Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Talking Dogs

It was just yesterday that I was saying to Laura that I haven't watched the "talking dog" video in a long time. This is unusual for me because it's something that I tend to revisit at least once every few months. Regardless of the mood that I am in it can always put a smile on my face.
If you haven't seen it, then watch it (with sound) and if you have, watch it again:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Under The Weather

I've been under the weather since Friday. Actually, to be fully honest I have been dragging my sorry, virus fighting butt around for about 2 weeks. I have been SO tired that my sleep has been beyond out of character for me.

As a healthy woman I am bubbly, fully of energy, asleep by 11om and awake by 6 chirping away with the birds. I'm one of those annoying morning people that make night people angry. I don't drink coffee because a person like me does not need that much extra energy and I'll eat you out of house and home. I have a health appetite for a girl woman my size and I'm proud of it.

As a sickie though these last few weeks I've been floating around life in a zombie daze. I'm tired when I wake up, I'm tired when I'm at work and I'm tired when I'm sleeping. I couldn't catch up! I was down on myself, short tempered with my loved ones and just ready to throw it all in. The on Friday I woke up with a cough. A itty bitty tiny cough that had a bit to give. My bones ached that I swear when I moved I creaked like an old rusty hinge- but I didn't have a fever.

I slept 9 hours, 10 hours 13 hours a night while napping in between. Walking down the block was enough to put me into exhaust mode for the rest of the day.

I didn't want to be that girl who came to work sick (because I am pretty sure that is where I got this sick from) but it was important for me to be at work on Monday. I didn't have a fever and really- a side from a small cough (ask anyone- it's hardly anything) and achy bones my only hindrance was being so incredibly tired.

I'm not really sure what the point of this post is other then to complain a bit about being sick. Oh and to mention that if you are sick- stay home. I mean it... you are not doing anyone any good by coming to work being as sick as a dog. If you do come to work sick, tell people so they know. Don't cough into your hands and then give someone a cupcake. Don't go to cake day (the extra sugar isn't what your body needs to get better) and don't drink out of the creamer bottle no matter HOW tasty you think it is. If you are healthy and at work with a bunch of sick people- wash your hands, don't touch your face/ears/nose/eyes/mouth and stay in a 3 foot bubble. Eat a balanced diet, gets lots of sleep and stay active.

That's all- stay healthy! *cough* and wash your hands!

The Ol' Frontier

I'm sitting here listening to the CBC One on the radio and they just did a interview with Ridley Bent, a musician I once saw open for another band. He had a very particular style that I can't honestly say I never really warmed up to. Self described as "Hick Hop" he was hard core country roots with with a little Vanilla Ice mixed it. It was interesting but I give him respects for being who he was back then because that must have been REALLY awkward. He has since however moved to his more natural roots of good ol' fashion country music. He was performing a song called "Cry" which of course had to do with "that feeling you have the day after a break-up". Very Country music stereotype.

And then I got hungry.
All my life I've made the drive with either my parents of friends out to Vancouver stopping along the way at pit stops in small towns. The Huskey gas station in Golden, BC for Grilled cheese Sandwiches and jell-o, that ice cream place with the petting zoo and The Ol' Frontier in Revelstoke for Cinnamon buns. The Ol' Frontier was my favorite, even though it wasn't a classy joint and the cinnamon had raisins they always came hot and sticky from the kitchen. Not to sweet like those ones you get in the mall and definitely homemade by someones mother. Back then people could still smoke in just about any restaurant so the air was always a bit hazy regardless of if you were sitting in the smoking section or not. They always played country music in the background, the real stuff that most people can't stomach unless they grew up with it. This became such a tradition that I can't not hear a country song these days with out getting a craving for a warm from the oven homemade cinnamon bun even if they did have raisins.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Music Obsession Monday: Introductions

I've always said that music is the air to my life. There really isn't a simpler way to put it so with that in mind I want to propose something structured to my blog *gasp!*

Music Obsession Monday (aka: M.O.M.)

This weeks Music Obsession: Dala

I first came across Dala at another concert during Christmas last year. Honestly, it wasn't even a musical concert. It was a story teller called Stuart McLean who is featured on a Canadian radio station with his show The Vinyl Cafe (my adoration for Stuart is a whole other post). It's customary of his shows to have local unknown musical talent perform and more often then not, they are hidden gems that leave the audience speechless and wanting more.

Dala was one of those bands.

They had come on stage shortly after Stuarts first story. Two young women with porcelain skin, each with their own guitar. They were wispy in their presence as one of them announced "This song is called Hockey Sweater, we wrote it for a friend of ours who was mending from a broken heart..." Facing each other one of them started strumming a pretty tune being joined shortly by the other and after a few beats they softly started to sing. I've never heard anything like it in my life before, you may think that's an exaggeration but it's not. Soft, harmonious and innocent my whole body stopped so I could absorb every note; every beat. It sent chills down my spine. It was as though their voices were the only light in pitch black room.
They are currently opening for Chantal Kreviazuk on her Canadian tour which if I wasn't of sound mind would buy tickets just to see them again.
If you get the chance, see them... they are amazing live. The recordings just don't do these girls justice.
Photo : Life

Thursday, September 24, 2009

500 Days Of Summer

This isn't a love story, it's a story about love...

