Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Lunch

Dear Lunch,

I have to admit you are making me very excited today! I'm very hungry and can't wait to eat a Tuna Sandwich and Cookie with you. Mmmmm

Lots of Love,

PS: Lunch, I have a lot to share with you as I have had a very eventful weekend. I'll see you in less then a half hour! XOXO

Friday, November 27, 2009

This Party Is Rated PG for Pooped and Grouchy *Updated*

I'm Pooped with a capital "P" and Grouchy with a capital "G"... I need some good sleep and won't be able to get it just yet. So I'm going to pout *insert big pouty face*

Tonight is my company party and I'm not going to be able to keep up with anyone. Good news is no one really expects me too anyway because my company can party- we are know for our our lack of inhibition. I am not known for that, I am know for ditching out before 10pm because I'm lame like that.

I was going to go all out and buy a new dress but then I got to thinking... I'm just going to get dirty so why ruin a $800 silk Nicole Miller when I can ruin and maybe wash an $80 dress from Urban. See, I'm thinking!

Here's the plan:

  • Leave Work at Noon

  • Arrive for cocktails- 6pm with the entourage

  • Have Dinner at 7pm ( I have NO idea what's on the menu)

  • 9pm dancing and mischief

  • 11pm (at the latest) duck out and leave everyone to their own devices (excessive binge drinking).

  • Wake up the next day fresh as a daisy just in time to enjoy breakfast. Maybe even go for a swim before hand.

This is a company party, the idea of going full out and making a fool out of myself is not an option. I do a damn good job of that on a day to day bases- sober.

So that's the plan Stan, who wants to bet that it doesn't go that way at all?

20 minutes have gone by and I had some toast (Mmmmm) and some tea (Mmmm) and walked around a bit. I feel better and am exicited- I'm allowed to change my mind aren't I?

Thursday, November 26, 2009


There is this thing. It's a part of me (this is a some what serious post by the way)... I don't really know if it's a person or an old relationship or just plain ol' junk in my trunk that rattles around every time I take a sharp corner. Regardless, it's this thing and it just doesn't go away. I wonder if I'm being silly now... second guessing my choices or maybe I've just forgotten why I made the choices I did. Exactly how long does one play Hide and Go Seek for? I've been found- sort of. But I don't want to give up and maybe that's part of the problem is that I'm hiding, waiting to be seeked when really I should just get up out of my hiding spot and go the heck home. I thought that's what I was doing... but the game just followed me. I've told him, I don't want to play anymore. I tried to stand out in the open but he just walks up and tugs on my arm till I can't ignore him anymore. I'm strong, I can turn around and pretend he's not there but I can't ignore the tugs. Not on the inside. I talked to a lady about this once, she told me the whole thing was like a drug and if I kept it in my life it would eventually eat me up. I talked to the police about it and they told me I should be scared, but I'm not. I talked to the phone company and they gave me a deal when I changed my phone number. I talk to my friends and they tell me not to talk at all, not to this thing at least.

It's not working though... I've picked up and move on and I've grown somewhat numb to it. Numb to most of it except for the silliness I feel. I feel silly. I feel immature and silly. This is going come out all wrong but it's be best I can do- if Hank Moody and Karen can function dysfunctional- why can't I? True, I don't have kid and I'm not like Karen however this thing is an awful lot like Hank Moody in more ways then I describe. This thing treats me like Hank treats Karen yet I treat Hank like how Kevin Bacon treated those Tremor things. I know, that doesn't really make sense to you but it makes sense to me. Even though I never ever though I would ever compare myself to Kevin Bacon... never mind, it's not really important.

I wonder if I can turn around and be friends now. Not even friends, just let myself be accessible so then the emotional charge of finding me will be gone and all anxiety will dissolve. I had good reasons at the time for turning my back on everything and it kept being confirmed year after year after year of ignoring him and he just kept on. I'm sick of this story but I can never write an end for it. Like a puzzle that never gets solved, it's exhausting and I throw it away but someone keeps giving it back to me to finish... I just don't know how to finish.

How do I finish this?

Or is it finished like one of those math equations with a repeating number that goes on forever after the decimal point- you know it is the answer but the answer doesn't have really have a satisfying end. It's my Californequation...

ahhh yes, this post is written mostly just for me. Something to empty my mind into... Sorry if it doesn't make any real sense.

