Friday, October 30, 2009

It's 4:21pm- Do You Know Where Your Friday Is?

It's been a busy week and due to a lack of motivation + unexpected work I didn't get all that I wanted done. But that's OK, I'm good at covering my tracks. I'll catch up on Monday. But Monday is Monday and Monday is 3 days away (plus an extra hour)

*This is my reminder to


who participate in Daylight Savings Time*

Don't forget to change you clocks back Saturday! If you are going out to a Halloween party then do it BEFORE the shooters and sugar overdose happens. ALSO, if you live in Calgary and happen to behave yourself on Saturday night here's a little thought for you...

Go to the H1N1 Vaccination Clinic early Sunday morning. Hopefully with the combo of hangovers, church and people who forgot to change the time, the line ups won't be as bad! Just an idea... I would do it but sadly, as I am STILL sick... I can't get my vaccine until I'm all better and off my antibiotics (which don't seem to be working but that is ANOTHER story...)

So with that being said, everyone have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the spooks, ghouls chills and fun. I'm going to a Halloween party at my friend Reena's house so that should be fun (aside from having to play Hide and Seek which always scares the heck out of me. I get WAY too excited for my own good. It's a good thing I sort of look like an adult.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Note To Self...

Thou shall not come on Blogger after 9pm on a school/work night.

WHY you ask? because I don't go to bed... I've been busy catching up on everyones fantastic blogs and damn... it's getting way past my bed time. I must keep my blogging STRICTLY for at work ONLY. Hmmmm... remind me to bug I.T. about why I can't post comments on some peoples (Rolley's) blogs when I'm at work... I'm sure I just need them to update the flash or something on my computer.

I won't even have time to do my Brain Age before bed... it makes me too excited doing my 9's times tables.

I don't even think I ate dinner (oops) but I did do laundry (bonus points, it's been a few weeks. It's creepy that I can go a month and still have enough clean socks and matching undies to not cause any alarm... regardless, I was running out of towels) and something else- oh yes. This is very important. I watched 90210 (Oh I know, it's time to disown me) and had a kitchen dance party.

OK, I have to get my butt to bed. Good Night, October is almost over CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
image: note to self by alex ostrowski

Music Obsession Monday: Florence + The Machine

This Weeks Music Obsession: Florence + The Machine
"According to [Florence] Welch 'The name Florence and the Machine started
off as a private joke that got out of hand'..."

Florence +The Machine fall under many genres:
Art rock
Indie pop
Alternative rock
Baroque Pop
...Soul Inspired Indie

How ever you choose to classify her and define the bands sound it's making waves across the UK... raspy, strong, full of life waves throbbing with rhythm. Even I can catch a beat to clap along too and that is unheard of because all the things I can do in life, clapping along isn't one of them.

Dog Days (Live) by Florence + The Machine

This is a live version of a song called Dog Days, there was a "block" on the actual video which includes such delights as a colony of forest clowns clapping along making it easy for me to follow.

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) by Florence + The Machine

Music that I can't help but move my body too... it's thrash/dance-before-bed-with-all-the-lights-on-and-without-a-care-of-what-the-neighbours-think music.

Enough blogging, time for more dancing.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Steve and KFC

I once had a roommate named Steve
Who loved Transformers and eating KFC
Always keen to a good deal
Especially when it came to a meal
OH! how he'll smile when he learns he can get it for free!

Over the duration of the 2 years that Steve and I were roommates I went to KFC more then any other period in my life. I didn't like it. My body just can't digest it... maybe it's the grease, maybe it's the special seasoning or maybe it was just the fact that I always called it Barny's Chicken (I blame my mother for the inability to call things by their proper name). I'd sit there in the greasy booths drinking my milk and playing with one of the new toys I got from the little coin machines by the front door (yes, I was an adult) while Steve would munch away contently on some type of Crispy Chicken sandwich. I'd steal the odd fry and people watch... I can't really remember what we would talk about but it was fun. As gross as it was, it was fun.

He has since moved out and lives near a different KFC but every so often I get a text message from him - "KFC? Blah". Usually I'm busy or not around but I think I will always associate KFC with Steve (amongst other things but those things are not free on November 1st- at least not to my knowledge).