If there was ever a movie I could say was like the inside of my head this would be it. The truth, the faith in fate and the bitter jaded feelings that just maybe love isn't real.

It mimics my beliefs about sad pop songs, love stories and greeting cards- that it does indeed make life complicated. That all the doting and lust that we ingest over popcorn and Twizzlers just sets us up for false expectations of what is reality.

And that perhaps there is something out there called fate, that maybe, JUST maybe everything does work out in the end as long as you allow it happen. Don't be shy of the truth. Loosen yourself form being stuck in fear and comfort to just live, everything will fall into place.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Infectious Jenn Grant

I've been secretly coveting Canadian singer/songwriter Jenn Grant for over a year now, sorry to keep her such a secret I just couldn't bare to share her just yet.


another song you must check out is called White Horses sadly though, there isn't anything on YouTube yet.

Whose Spider Is That?

A while ago I came across a post regarding an overdue account and a picture of a spider. It made me laugh so hard that tears were running down my face and lead the people in my office to think I am crazier then they initially thought. Over the last few years I've sent it to many of my friends who share my off kilter sense of humor. I forgot all about it until I was cleaning up my "favorites" links and found something titled:

Post and Drawing borrowed from Jane Voodoo Magic Money Lady

Thats Hot

This week Calgary is having record breaking weather- hot weather. With highs in the +30°C mark that's seasonally unlike us for this particular season.

and I am not complaining, it can never get to hot for me!

This morning as I stopped to enjoy the view from our reception area. I'm lucky to work in a building that towers above the city with panoramic views of the Rockey Mountains. The tree's are starting to turn as autumn is now in the air (officially as of 3pm Tuesday September 22), it is absolutely stunning. As my eyes wandered further south I noticed something hovering in the sky...

...a hot air balloon! I squealed with delight (if you know me in real life you know that isn't an exaggeration), I haven't seen one in years! I remember back in the day when I was 8 or 9 they had all types of balloons hovering over the horizon. They had the classic shapes with advertising for local TV stations and Realtor Companies. They they had an ice cream cone, a dinosaur and the Petro-Canada Propane Tank, it was awesome!

Gone are the days though of the fancy shapes in Calgary but at least there are still balloons. Though heights often bother me I could see myself enjoying a hot air balloon ride (though, really... that might be a BIT optimistic of me). I just looked into it and found out that other then getting a free ride if you buy a house from a certain realtor, you can float above it all for a small fee of $250 a person. That's totally do able!

Have any of you ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tie Me Up In Knots

It ain't pretty but it's mine. I made that... yes, THAT. I've been wanting to take up knitting and, well... I did. Friday Laura and I went out to the store with 4 things on the shopping list, knitting needles, yarn, yogurt and laundry detergent. I came home with all 4 plus more. Quickly putting everything away I sat down in front of the computer and logged onto YouTube. I searched for "Learning How To Knit" and watched a few tutorials. My goodness, I sat there for a good few hours trying to decipher the cryptic techniques- I had achieved "casting" but as for the "knitting" part I was lost. I kept ending up with a knot of knots...
I kept trying, and trying and trying and then everything got really clear. I knew what to do, or rather my fingers and thumbs did- pushing the needles in and out over and around I finally created my first knit stitch. It was kind of magical as images of scarfs, sweaters and slippers flew through my head.

I laid down 3 rows and went to bed, placing my knitting under my pillow with my book and cell phone. When I woke up the next day I quickly took it out to see what it looked like in the day light. It was messy but I was proud. I wondered if I still remembered or perhaps I had forgotten while dreaming.. I hadn't. My fingers, refreshed from the sleep flew through the movements with ease creating what you see above.

Sure, I dropped a few stitched here and there and yes, it was growing wider and wider and wider with every row. It wasn't perfect and that didn't matter for once! I unraveled it later on in the day and started over, it's much prettier but still had the strange issue of getting wider.

My intention is to keep working on it- unraveling and redoing over and over and over until I get the knack of it. My goal is to make a pair of slippers, I have an idea in my head of what I want so hopefully I can get to that point. I've enjoyed just knitting- somewhat meditative, Sitting in the morning sun and listening to John Denver- I really am my mothers daughter.

PS: I also want to make one of these! That comes later though unless my glue gun gets involved.

beard hats borrowed from Likecool.come

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Thoughts For Bronwyn

It is a strange and unfortunate situation; one day you are talking with a friend and then the next you are being informed that she has passed away. There was no lead up, no clue, no moment to prepare for the worst. Just gone. And though I haven't seen her in a few years, we talked often enough that now she is gone this largely over populated world of ours suddenly feels so vacant.

I was inspired by Bronwyn to live life fully, vivaciously and with beauty. Without hesitation and recklessness- a delicate balance that few can achieve. She taught me to capture moments and savor them. She taught me that children are the greatest gifts a person can have. She often told me that it was a waste for me to live in Calgary, that Edmonton was THE place to be.

I am still inspired by Bronwyn.

Though as tragic as it is for me to image that such a young, vibrant woman could have come and gone so quickly in life, leaving behind children and family. She didn't for a moment take it for granted, having touched so many people with her charm. She lived her life and she lived it well.

Bronwyn, my love to you.