A Night Of Tragedy

Last night I went to see Manon, an opera by french composer Jules Masssenet. At first I wasn't sure about it, the first scene was a lot of "Opera Sing Talk" which is my way of saying it's just a bunch of monotone sing/talking as they try to establish characters and a plot. The scene was fun to watch as it was a busy court yard in 18th century France- it was however at this point that my mind started to wander and I distracted myself with dresses I should wear to Friday's Christmas party. I couldn't stop thinking about THIS dress I saw on the ever fabulous Bon Bon Rose blog. I truly am obsessed. I didn't buy it though because I'm not sure if it will fit me (I'm a runt at 5'2" and 90 lbs. XXS was not listed as a size choice *sigh*) I still can't stop thinking about it. It's very Betty Draper (first season). So yes, anyway.. I was nice and distracted for the first scene of Manon.It did get better as the opera moved along, the arias (my favorite part of opera) started to surface and the "Opera Sing Talk" melted away.

Intermission came- time for a little Egg Nog and Rum. (Mmm... Rum Rolley- though I doubt you'd mix anything with your rum)

The second side of the opera came and it was a flurry of scenes, glorious costumes and tragedy. Yes, that's right... who would have thought tragedy would be found in an opera. Star crossed lovers, gluttony, racy seduction in a church all ending with a serious case consumption (the only way to die in those days it seems). I admit, I got a little choked up.

On a lighter note, earlier that night Manon wasn't the only tragedy I encounter. My father and I always go for dinner before the show- some place downtown that is easy for him and myself to get to so we can after take the train up to the Auditorium. Having had a huge lunch with my friend Rheann earlier I just wanted something light. A salad or even a grilled cheese sandwich (Mmmmm...) I decided on a nice glass Shiraz and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a creamy tomato bisque. when the server brought it to the table, it looked delicious. Thick with cheese and grilled to a buttery brown I bit into it. Brie and Cheddar- interesting combination.. oh wait.. what is that. Oh My Goodness... crab. Crab in my grilled cheese sandwich- WHAT THE HELL! I like sea critter, especially the bottom feeders like lobster and crabs but in my grilled cheese sandwich? I ate some more, the was something OFF about it... something not right. Could it be? Nooooo... it couldn't- it was! Imitation Crab Meat IN my grilled cheese sandwich- sick! Who does that?

That was my night in a nut shell, or maybe I should say 18th century crab shell. It was fun and though I'm tired today it was worth it to spend that time with my Dad.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Far This Week

So Far this week I've accomplished a lot but hardly anything from my 30 Things To Do Before I'm 30 list other then laughter. Monday was immunity day in which after I made a delicious batch of hot, cream broccoli soup with fresh, crusty whole wheat bread. Mmmm... I also purchased some Cherry Jam which I am pretty excited to eat (haven't had the time yet). I never use to like Cherry anything but somewhere a long the way that all changed about a year or two ago. I think it all changed when I discovered Black Cherry Yogurt again. Mmmm...

All this "Mmmm-ing" can you tell I haven't had a stitch of breakfast yet?

Today my two favorite people are away from work- Jeremy and Edith. Jeremy is my lunch time BFF. He took Rheann's place when she left- not that anyone can replace Rheann but I need someone to waste endless minutes with a few times a day. I am far too lazy to make the trek up stairs to the 26th floor to visit with J. C. (Jenn C. NOT Jesus Christ. That would be weird) and Chandara. Edith works in my department and we go for a walk every morning to get coffee... I usually get steamed milk ( I don't drink coffee) and some kind of baked goodness. We've become pretty close in the last few months.

Yesterday Morning I had some breakfast meeting at the Petroleum Club with my department at work. It was surprisingly fun, I got to spy on people while eating really good bacon. Plus I got a free pen, note pad and sunglasses clip- WOOP-WOOP! Fun times, some what made up for the fact they didn't have any fresh fruit and they had that scary scrambled egg stuff that comes out of a milk carton... Egg Beaters maybe? That stuff is gross and I would go on strike if I had to eat it on a regular bases. Sick. Yuck...

Yesterday after work Laura came and picked me up and I had to go driving, you see... I don't have a car and just don't drive. I lack total confidence in my skills and well, would like to change that. I have a deal with Laura that she has to make me drive (just like I had to call the Dentist and make an appointment for her)- no excuses, no nothing. I have to do it and I have to be confident come spring time. I saw 10 bunnies while I was driving- I was pretty excited. We stopped by my parents place, played with the dogs and had dinner. Then we took my mum out who has been couped up in the house for the last 2 weeks due to surgery. She's feeling better but still isn't able to drive just yet.