Friday, October 23, 2009

Giddy-Up! It's Weekend Time!

I've got my sights set on the horizon.
My horse and I are taking off into the sunset...

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Filthy Handshakes

While listening to the lunch time news it was brought to my attention between the "swine flu" this and the "swine flu" that doctors are strongly suggesting that we forgo the handshake and adopt the "Fist Bump" as a means of greeting and introduction. With holiday parties coming up I try to imagine myself going through the crowd, meeting interesting people and pounding fists with them.

  • Obama does it, a good example is when he celebrated winning the Democratic nomination.

  • The Dalali Lama participated in a fist bump when greeted in Memphis, Tennessee (he seemed amused much like when Calgary put THE White Cowboy Hat on his head).

  • The Canadian Olympic Team is resisting the temptation to handshake (or slap each other on the butts) in moments of congratulations and instead plan to touch elbows to avoid unnecessary contact.

Article after article depicts there being such an importance in keeping hands clean and not touching the face (eyes, mouth, nose) to prevent the transmission of dirty nasty viruses (ew). But really, is this going too far? Though I agree, one needs to be more aware of washing their hands especially before eating but do we really need to take things this far? I guess in some situations yes... it helps to numb the fear that so many people have including myself. With so much uncertainty it's nice to know that we, as people, can control one thing that we know won't hurt us. Regardless of if we are left wing or right wing, the first in line for vaccinations or think it's all a government driven conspiracy.

I don't think I'll go as far as pounding fists with my boss or touching elbows with fellow fans at a hockey game however I think I may choose to be more aware of if my hands are clean. Perhaps in a situation when confronted by handshaking and finger food I may keep one hand for good (clean. For touching food... lets say my Left Hand) and the other hand for "nasty" actions (handshaking and other such filthy habits).
What are your thoughts?

How To Give A Proper Handshake:

General Etiquette:
How To Give A Homie Handshake

CNN Commentary: Fist Bump

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Staples; A Love Letter

Dear: Person at the Scanner/Printer/Fax Machine in my Department,
I love you, I really do however it sounds as though you are trying to feed something through the scanner that has a staple in it. Don't do that- PLEASE.
  • Reason#1- putting something stapled through the scanner will only scan the FIRST page, not the other pages attached to it by a staple.
  • Reason #2- 99.9% of the time it wrecks the machine so none of us can use it. I think you may have one in your own department so my assumption is that you tried to scan your stapled report using that machine and broke it because stapled reports should not be fed through the scanner. My department looks after its high capacity printer, scanner/printer/fax machine and shredder. Your department currently has issues with all 3 of those machines... I'm just saying.
  • Reason #3- This is the most important reason so pay attention closely. If my departments printer/scanner/fax machine breaks that means The Lexmark Repair Guy has to come and fix it. That isn't a good thing- at all. It's a very, very, bad thing. A creepy thing.
This can all be prevented if you stop trying to scan something that has a staple in it. Please, for the love of GOD! When the machine beeps at you it's not saying a friendly "Hello" it's actually saying "You're feeding me staples and my paper is all bunged up in my machine intestinal track and i don't like you so PLEASE stop touching me and give me some space."

I understand that you are just a person working in an office just trying to get your job done, I get that. We are all in the same Monday-to-Friday-month-end-boat. I also see that you are dedicated to finishing your scanning so I admire your diligence. Strong work ethic can be a hard thing to find these days. Unfortunately, an outsourced office machine repair guy who doesn't come off as a total creep is another rare thing so to save us all... please stop feeding stuff into the scanner with staples in it.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I've been having a lot of colorful sneezes recently. No, I am not talking about the byproduct of sneezing but more just the variety of sneezes I've been having. On average my sneezes are those cute little dainty things that women in high heels with matching hand bags tend to project when shopping for more high heels and matching hand bags. I always gingerly remove a tissue from my pocket and blot my nose in the most delicate of ways hoping that more are not on the way. More often then not though I never just sneeze once, I usually display a collection of sneezes often brought on by kitten, bunnies or The Calgary Stampede (I'm allergic to the rodeo/hay/horses/trashy women and severely intoxicated men). The concern with this is though I can produce 3 or 4 dainty lady like sneezes in a row it's the last one that kills me. It's the last one that I can no longer hold on to and KAZAAAAM- out it rips scaring children for life and making men cry in fear.