PS: I promise to keep up our fight against the spiders *smiles*
Art Borrowed From Visionary Art Print Gallery

H. G. Wells: The Google Mystery Solved

As reported in recent post Crop Circles, Harry Potter and Google, Google has been trailing the curious along with their paranormal, unexplained Google Doodles (oh my goodness, off topic but the girl in the office across from me is sick- EEK! The poor thing hasn't stopped coughing since 8am. Go home, honey). WELL- the mystery has been solved! This is Googles homage to the late author, Herbert George Wells, known for such classics as The Time Machine and The War of The Worlds (pre-Tom Cruise).

As Google put so eloquently, H. G. Wells "encouraged fantastical thinking about what is possible, on this planet and beyond."

So Happy 143rd birthday Mr. Wells, I promise to eat some cake for you.

Redefining the Past and Present

It's funny when you catch a glimpse of someone who you see everyday in a structured environment and you witness them for the first time as they are in their "real life". It was like when I was little and would run into a teacher at the grocery store- amazed that they lived a separate life outside of desks and chalk boards. That they have weekends, relationships, good and bad days. I've had a similar experience with a girl at work, I've gotten to know her beyond work life over the last few months (maybe it's been longer then that) and she never stops surprising me. I don't mean that in a negative way in any sense, it's just human nature when you come across another person in life that you make up a story about who you think they are.

I thought highly of Chandara the first time I met her, the first thing I noticed about her was how beautiful she is. Long thick dark hair and the perfect complexion- it was hard not to notice this first. Conversation comes easy to her making her a warm and inviting person to share stories with, when her office was on my floor I could often be found chatting it up with her. Her "no bullshit" attitude was refreshing in a place that can often be full of company politics. We had gone out a few times with other girls from the office for drinks after work and always had fun. She is a real fire cracker.

I know Chandara is an intelligent girl- that's obvious... but her creative talent is her "outside of work secret". An artist, a creator of clothing and an entrepreneur- she is a true inspiration to me. She is fearless in everything she does and brimming with creative energy- she is a amazing.

She has started a blog just the other day:

and I am really excited to see where she takes it- already it samples just a pinch of her talent (check out the bridesmaids dresses she made! Nicely done girl!!!!) and sense of humor.
So here's a toast to Chandara, the girl who can do anything (except keep her shoes on)!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fire Story At The Office

Girl: "I want to to open this envelope but I don't have any steam to do that with"
Woman: "Put it in the Microwave"
Girl: "Good idea"
15 seconds later
Girl: "Fire!" and throws envelope in the garbage
2 or 3 minutes later

Woman #2: "There is smoke coming out of the kitchen."

Me: "What was happening?"

Woman #2: "Not sure, I just kept walking"

Me: "I'd better go to the kitchen!"
In Kitchen
Man: "I just got here"
Me: "I can't see anything- someone put the fire out"
-fire gets put out-
Me: "Holy!" Looks in garbage to see all this melted burnt stuff "What happened here?"
... the end.

This actually happened in my office just before lunch. Both the girl and the woman are intelligent, well educated women. The fun part is it smells like I've been camping.

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Survivor Night

So I guess I shamelessly admitted that I was a Big Brother 11 fan a few weeks ago- thank GOODNESS that is over because now I can finally get some stuff done around here! September is in full swing and new shows are coming up and good shows are coming on- with September comes Survivor. With Survivor comes the Survivor Office Pool- how the HECK do I get sucked into these things?? Huh?? I guess it's just because I am a sucker. Last week, the woman who puts this together for us every season (The wonderful and lovely Jessica) sent out the spreadsheet with all the contestants to pick from. The people we pick are the ones who we think will win- each person we pick is $10 each and at the end of the season the persons who "person" survived till the end gets all the coin.

This year, I want that person to be ME. I am all alone in this game for the first time ever, a few years ago I aligned (yes, alliances exist in office pools as well) with my old old breakfast buddy and we made way with a small fortune. This year- it's just me.

These are my picks:

Russell H.

Reason for picking him:

He scares me.

Mick Reason for picking him:

He's kind of cute and he is a resident anesthesiologist (dream job)

So here's hoping for a good season and maybe JUST maybe I might watch it this year. I haven't watched Survivor since Australia and that woman Tina won it... EEK! Nice enough woman, but enough to make me NEVER want to tan again- ever.

Do you watch Survivor?

Who do you think will win?

Is it just me or does Russell H. scare you too?

My Lovely Lady Teeth

First of all , I have to give a shout out to my dental hygienist Tanya and my new dentist Dr. Markovich.
Freaking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! WOOP-WOOP!

Second of all, on a more serious and disgusting note, I haven't been to the dentist since I my braces taken off. No one I know now OTHER then my parents knew me when I had braces... No one in High School knew I had braces. Do the math, I double dog dare you... alright FINE, I'll do the math- I haven't been to the dentist is 15 years.

15 years!

That all changed today. Obviously, because I went to the dentist. My tummy was in knots as I waited, thoughts of cavities (which I have never had), root canals and skin graphing danced through my head. I was expecting the worst but ended up wowing them all with a bit of build up and THAT'S IT!


They also found some wisdom teeth I thought I didn't have- I'm OK with that though... I want to keep those. In my skull. Please. I have to go back a few more times for some more cleanings (15 years IS a long time) and then I'm good to go like a normal person. A normal person with nice teeth.

