Monday, September 28, 2009

Music Obsession Monday: Introductions

I've always said that music is the air to my life. There really isn't a simpler way to put it so with that in mind I want to propose something structured to my blog *gasp!*

Music Obsession Monday (aka: M.O.M.)

This weeks Music Obsession: Dala

I first came across Dala at another concert during Christmas last year. Honestly, it wasn't even a musical concert. It was a story teller called Stuart McLean who is featured on a Canadian radio station with his show The Vinyl Cafe (my adoration for Stuart is a whole other post). It's customary of his shows to have local unknown musical talent perform and more often then not, they are hidden gems that leave the audience speechless and wanting more.

Dala was one of those bands.

They had come on stage shortly after Stuarts first story. Two young women with porcelain skin, each with their own guitar. They were wispy in their presence as one of them announced "This song is called Hockey Sweater, we wrote it for a friend of ours who was mending from a broken heart..." Facing each other one of them started strumming a pretty tune being joined shortly by the other and after a few beats they softly started to sing. I've never heard anything like it in my life before, you may think that's an exaggeration but it's not. Soft, harmonious and innocent my whole body stopped so I could absorb every note; every beat. It sent chills down my spine. It was as though their voices were the only light in pitch black room.
They are currently opening for Chantal Kreviazuk on her Canadian tour which if I wasn't of sound mind would buy tickets just to see them again.
If you get the chance, see them... they are amazing live. The recordings just don't do these girls justice.
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Love being introduced to new music! Thanks!