Tonight, I have a date with my Dad. It's opera season again and tonight is the season opener (Hmmm.. that sounds more like "sports" talk then "Opera" talk) with the production of Manon.
I hope that this isn't one of those long opera with only one intermission... I prefer it when there are two intermissions.

As for the rest of the week I have an appointment with a periodontist (oh joy) and then my company Christmas party which is in Banff this year (Yippee!). That's a change from the last few years so this will be nice. I'll take pictures, hopefully it's snowing in the mountains. we haven't had ANY snow in the city... It's been dry and some what warm for November.

Now that I have spilled most of my thoughts out of my head and into my post I can start my work and hopefully get it done. I have a fair bit to do and haven't been in the office much this week- sort of. So mush-mush, time to get some stuff done!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Immunity Idol

Yesterday was the first day that ALL Albertans were able to get their H1N1 Vaccine. The last month was a bit of a mess... after polling the masses a lot of people were proclaiming that "Goodness NO! We are not getting the vaccine!" and so when the Alberta Gov started rolling out the inoculations they were not prepared for the fact that the fear of GOD (or better yet, the media and the fear of the "unknown") caused herds of people to rush to the 4 clinics. It was worse then Jon and Kate plus 8 you couldn't go ANYWHERE with out hearing about the vaccine, the line-ups and the tally of deaths caused by this big bad ole flu. It was complete and total chaos... there was finger pointing going on everywhere as people lined up all night outside the immunization clinics. After a week and more media despair the clinics were closed and we were all sent to bed with out our H1N1 Flu Shot.

After some brainstorming the Gov started to release the vaccine again however with strict guidelines this time. They opened more clinics and made sure that they started with the most vulnerable first. Working their way down priority and high risk groups they finally announced last week that as of November 23rd all regular residents of Alberta could finally get their H1N1 vaccine. That meant me! YIPPPEEEE!!!

I left work a little early just in case there was going to be line-ups or even a small fraction of the craziness that had happened before when it was a free for all. Arriving at one of the 7 immunization clinics (I went the the Calgary Stampede Grand strand Grounds- didn't have to pay for parking) I was delighted to see no lines. True, there were people (as I was happy to see as well, I believe that it is a socially responsible thing to do and we should try our best to achieve a "herd immunity" but that's just my opinion and I listen to scientists, skeptics and medical professionals a lot) but there was a lovely flow to the whole thing.

Greeted by security guards wearing white cowboy hats (Only in Calgary) and smiles they told me where I needed to head to get started. I was given one simple form to complete (Name, DOB and Alberta Health Care Number) and was sent on my marry way to get a wrist band and then WHOA! Off to a nurse! It took me NOT EVER 5 minutes to be sitting with clammy hands in front of a nurse with a smile, some stickers and a H1N1 Vaccine for me. We talked for a little bit, I told her I was nervous... I'm a nervous person. In a matter of 1 second (really, I counted) she poked me with the needle and vaccinated me. It didn't hurt (I'm not scared of needles, THANK GOD) and I think the rush of adrenalin was the worse thing about it. I sat there while she completed my paperwork and sent me on my marry way again- it was important that I wait 15 minutes just in case there was a reaction to it. Again, there were rows of chairs- people were waiting their 15 minutes playing on their cell phones or watching TVs that had been provided. Being the nervous person I am I think I may have waited 20 minutes.. JUST to be sure that I was OK. I felt fine...

That night I went home and made some broccoli soup. I took a Tylenol just in case for the expected arm stiffness and headache. I was a little tired before going to bed but that worked in my favor... I slept like the dead and woke up fresh and beyond happy. I felt good- my arm didn't hurt, my head didn't hurt and I didn't have any of the common reactions to the vaccine. To be honest, I was a little disappointed because I was prepared to use my adverse effects as a way to get out of a grossly early business meeting and hang out with my friend Laura.

I had nothing though- I felt amazing, I was starting to doubt if I ever got the vaccine at all! In about 10 days I'll have my leg up and a decent amount of immunity to help me keep the H1N1 virus at bay and keep myself, friends and family healthy. I see that a number of people effected have already been going down over the last week or so which is good. I imagine though that we may have a another wave of it come January when real flu season starts. Or maybe we won't. It doesn't hurt to have the extra antibodies floating around in my system. It doesn't hurt to eat dirt either!