Brush your teeth and floss- floss, floss, floss! And go to the dentist, it actually is not so bad!

  • When was the last time you went to the dentist?

PS: Sorry about all the yelling, I'm just SOOOO HAPPY!!!!

photo borrowed from Flickr

A Boy Named Max

I was a wild thing as a child, often chasing the dogs around, drawing on the walls and pouring whole bottles of shampoo down the shower drain. Though I was never grounded or sent to my room without dinner, my mum would often "threaten" to throw me in the garbage. That suited me just fine- I was in love with the garbage man. Every Tuesday morning I'd pull one of the kitchen chairs over to the big window that looked out to the back alley and wait for the sound of the truck rumbling down the gravel lane. When he finally got to our house he always looked for me in the window (me a girl of 5 with hot rollers in her hair and a soother still in her mouth -blame my mum for that- and him a 30 year old garbage man.) and wave. I'd wave back, it made my week. I remember being SO impressed when my mum said she ran into him at the bank.

At that age I had many favorite books that I liked to have read to me, Go Dog Go, Barba Papa, Winni the Pooh, Where The Wild Things Are... just to list a few. Slowly though, I out grew them and graduated to J. R. Tolken in Grade 3. It wasn't until about a year ago that I caught wind that there was a movie being made of one of my favorites. 8 months ago I saw the trailer and it has been since then I've been patiently with the rest of the world for October 16th 2009.
For the release of Where the Wild Things Are:

Not only did I plan to marry the garbage man but I also had a crush on Max (the character in the book) and always though that his food (when he returned home) looked so delicious and I wanted to eat it.

Maybe that is where my infatuation with soup comes from.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tomorrow is D-Day

D as in Dentist- EEK! I have an appointment at 9:30am tomorrow in the Calgary Tower. Why the heck is he in the Calgary Tower- he better not be up high with a glass floor, that would be totally inappropriate.

My new dentist... Dr.?? I forget his name- he works on my parents though and my mum SWEARS to me that he is gentle (two thumbs up to that!). It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't left it as long as I have. I floss twice a day, brush twice a day and all that jazz in between. I eat candy but that's OK... well my tummy says that's OK. I eat carrots too, and apples... yummy. And cookies but that has nothing to do with anything.

  • Truth: I haven't been to the dentist in a really long time
  • Truth: I don't want to tell you how long
  • Truth: I'm really worried that because I've left it so long that there might be problems
  • Truth: It's going to rain tomorrow
  • Truth: I'm worried that I might have a cavity
  • Truth: I've never had a cavity before (yes, I know- I sound like a 9 year old but whatever, I'm nervous!) so I don't know how to tell
  • Truth: My teeth do not hurt now so I don't want them to hurt later
  • Truth: Needles aren't scary to me so at least I have that going for me
  • Truth: The fluoride thing IS scary, there is nothing more degrading then sitting around with those Styrofoam trays in your mouth as you suck the spit out of your mouth with the mini hoover.

So yes, hopefully the last dentist I went to __ years ago was right about me NOT having wisdom teeth. Hopefully they don't find any problems and other then a bit of a reseeding gum line on one tooth (too much brushing) everything should be fine... ?

Wish me luck- PLEASE!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'll Have A Pint of the Ol' Butter Beer Please

OK, fine! I'll admit it- I am totally geeking out today! I magically came across an article in the Calgary Herald reveling secrets of the highly anticipated Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Florida. Holy Gnargle Droppings!!!

*drops to the ground in all kinds of magical excitement*

Referred to as a "park inside of a park", the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be faithful to those experiences and attractions that existed in the book. Visitors will be able to sample butter beer (yum!) and pumpkin juice (ew) at the Three Broomsticks Restaurant, relax in the Owlery and be fitted for a magical wand in Ollivander’s Wand Shop (!!!!). It's due to open this spring! Ooooooooo!!!!
Does this mean I can have an owl now?

Crop Circles, Google and Harry Potter

I am what I call an open minded skeptic; I consider all things though I don't always believe (Fox Mulder would be very upset with me). My sister gave me a documentary a few years ago called Star Dreams, it depicted the phenomenon behind crop circles and why the creators were so passionate about them believing them to have all sorts of mystic powers. It was well done and showcased some of the most intricate and stunning pieces of "natural" art I have ever seen. It created a lot of interest and curiosity for me in the subject, believer or not you have to admit that it takes some talent to create them.

This morning I went to my Google as I usually do, I was trying to find out an address for a place that sells good pie (or so I am told). I was intrigued to see that Google has a "Google Doodle"with a crop circles theme:

And I read the following post about it:
Google Crop Circles

Conspirators everywhere are vibrating in their chairs! What could it mean?? Why is the "L" missing?? What will next week bring!!

I personally am not really sure what to make of it and though I am have faith I could come up with some crazy conclusions of my own I am actually enjoying the fun that everyone else seems to having from it. I enjoy hearing about peoples creative ideas and what they believe in...

  • Here is an interesting blog Circular Evidence that supports the idea that there is something more to the crop circles then being pretty designs in farmers fields.
  • Here is a delightful article from The Skeptics Guide that writes recently about crop circle (and Harry Potter- WOOP WOOP!!!) art.