Just a few minutes ago as I was sitting in my office doing something... I can't remember what I was going... doesn't really matter. Point being, I was severely distracted and in being in the state of mind I was taking off guard by a sneeze attack. Loud, uncontrolled, orgasmic sneezes echoed down the hall of my work- each one sounding different and more out of control then the last. I would compare the noise to that which may come from an animal consisting of equal parts pig and turkey. I do always try to make it better though by saying "excuse me"... sort of a verbal, indirect apology to all those with in ear shot. It wasn't until the "new girl" sitting in the office across from me who never wears denim on casual Friday sneezed that I felt like a total monster. Just moments after I released my plethora of hybrid bran yard animal noises did she pull out her own version of an uncontrollable sneeze attack which was so cute I couldn't help but think about baby bunnies and those fluffy white kitten on the toilet paper commercials which in turn made me sneeze one last time.

I don't think anyone else noticed our sneeze off, and if they did they didn't mention anything (not even a "bless-you"). The "new girl" didn't even notice and to be quit honest, I'm sure she was too busy working to even notice that she sneezed mean while I am sitting here writing a full on post about it. Perhaps I need to readjust my priorities? Naaaaaaaa...

Photo Credit to Laura Barrett, my BFF who captured herself mid sneeze. Camera Phones, what would we do with out them?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Music Obsession Monday: Jill Barber

This Weeks Music Obsession: Jill Barber

A Smokey-Folk-Jazz Canadian award winning singer song writer (that's a mouthful) who has been compared to the likes of Patsy Cline, Etta James and Edith Piaf is my newest music obsession. Her music has a somewhat timeless retro sound laced ever so smartly with her smokey voice. "Now I can finally claim to be making 'popular music'. So what if it's only what was popular 50 or 60 years ago." Music from a bygone era of romance and grace.

I've only heard Jill recorded thus far however that will all change come December when I have a chance to see her along with a few other artists live. I'm pretty excited, nothing ever showcases a talented artist better then live shows admits simple surroundings.

Oh my-my, oh hell yes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What I Learnt About Today: Spider Pill

So while working at work (amazing, I know) I was listening to a radio show on the CBC. They had mentioned some interesting discoveries/ inventions in the world of medicine. One being Nanoparticles and how they can be used to potentially aide in the recovery of cancer (still 10 years or so away from that in Canada) and something called a Spider (EEK) Pill. Yes, Spider Pill. The scientist being interviewed explained this Spider Pill as being a camera the size of your run of the mill vitamin that is ingested and used to explore the inner parts of ones gastric intestinal system. Reminds me of a movie I watched in the 80's called Innerspace.

So, if you happened to be an "ideal candidate" (currently the only ideal candidate appears to be pigs) you would arrive at your doctors office and he would give you this thing (thing being the technical term for camera right now) about the size of a vitamin to swallow. After about 30 minutes or so the doctor would then activate the Spider Pill causing tiny little legs to sprout out (for real! Creepy isn't it!!!) so they can then control the camera like a mechanical toy to walk around your insides and scope out potential issues. This is all wireless and disposable. Once all areas have been explored and issues have been addressed you would be sent home to allow nature to take it's course, passing this as though it were breakfast.

They mentioned that Canada is about 2 years away from gaining this type of technology; the main concern being that doctors and scientists are concerned what little walking Spider Pill legs might do to our delicate insides (agreed, that is a good thing to be concerned about). As I mentioned above they are currently testing this on pigs which appears to be going quite well.

The intention in this invention is to create a more accurate, comfortable alternative to the ever popular colonoscopy (amongst other things). To read a more intellectual article on the subject I found this write up about it in the Telegraph.UK

I tried to find images of it but all I could come up with were REALLY creepy pictures of gigantic spiders where are not my favorite things so you'll either have to search yourself or let your imagination go wild!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dawn Of The October Long Weekend

Wasn't it just Friday LAST WEEK? I think as a result of being a sickie my days got lost behind the medication and naps... today only feels like Tuesday to me NOT Friday and especially not a Friday before a 3 day weekend.

