Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five Finger Classic

Holy crud- the part of me that lives in a fairyland needs THESE shoes:
Truth: they are the geekiest things I have ever seen.
Truth: they are NOT Christian Louboutin
Truth: I really want them... maybe not in "lilac" but something... why? because I want to hike like a cave woman because I find big clunky boots with all their structure and conformity inhibiting.

These shoes are part of a new movement promoting barefoot activities. The company is called Vibram FiveFingers and they all basically look the same. They state the claim that these foot gloves are of total benefit to the body- which in some sense I can see. Having spent my life in heels I can appreciate that being able to run around barefoot would be great (starting with my hamstrings).

But hiking, though I see my self clamoring up a mountain on all fours in these things will they really give me the needed support I should have when taking on loose shale and challenging ridges? I'm not really convinced. I don't think Vibram is either because they mention nothing about hiking other then "trekking" which could basically mean going to Vulcan and taking in the museum.

Hmmmm... what to do, what to do. The bonus to wearing these in the mountians is I can leave Big Foot like foot prints in the mud.

What do you think?
(of course, putting looks on the back burner people.)


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I saw someone with these when I was hiking the other day with my bf, they look uncomfortable!!1

bananas. said...

oh i can't overlook the outer appearance. i just can't! sorry :( if i did that all the time then you would see me wearing crocs. YUCK!

The Clever Pup said...

I think these shoes are Smurfalicious. I'm all for comfortable shoes but these would attract too much attention. Go for the Birkies instead.

Calvin said...


Rolley said...

ohhh, crazy style shoes!!!! hah, great idea though! I have a story about shoes and doing adventure stuff.

On one of my first big rafting trips, my most awesome friend who came along bought special shoes just for the trip. They were supposed to be for walking on wet rocks, and they weren't cheap at all, they were like the top of the range of that type of shoe! So, he had his three figure (cost) shoes, and I had my $12 sandals.

You would expect, that on a rafting trip my 12 dollar shoes would be a disaster for me, and my friend would be jumping to and fro on the rocks like a .. ? (insert name of a rather nimble animal here). Nope. He spent the entire four days slipping over, and I didn't even fall once. One day he even lost his entire lunch because he slipped as he went to take his first bite.. poor bugga. hahaha.

So yeah, the point of the story is, if you're gonna get different/interesting shoes for hiking, it might do well to take some spare shoes.. heh. : ) : )

Anonymous said...

Nice. I love being barefoot so I'd love these! But only if they come in orange.

chandara said...

Hmmmm... definately unique on it's own but... would I wear it? ummmm... I wouldn't have anything to go with it. Probably not.