Regardless of what you believe stay opened minded to every aspect of life. As one very intelligent person once said to me:

"Stay open minded, but not so open that your mind falls out."

You Saucy Beef-Witted Boar-Pig

I am not really sure how I do it... some might call it genius, some might call it luck of the draw, SOME might even say "get back to work" but I have to admit there areI find some really strange and wonderful web pages.

This one for example:

would make even Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette blush.
So don't be a weedy rump-fed puttock!

Picture borrowed of Kirsten Dunst from source on Google Images

Monday, September 14, 2009

Problem Solved

Say good bye to Duct Tape and toothpaste, this is the be all end all of DIY web sites:

Oh the glory of creative thinking and problem solving mixed in with a few beers for added benefit. My DIY usually involves a glue gun or better- a credit card (buy a new one).
What sort of creative fixes have you come up with in a bind?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting Squirrley

Santa Monica, California has a problem. A big problem. A big nutty problem- with squirrels.
Since 1998, they have won the gold medal 5 times for squirrel Over Population by the county which they think is more of a curse then an award. The Ground Squirrel is seen in the same light as other rodents such as gophers and rats, though much cuter they run the same risk of spreading some very unglamorous ickies such as rabies, flees, the bubonic plague (for real, the article I was reading said that).
In 2005 the city set out poison filled traps which ended up being ingested by other animals (not good) and caused a very inhumane death full of suffering and pain.
In 2006 the city tried pumping poison gas into the deep burrows where the squirrels live which ignited further public criticism.
5 months later they tried capturing the squirrels in traps and then euthanizing them with carbon dioxide. The carcasses were taken to a Cal State Bakersfield wildlife rehabilitation facility and fed to hawks returning to the wild.
Over the past 5 years city officials, looking to solve the issue in a diplomatic way finally came to the conclusion to try something new, something that could be appreciated by animal lovers and rodent haters a like.
Birth Control

The city plan to use a contraceptive called GonaCon, an immuno-contraceptive developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to help control the squirrel population. The vaccine stops ovulation in female squirrels, while halting testicular development in males. It's fairly inexpensive, has no side effects and worked with excellent results back in 2004 at Berkeley Marina park curbing the birth rate by 66%.
I really don't have a problem with squirrels, living in downtown Calgary it's basically the only wildlife I get to see. I potentially don't see them as a health risk and neither a carrier of the bubonic plague (does that even exist anymore in North America?), I suppose things might be different in warm sunny California though.

Next Week:

Source: LA Times Photograph by: Getty Images

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five Finger Classic

Holy crud- the part of me that lives in a fairyland needs THESE shoes:
Truth: they are the geekiest things I have ever seen.
Truth: they are NOT Christian Louboutin
Truth: I really want them... maybe not in "lilac" but something... why? because I want to hike like a cave woman because I find big clunky boots with all their structure and conformity inhibiting.

These shoes are part of a new movement promoting barefoot activities. The company is called Vibram FiveFingers and they all basically look the same. They state the claim that these foot gloves are of total benefit to the body- which in some sense I can see. Having spent my life in heels I can appreciate that being able to run around barefoot would be great (starting with my hamstrings).

But hiking, though I see my self clamoring up a mountain on all fours in these things will they really give me the needed support I should have when taking on loose shale and challenging ridges? I'm not really convinced. I don't think Vibram is either because they mention nothing about hiking other then "trekking" which could basically mean going to Vulcan and taking in the museum.

Hmmmm... what to do, what to do. The bonus to wearing these in the mountians is I can leave Big Foot like foot prints in the mud.

What do you think?
(of course, putting looks on the back burner people.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Think of me at 8pm tonight- why? because I'll be waiting outside the Kensington Pub for a man/woman in a black cape to take me on a ghost tour of the Kensington Area. A long time ago I went to school in that area of a city in a small historic building that focused on the arts. It's like the Juilliard of Calgary for the under 13 years of age. This small sandstone school was built in 1910 (which is old for Calgary) and is marked with a modest bell tower which of course lacks a bell.

I use to make up stories about how the school was haunted. Borrowing from an old Disney movie which was based on a book with the same title, The Watchers In The Woods I stated that there was a girl who had been killed by the falling bell and who's ghost now made the bell tower her home.

The structure of the steps to the tower are there however it no longer leads to the outside but to a small classroom designated for special lessons. When in the room you would first notice the large, lead paned that made up most of the south and north walls in the room. The West and East walls were covered in children's art with the exception of two small doors. I had always thought (and told anyone who would listen) that those door led to the real steps to the bell tower. To the ghost of St. John's school... I use to skip gym class with a few of my friends and sneak up to the room to try and make it through the doors. I can't remember why we never did, I'm assuming that it had something to do with being 10 year old chickens.

I'd laugh if the tour tonight included the story about the girl at St John's Fine Art School, I doubt it though. I am looking forward to hearing a bit of history about this part of the city and hopefully I'll get some good goose bumps out of it to put me in an early mood for Halloween.

What Could Have Been

I was perusing through a site I found on line for the Calgary Heritage Society which I find rather interesting. I have a certain misplaced nostalgia for things old and full of character, though never much of a world history buff I enjoy things of local interest.