The leaves have started to fall and being that my parents live in an older, well treed area of the city it has become a tradition for Laura and I to rake the leaves on Thanksgiving Monday before dinner. Usually it takes all day and generates about 18 giant garbage bags (which we bring for recycle of course). We listen to music (Folk Music, Fleetwood Mac or something else that seems fitting for October) and jump in the piles before packing it in. This year however the snow has come early and my mum (being my mum) doesn't want me playing in the cold with my cooties. I told her, this being Calgary the weather might change and we still might be able to do it. My parents are getting older and a 30 year old Poplar tree generates too many leaves for people who should have retired 10 years ago. Besides, I want to rake the leaves.

If the leaves don't get raked then I have appointed myself the official veggie cooker. My mum can deal with the Turkey and the stuffing... I don't want to mess with meat but veggies I can do and I can do them all. My mum usually only has time to throw a little butter on the carrots, a bit of butter and cream in the mashed potatoes and brown some pine nuts for the green beans. I on the other hand don't have to worry about the Turkey. I can go in and spend the time to make a red wine reduction sauce, create an appetizer of baked acorn squash stuffed with brown rice and mushrooms... bake scalloped potato's in butter and cheese. Mmmm...

and then I'll do the dishes.

I love Thanksgiving, it's like Christmas but with out the pressure. It's about two of my favorite things... Family and Food.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My, What Large Rings You Have

In this simulated image of Saturn's rings, color is used to present information about ring particle sizes in different regions based on the measured effects of three radio signals.
Photograph by: Handout, NASA/JPL

Astronomers have discovered a new mega-ring around Saturn. So far it is the largest ring identified in the Solar System, the circle starts about six million kilometers (3.7 million miles) from Saturn and extends outwardly by another 12 million kms (7.4 million miles), within the orbit of Phoebe.

Anne Verbiscer, a US astronomer dumbs it down for all of by stating "If you could see the ring, it would span the width of two full moons' worth of sky, one on either side of Saturn."

This new super sized ring is fainter then Jupiers "gossamer rings" which held the previous record for having the biggest rings in the solar system. Phoebe's ring is made up of mostly dust from rocks bashed off the little moon by interplanetary debris or other particles.

There is also suggestion from the team that this might explain the mystery of Iapetus, Saturn's bizarre two-tone, black-and-white moon.

"Astronomers have long suspected that there is a connection between Saturn's outer moon Phoebe and the dark material on Iapetus," said Douglas Hamilton of the University of Maryland.

One side of Iapetus is turning whiter, just as the other half is becoming darker. There is a so-called thermal segregation theory to explain this that suggests that the dark side of Iapetus, by absorbing more sunlight, is able to warm sufficiently to cause local water ice to evaporate. The vapour then circulates to condense on the nearest cold spot (the icy, bright side of the moon). As a result, the dark side loses its surface ice and there for becomes darker while the bright side accumulates ice making it brighter. Pretty interesting stuff!

Now, all I need is 38 million dollars so I can actually fly to space.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The War

I'm not sure if you are aware or not but there is a massive war taking place right this very moment.

My Immune System
Dirty Virus Sickness

It's totally intense and like most wars, very inconvenient. Someone (I suspect Immune System) pulled out a low blow with the allergy card- I mean, come one now I'm already down don't kick me when I'm there! Having cooties is enough but creating an allergic reaction to the cooties is just mean. Are there rumors of Weapons Of Mass Destruction or something? I appreciate the lack of runny nose and the no sore throat but painful burning, throbbing itching skin? For real? I don't think that's helping anything! As things were witnessed on Monday it sort of back fired. Jerks.

So, this is my peace cry... NO MORE ITCHY BURNING HANDS AND FEET, I'm not a baby... I don't need to get a random reaction with my sickness. I don't have a full time live in mommy to look after me. I don't even have a roommate. So enough is enough. I don't want to take Benadryl my whole life because spreadsheets are hard enough to work on with a clear head never mind a foggy, drugged up head.



