especially love to see what everyone else is eating. Some people bring sandwiches every day, some bring leftovers from dinner the night before and then Jimmy other people bring food that has "Mystery Meat" in it which often makes popping-exploding noises in the microwave. When this happens we usually know who's lunch that is and get onto one of my least favorite topic- disgusting things we have eaten in our lives. Top of the list of course is when someone visited Thailand and admitted to trying Grilled Taranchula on a stick *shudders*. I keep thinking about chewing on those furry legs... EW!

So yes, that is one of the highlights of the work day- lunch. Not just for the food but for the people. That reminds me... I haven't had my daily cookie yet today. That might have to come later... Mmmmm cookies.

(image borrowed from Balakov - Thanks!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Purple Mug

I found this cup in the cupboard at work today while I was making my toast and tea. When I open the cupboard I am usually greeted with about 20 cloned black company coffee mugs- better known as "the safe mugs". These mugs are mugs that no one has taken claim on, mugs that we are all free to use and leave in our offices because no one is going to miss them if we do. Then there is this "Mug Clique" of 4 or 5 unique mugs in attractive colors like ivory, purple and polka dots. These mugs are a rare breed, like supermodels in an army of average everyday people. Much like a man considering asking out a beautiful woman, I imagine that these beautiful mugs are taken there for already belonging to someone else.

Until today, I stole one. It was 9:15 am and I was in the kitchen watching my toast making sure it doesn't burn (all I need is another Witch Hunt on my hands). I walk over to the usual cupboard and peer inside looking to select a mug for my morning tea. Like usual my eyes first land on the pretty ones; the rare ones and I have a conversation like this inside my head:

"Ooooo pretty! I wonder who's mugs those are anyways? They have been in here for about a year and I've never really seen anyone use them. *pause* Look at how lovely they are- so big with such graceful handles... and purple. That one right there is purple- purple like grape bubble gum or that monster in the Happy Meal Commercials. Hmmm...I like purple.... "

and it was then that I picked up the purple mug, peered inside and then looked over my shoulder. No one else was around... I could sneak the purple mug and no one would know. At least not for today... quickly I grabbed my tea bags ( My morning tea is one Peppermint bag and one Green Tea bag at the same time in the same mug. Wasteful I am sure but so worth it- yummy) and plunge them in as I fill the forbidden mug with hot water. It's mine NOW!

My heart is pounding and the sound of my toast popping startles me. I rush over and clumsily butter my toast and make a mad dash out of the kitchen only to come face to face with one of my co-workers. We say good morning and both catch a glance at each others mug- I can tell that something is going through her mind as I'm sure she can see my mind whirling as well. She has one of the other pretty mugs in her hands, the striking cream colored mug with the fat ridges down the side. It always screams for me to put hot coco in it. Is that hers? are they all hers? Does she know that I covet her mugs and that the one she is holding has spoken to me? She seems like a woman who would bring pretty mugs to work... she didn't say anything- maybe she thinks they are mine? Perhaps we are both writing blogs about the pretty mugs in the kitchen right at this very moment? Regardless- nothing was said about the mugs and with a smile I made my way back to my office with my loot and she to refill her mug.

It's been about 5 hours since then and the mug is sitting in all it's splendor on my desk, unlike the rest of the breakfast dishes which I put aside on the filing cabinet behind me to be taken to the kitchen closer to quitting time. There is just a mouthful of cold tea left in the bottom and I wonder if I should write my name on it with permanent marker. I think that's a little forward of me not to mention impulsive. More then likely I'll put it in the dish washer with the rest of my dishes only to be used again by someone else (perhaps the rightful owner) tomorrow morning. Maybe if we are all lucky there will be more to this story of me and the purple mug at work.

"I Got This For You" said the cat...

I'm not a cat person, I'm a dog person. Part of it could do with the fact that when I am around cats I start into a good ol' fashion sneezing fit within 8 minutes (it's true- just ask Laura). I am an animal person so I love cats just the same, just wouldn't have one of my own.

I have however stumbled across this channel on You Tube called Simon's Cat which is a growing collection of animated shorts from the UK all about well... Simon's Cat. This is the most recent addition titled Fly Guy- You should watch it now:

Love it!