It was there that I found this picture:The source that I borrowed the photo from noted this, "Found this in an old clipping file at the downtown Library. From April 1969, a 207 suite apartment approved for a site on 14th Avenue east of 4th Street SW. Never built. "

No Kidding it wasn't built- that basically is where I live now (give or take a block and an avenue) and there isn't anything that architecturally interesting to be seen miles around. What could have been and was are always interesting to me.

Plus, I'm not sure if you can read the fine print right now but the rent for the 2 bedroom penthouse is $185 a month. That is correct, if you wanted to rent a penthouse in a new building in the area that I live in now you are starting at $3500 a month not including utilities- oh yes, and condo fees.

photo borrowed via Calgary Heritage Society

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Might Lurk On The Patio

The patio. It's a scary place right now. There is a spider web the size of Australia.. actually there are two so one is Australia and the other is New Zealand. Both very scary and both I am sure have some big ol' spider watching over them that, I'm sorry to say (call me shallow, call me narrow minded, call me ignorant- call me what you will!) I really don't want to meet.

Spiders are very scary to me I will avoid them at all cost. Check out this spider I found at my family's country house:

for real. This is a REAL spider. I found it September '07 on the fence post. I've never seen anything like it in my life- EVER! We don't have meaty spiders like this in Canada- or at the very least not in Alberta. The ones we have are usually fairly wispy with the exception of a Wolf Spider that lends its self to thicker legs but it never gets larger then the end of a pencil (the body that is.). THIS spider (said picture above) was almost 2 inches in diameter (!). After spending some time on Google I finally decided that it was a Araneus gemmoides (Cat Face or Jewel Spider) and 100% harmless.

And that is your spider lesson for the day. No need to thank me, it was truly my pleasure. Perhaps I'll share with you someday the 15 minute video of me trying to capture another spider that I had found in my condo. It truly is enlightening.

Photo credited to ME! Actually my mum because I was too scared to get that close even with the digital zoom.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

You Can Call Me Trudy

Like most people, I have an aunt... a few aunts to be honest (I think it's the most "normal" thing about me! Kidding... sort of *smile*) but one aunt in particular I've only met a few times in my life. Aunt Trudy. The first time was when I was 7 years old, my family and I flew out to New York to attend my cousins wedding. It was a week of firsts for me, first time traveling out of Canada, the first time seeing the Statue of Liberty, first time eating a NY style street pretzel, the first time I saw pink vomit and the first time I lost a tooth.

I had been wiggling it with my tongue for weeks; back and forth and back and forth- it was basically dangling from some type of invisable, magical string in my mouth. I was scared of it because I remember one girl in school who had lost her tooth, she bled. There was a lot of blood and honestly it kind of grossed me out. I was scared to let go of that tooth but I just couldn't avoid playing with it with my tongue.

It was the night of my cousins engagement party and there were (what felt like to me at the time) hundreds of people scattered about my Aunt and Uncles house. I was wandering around looking for someone to play with all the while wiggling my tooth back and forth and back and forth... then all of the sudden *POP!* out came my tooth! I was shocked! I instantly felt around my mouth with my tongue and felt a new little hole where there use to be a tooth- and no blood! Aunt Trudy who had taken quite and interest in me and my tooth while I was there was the first person I thought of to share this exciting news! For me, this was my first major achievement! Running over to her I told her what had happened between shrieks and giggles, she picked me up and swung me around as she shared in my moment of joy. Taking me into the kitchen she grabbed me a small and large Ziploc bag- one for my tooth (the small one) and one for money (the big one.). To this day, I don't know how I had the guts to do this- she told me that I was expected to go around to every guest at the party and ask for money because I'd lost my first tooth and that was a "big deal". As I think back I'm actually a bit embarrassed that I had the gull to do this- but confident as your typical 7 year old and high off the excitement of becoming a woman (I felt very mature with my newly acquired Jack-o-lantern smile)I mooched off every guest there!

I don't remember how much money I collected but it seemed like millions at the time. In a world where I had often felt invisible Aunt Trudy had given me a moment in which I felt like I mattered. It sticks out for me and I remember how special I had felt. Since then I have only seen her 2 other times- once when my grandfather passed away and another time when she and my uncle came up to Calgary to visit. She had always seemed full of life, a vivacious woman who drank martini's, smoked cigarettes and tanned her body a golden brown. Unlike the other adults in my life she paid special attention to me, making it OK to be loud and messy (which I might add now I've fully embarrassed now.). Making it comfortable to be a child.

It wasn't until the last year that I've actually reconnected with my Aunt Trudy. Life got busy and between the distance and everything else life just sort of marched a long. It wasn't until I got an email from my mum did I know that Trudy was sick with cancer. From that point forward it's been important to me to stay connected with my aunt and uncle. A few weeks ago the doctors told my Uncle that Trudy only had a few weeks to a few months left to live. The cancer had taken over her body despite the aggressive chemo therapy she's undergone. I'm not really sure what else to do except be there for her and my uncle.

It's a rather uncomfortable feeling wanting to do something but not knowing where to begin.
Picture borrowed from Squid Angel

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome Back Laura!