I was off work yesterday so I could go to the doctor to get my sick/cooties/cough/blah checked out. My devoted and oh so lovely friend Laura was kind enough to get up early and take me. On our way back while driving down Memorial (one of the major roads in Calgary) which travels along the river we spotted a dog. This dog was large and running like, well, like someone left the back gate open! He had a leash trailing behind him and was having the time of his life! Laura and I look at each other and I say to her "Is that dog missing a person?" to which she replied "Yup" and pulled a 3 lane change and stopped the car. I jumped out expecting the dog to come running into my arms but he just went right on by and turned to start across the busy road. Cars were coming and I jumped on his leash. The dog came to a halt and Laura grabbed him by the collar. We looked around as there is a busy bike path thinking that someone must have just dropped the leash. Everyone just shrugged their shoulders so we put the mystery dog in the back of the car and pulled over into a parking lot. Laura checked his tags which had both his name and a contact phone number on it.
"Hi there, I think I found your dog. Do you own a 'Boomer'?"
The man on the other end of the phone was quiet for a moment
"Oh my goodness, you found him! He was with the dog walker and I guess he got away, I'm just on my way to the airport- you'll have to call her. I can't believe you found him, I am SO happy! I was just beside myself and even considering canceling my trip."
He gave me the name and number of the dog walker, I called as soon as I got off the phone with him. "He just got away from me, I can't believe he got as far as he did. Thank you SO much, I'll meet with you in 15 minutes"
Laura and I waited in the parking lot with Boomer who we discovered was really wet and smelly. I guess on his great escape he had taken full advantage of the river and had him self some fun. I was reminded of the story "Homeward Bound" and wondered if Boomer was missing his master and heading home. The Dog Walker arrived quickly and was so grateful that we had caught Boomer, we passed over his leash to her and got back into the car. As we pulled away we watched as Boomer resisted getting back into the car, he wasn't done running free. She got him in eventually and drove off with her car full of dogs- Boomer watching us with his tongue hanging out from the back window.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


There are some things in life that I have always been aware of... the sun shines in the day, the night brings the dark and I am adopted. I am adopted. I'm fortunate to have always felt a part of my family, to me my adoptive mother is my real mother and my adopted father is my real father. I'm also lucky to have a good relationship with my birth mother to whom I see more as a friends; a sister. I don't know who my birth father is, all I do know if his name is John and he was short just like me. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I wonder about him, curious if he has a family and if I look like him. I know he doesn't know that I exist because he was gone before my birth mother even knew I existed. There are still moments though, all my life that when I walk down the street or hear the name John I wonder if this person might be my father. I never suffered from the jilted fantasies of a child that made him out to be a King or a movie star, to me he was always a man who may just happen to have the same nose as me.

It was a week ago that I had a dream about a woman, actually a girl. She was younger then me with glasses and mousy brown hair. In my dream I knew that this was my sister. That has been another fact I have known most of my life, I also have a half sister that is a few years younger then me. We share the same birth mother however due to circumstances beyond any ones control she went to another family and we all lost contact with her. Like most adoptions in the 80's once the adoptive child was gone, they were gone. You could not track them or keep tabs on them. It was the government and they had everything under lock and key, obviously out of respect for everyone involved. That's just the way things were done back then. The only things I know about her is she was named Christine (her birth name, her new family may have changed it) and had a condition that required her to get treatment on her eyes. A total treatable condition.

I have a good relationship with all my siblings even though there is a considerable age gap. I can't help but wonder if that tiny little void inside me that I'm always looking to fill might be missing my unknown half sister. Or perhaps that is just another thing that I am thinking might fight that really won't. Though my mind didn't wander much around my birth father I often made up storied inside my mind of the type of life I pictured "Christine" having. Pink dressed, Barbie dolls and a dimple on her cheek when she smiled. Even now I image her to be a stunning woman with a family of her own drinking coffee in her sunny kitchen on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Unaware of a whole other family out there that sometimes thinks about her.

A few years ago Canada changed some of the privacy laws surrounding adoptions. The birth mothers can send in their information to an agency indicating if they want to have contact or not. Once the adopted child is of legal age they can then access this information if they desire. No one has heard anything yet and I don't really think it's my place to really attempt to locate her, mostly for the risk that some people don't want to be found and some boxes are better left unopened.
photo borrowed from Flickr via Yahoo Image Search

Monday, October 5, 2009

Music Obsession Monday: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

This Weeks Music Obsession: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros,

It was in Laura's car that I discovered them, my ears caught hold of a catchy tune and potential for whistle-a-long. I was hooked. I am hooked. Hooked on a love song that seem as though it may actually be true:

Just delicious...