Today is the day that my best friend Laura, comes home from England (which by-the-way, I just learnt ISN'T a country. I kind of always thought of it to be one but kind of not, regardless- the verdict is in! Don't believe me, read the post HERE). You are going to laugh but she's only been gone 2 weeks but I talk to her almost every day and we see each other at least 2-3 times a week. It's been strange and lonesome without her *sigh*. I've still been busy (I bought a George Foreman Grill the other day!)but she's my match, my other half... the only other person who I think totally gets me in this world and doesn't fight me to the death because of it. I'm excited for her to come back, I'm sure much like her dog Kuma will be. I will however have enough manners to wait until her Jet Lag has subsided to attack her (Unlike Kuma.)

Plus, I hope she brought me back lots of sweets, they really have their shit together when it comes to making that stuff. Mmmmm Battenberg cake- Oooo and Nougat! Mmmm....

Battenberg cake picture courtesy of Google Images

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Battle

Not since the Ewoks: The Battle for Endor has there a epic struggle of good and evil

One day Bogie, you will get your revenge.

Happy Friday Everyone and Happy Long Weekend!

P.S. I use to LOVE the Ewoks, I need to get my furry little paw hands on one of the movies or something!

Do any of you have fond memories of the Ewok movies?

ThinkGeek Gadget Guaranteed To Get You Fired

I was reading those my blog roll and my eyes came across a post that had ThinkGeek in the title (you may remember that store from a previous post I did about lunch cases)- instantly excited and foaming a bit at the mouth I plunged in to read about a wonderfully annoying little gadget.


Though, my intention wouldn't be to annoy anyone in my department because I love them all and really- you don't want the people in HR and Payroll going postal. A girls gotta keep her job and get paid these days! I could imagine placing it however in a well deserving person's office on another floor but really, this person isn't in their office enough to even notice. I can dream though of all the fun I might have with a toy like this. Imagine if the characters from The Office got their hands on it... Jim or worse- Michael (poor Toby)!

Between you and I, who would you inflict this little prank-a-roo onto if you could??

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Playing House

There are nights as I wander off to bed ensuring that the lights are turned off and the doors are locked that I honestly feel as though I am lucky to have what I have. I still feel as though I am 8 years old decorating my cardboard box, making a bed for my stuffed bunny Sofia to sleep next to me.
It seems as though I am playing house.

Now though, Sofia has been put away safely in a box of her own and if it were to rain my house will not go soggy- it's that same feeling though. That same thrill of excitement of knowing that I am on my own. I like to pay my bills (truth). I like to do the dishes and make things in my slow cooker because that's what adults do. Will this ever grow old and grow up? I know I'll grow old but will I grow up?

I look forward to the day that I will live with someone again. Not a roommate (no offence Steve, you were an amazing roommate!), but a lover.

Hopefully they will share the same twinge of excitement I have for paying the electrical bill.
Oh! And they won't wear short shorts with white socks and loafers while cooking me breakfast.
Image Borrowed from Google Images

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Muffin Bottoms

I hate muffin bottoms. I do, I think I've talked about this before in a previous cyber life but time and time again I come to the conclusion that I just don't like them. As I mature I find that the ol' might dollar gets the better of me and I eat the bottom just because otherwise I may as well have thrown that bit of money out. I can't fathom that and really, I need to buck up and be a woman and eat the bottom of my muffin.

I need to find a partener in crime who likes muffin bottoms, the center of cookies (I prefer the outer edge) and the icing on my cake. I'll eat all the crusts and they can have all the centers- now that would be a match made in heaven.
Muffin Picture borrowed from: Natalie Dee

Paint Your Wagon and Come Along

I had my first encounter of the Spaghetti Western kind when I saw the opera Don Pasquale with my dad many years ago. The original production was just intended to be a comedy however leave it to Calgary to put a Western flare to the Italian 1843 version of a sitcom. It was delightful and it was the one and only time that people were actually requested to wear jeans and Stampede get-up to a night at the opera. Of course, this being Calgary, I've seen people wear denim to a funeral- and have it be OK.

Last week as I've mentioned in a previous post that I had gone to see Inglourious Basterds, which is a self described Spaghetti Western that pays homage to WWII. Quentin Tarantino seems to favor this sort of style, it seems to add just the right amount of lightness to off set his blood shed.

Clint Eastwood's name is linked to many of the favorites:
A Fistful of Dollars (1964)
For a Few Dollars More (1965)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)
and of course you can't forget Paint Your Wagon (1969)- my personal favorite.

I don't know if you have seen it, if you haven't- you have to. Take it with a grain of salt because it was nominated for the Golden Globe Award of Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. I mean where else can you find Clint Eastwood singing while dressed in pink western wear playing a character called Pardner to a woman who says "if a Mormon man can have two wives, a woman can have two husbands".

It's Clint like you've never seen him. Except maybe in The Bridges of Madison County.
I'm woman enough to admit I like LOVE Paint Your Wagon just as I am not ashamed to say I listen to the soundtrack. Often.
I was born under a wanderin' star.
Wheels are made for rollin', mules are made to pack.
I've never seen a site that didn't look better lookin' back.
I was born under a wanderin' star.
Mud can make you prisoner and the plains can bake you dry.
Snow can burn your eyes but only people make you cry.
Home is made for comin' from, for dreams of goin' to.
Which with any luck will never come true.
I was born under a wanderin' star.
Do I know where hell is, hell is in hell-o.
Heaven is good-bye forever it's time for me to go.
I was born under a wanderin' star, a wanderin', wanderin' star.
Mud can make you prisoner and the plains can bake you dry.
Snow can burn your eyes but only people make you cry.
Home is made for comin' from, for dreams of goin' to.
Which with any luck will never come true.
I was born under a wanderin' star.I was born under a wanderin' star.
When I get to heaven tie me to a tree.
Or I'll begin to roam and soon you'll know where I will be.
I was born under a wanderin' star.
A wanderin', wanderin' star.
Maybe I should go as Clint for Halloween this year...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


4Pm is happy hour- isn't it?? I actually don't really know what happy hour is... from what I barely remember while in Mexico you get two strawberry margaritas for one? BOGO Event at the bar?? Oh Mexico- the place where I did things fearlessly like eating food from street vendors in the old part of town. I don't even do that here- *shudders*

Anyway, back to discussing 4pm- it's Happy Hour for me because I clean up what I am working on and wait for home time to come get me on the way out. Today 4pm came and I was early.. I had cleaned up at 3:40pm and was already on Blogger reading every ones thoughts and posts. I think that might have been due to the fact that at 2:20pm I had a false start and thought it was almost 4pm then. Not a good feeling so I went to reception and raided the candy dish. That taught someone a lesson and made me feel MUCH better at 2:20pm not being 4:00pm (sorry 2:20pm to give you such an unhealthy expectation to live up to).

It's September now and I have my dentist appointment to look forward too (enter nauseated groan here). I haven't been to the dentist in a very long time- I have never had a cavity and I'm a wee bit religious when it comes to brushing (I do the whole brush, floss and mouthwash thing a few times a day). I'm concerned that there are going to be problems when I go though... I do have a tooth the screams nasty things at me if I drink water that is ice-ice cold (I Googled that- Note to Self... DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT Google medical conditions unless you are certain that you don't have what you are looking at. If you choose to not heed this advice at least try not to look at the images. *shudders*) but that's about it. Today we talked about the dentist at lunch-that wasn't a good moment for me.


September is also the month that I start thinking about Christmas (and Halloween costumes), last year I got super organized and had my shopping done by November. Just in time for me to relish the holiday season like a fake person on TV. It was delightful *stops to think* actually I don't remember it at all... Where did Christmas 2008 go? Hmmm.. I'll have to look for that later.

My phone has been rather quiet this last week. My best and most glorious friend Laura is away in England. I get the odd Facebook update but that's about it- I miss her dearly. I could have gone however it wasn't time yet. I'm saving up my Airmiles to get me over there for as close to free as possible and then I'd like to stay about a month in a vain attempt to eat my way though at least a bit of Europe.

It's now time to put my pens away. I usually have about 10-15 scattered across my desk every day. I do put them away but some how during the day they come out and clutter up my desk PS: I secretly hoard office supplies in my desk. I do need 51 units of the same kind of pen. Away goes my calculator, stapler and my adding machine (one day I will have to tell you about my adding machine. I love it. For real). Recycle my water bottles and put my rubber finger away (Rubber Finger is my favorite accessory).

I take my vitamin B50 and check my email one last time. Have a good night!

What time do you generally find yourself cleaning up and getting ready to head home?

Stupid Yogi

I have a confession to make- I was a bad yogi last night. I know, not good, positive, zen like thought there but I'm just being honest. I'm owning my actions and taking responsibility for them.

I've been doing yoga for (wow- I've never thought of this... I've been doing it longer then I thought) almost 3 years. The main benefits I get from it are limber limbs, an appreciation for my body and a cute little bum. Because high heels are my foot wear of choice I have very short ham strings and haven't been able to touch my toes for years. I knew that if I didn't do something about it I would never be able to walk flat footed again (sort of like Barbie).

I am happy to say I can now touch my toes- Go ME!

Last night I had a "meet and greet" with my friend Rheann, she is getting married next year and has asked me to be one of her brides maids (little does she know, I've never been a bride or a brides maid- so hopefully I'm 3rd or 4th rank brides maid) so I got to meet the other ladies in calling. They were lovely and we had light, fluttery "ladies that lunch" conversation over munchies and Bellini's.

I usually don't like to eat before yoga but I do like to eat so I figured that a light soup and salad two hours before would be fine- and why not throw a few Bellini's into the mix as well!

Note To Self WARNING:
Bellini's before yoga is not recommended.

"Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines..."
I think that has to be the exact opposite of the definition of Bellini...

I wasn't anywhere close to being drunk or even buzzed when I got to the studio, just feeling a bit rushed. I centred myself as best as I could and started with my practice, lucky for me the class was much smaller then usual. Lucky for me because 5 minutes into it I was introduced to the most uncomfortable hour of my yoga life. Not only did I feel like I was going to loose every part of my insides but I was flopping all over the place like a heffalump in heat. My Tree Pose was more of a (giggling) Twig Blowing Over in a Breeze, my Warrior Poses were more like a montage of wimpy disco moves and my Upward Facing Dog felt more like an Up-Chuck Threatening Dog pose. Through out my final resting pose I was interrupted with the eruption of the repulsive after taste of garlic toast burps and I swore I would never, ever, EVER do something like that again.

Stupid Yogi... tisk-tisk *burp*
Heffalump borrowed from Dazzlerdesign