"...Jade, you remember that night you fell outta my window?

ya you came jumping out after me

well, you were bleeding all over the place and I covered your ass with your dress and we went off to the hospital, you remember that?


well there's somethin I never told you bout that night

what didn't you tell me?

well, while you were sitting in the back seat smokin a cigarrette you thought was gonna be your last, I was fallin deep, deep in love with you, and I never told you till just now!


let me come home,

home is wherever I'm with you


yes I am Home

home is whenever I'm with you!..."
photo borrowed from Flickr

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Coming

Tonight it's suppose to start raining and then by Saturday- snow. Welcome to Calgary weather 101. 2 weeks ago it was +35°C and now it's going to snow. It's lovely and makes for wonderful small talk, I'm sure things will be back to normal in a week or so and everyone will be wearing shorts again.

Happy Friday Everyone!
Hope you all have lovely plans for this first week in October...

Bitter Betty

That's what you can call me these days because I just haven't been eating sugar and it is killing me- KILLING ME! I'm a cookie a day, cake for breakfast, candy instead of afternoon snack kind of girl. The kind of girl that doesn't think any meal is complete without something sweet.

Truth: I kind of went over the top last month with goodies. Veggies and Fruit went flying out with window as did real cheese (I don't know WHY all of the sudden Kraft Single Slices seemed like the ideal indulgence- I'm a foodie... WTF?). It's kind of sad to admit that because this is the time of year that fresh food is most plentiful- just look at that damn horn of plenty that pops up for (Canadian) Thanksgiving during October. FULL of it but nope! Here I am shoving my face with cakes and pies and cookies and hot chocolate mix and candy! Cream sauces and breads, crummy cheeses (and some good cheeses), different types of salted and smoked meats- uuuhhh who took the "everything in moderation" out of that month. Indulgence was in high gear which left me with a bit of a cough.

I went to a nutritionist a few years back (whom I haven't seen in about a year either- tisktisk) and through all her wizardry taught me about sugar and what it can do to a persons immune system. It makes sense I suppose... My life was out of sync, sleep, eating and all that jazz felt as though I was trying to walk with books on my head across a trampoline with 3 other people jumping at different paces. I feel, I dropped my books and got sick.

It has been about a week and a half in which I've been off sugar, not 100%- I still eat yogurt that is sweetened, grace my intestinal track with ripe fruits and gobbled up one slice of pumpkin pie with homemade whip cream (please people, don't eat the stuff in the can unless you plan to do "Whip-its"). What I have put on the back burner are the cakes, sweets and cookies. The obvious stuff and to be quit honest it's killing me. KILLING ME! All I can think is Cookie Cookie Cookie ALL afternoon... Cookie, Cookie, Cookie... num-num-num...Cookie, Cookie, Cookie... num-num-num.


I have however been blessed with a really good threshold for tolerance. Not for all things mind you (people being late, inconsideration, slow walkers, etc) but for most things- it's worked in my benefit before and unfortunately it's working for my benefit now.

It's not like I want to or even need to loose weight, that's not what this is about. It's about putting my body back on track so it can live and function on the high energy level I am use to. Treating it the way it deserves to be treated because God knows (and so do some of you) I haven't always been kind to my body.

It not like I'm going to give up cookies forever or never eat candy again (or my mum's Christmas fudge- omg I want fudge now) but keep it at a minimal. Balance and moderation are the words that come to mind. I just really wanted to talk about this because it's been rather distracting, I can't seem to get my work done. It's like I've quit smoking or something...

Do you eat a lot of sugar? What's your favorite sweet treat?
Photo Borrowed from Readers Digest

Thursday, October 1, 2009

PROOF: House Hippos DO Exist

We have all seen the ad for Concerned Children's Advertising about the House Hippos- I've even seen it and I haven't really watched real TV on a regular bases since 2004.

That is a House Hippo and today at lunch I discovered that they actually do exist. Perhaps not quit as cute, tiny and rodent like BUT...

there is finally some proof. Above is a real picture taken of a newly born pygmy hippopotamus from Rotterdam's Blijdorp Zoo. I've eaten mushrooms bigger then the little one!

To read more about this check out Mail Online