All in all, anyone who is considering getting the vaccine- now is the time to get it. Clinics are well stocked and soon it will be available at pharmacies, doctors offices and other such places that you could get any vaccine.

Happy immunity everyone, you won't be voted off the island this week!
Best Tips:
-Pop a Tylenol a few hours before and another a few hours after- it will help with any discomfort you may expedience.
- wear a short sleeve shirt
- remember your Alberta Health Care #

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bread Winner

My friend Laura is moving and therefore is cleaning house which in turn means I get a free Bread Maker, Juicer and Food Gun (yes, a food gun! One of those things all of our Mum's had in the late 70's). I'm over joyed (except now I need to find room in my tiny little condo which is already obsessively compulsively organized)!

Yesterday I made bread for the first time in a machine. Usually it's a day long event involving gluey fingers, doughy counters, floured floors and lots of down time. I must admit that I was pretty skeptical that it would work out for me. I mean seriously folks, dump all the ingredient and press start? Since when is anything editable that easy? Or tasty? I did it though, I dumped my milk, flour, salt, sugar and yeast (I'm not going to make anything fancy on the first try) and pressed start. Peaking through the window I saw the little fin/blade thing attempting to mix everything together. I scoffed at it and went to go do something else. A little later the sound of pounding reached my ears, I rushed to the kitchen only to see the little bread machine attempting to kneed the dough. Worried it was going to kneed it's self right off the counter I pushed it back against the wall and left the room again.

I forgot about it for a good few hours. It wasn't until the smell of fresh bread met my nose did I remember that I was making bread! *BING!* went my little machine and I thought "Well, it must be ready... I wonder how bad this is going to be."

Pulling out the pan and tipping it over BOY was surprised when my machine birthed a golden, crusty perfectly PERFECT loaf of bread! Cutting it I sampled my first piece. SO GOOD! No clean up- I could not get over how easy that was! I ate the whole loaf within 6 hours. My next bread adventure will be to make some bird seed bread (as noted in my list of 30 things to do before I turn 30).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pimp My Cribbage

my winning hand

Last night my friend Jeremy from work came over and helped me out with the first achievement of my
by being my most recent Cribbage victim.

...and I quote "#18- Play Cards"

I'm a big fan of Crib, my Grandmother and I use to play every Easter- obviously being the one who taught me, she taught me well. I'm very lucky at Crib and think I should quit my day job and play it professionally... but I'm too young for that right now. I am the Bobby Fisher of Crib- does that make me a geek or just braggy? tee hee.. of course, I'm just exaggerating... I enjoy Crib and my mind thrives on the simple math and problem solving. For me, there is often no easier rush then getting a hand that spills out 16, 20, 29... I'm easily amused what can I say!
However put me down in front of a hand of Gin Rummy and I loose like my life depends on it.
What's your lucky card game?

PS: Thanks Jeremy for being a good sport- you were awesome to play against!
PPS: This also unoffically falls under:
#4- Dust off my camera and take some pictures
#30- Laugh at least 57 times

Spooning Leads Too...

FROZEN YOGURT! My favorite, as much as I hate to admit it I'm not really into Ice Cream (I know, SHAME ON ME! Tisk-tisk) but frozen yogurt, I dig. Literally. With an edible spoon from Spoon Me which has just opened up it's first Canadian Shop RIGHT here in Calgary.

Spoon Me
1130 Kensington Rd. N.W.

I could care less that it is fat free- puh-lees! That isn't the way I live my life. I live my life for the toppings of chocolate, fresh fruits and Mmm Mmm Mmmmmm So take advantage of our lovely November Global Warming weather and go grab yourself a frosty frozen yogurt this weekend.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everything Bagel

There is no such thing as always and never but there is something called everything and that everything is a bagel. And in my honest opinion not a very nice bagel at that. Since when are poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, salt, dried onions and cinnamon together a good thing (thank HEAVEN it doesn't have raisins and blueberries too). Don't get me wrong, I like adventurous things to tickle my taste buds but this never tastes good to me. Think about when you were a little kid and took all your favorite colored paints and put them all together- what did you get? Muddy, mucky, pukey brown. Same thing here, but instead of getting the color brown you get the taste of muck. I know, I know... there are people out there who like them. I use to work across the hall from a girl who did (there were however a lot of things I didn't under stand about her but that's a whole other post)- it was her favorite type. So please excuse me if I have offended you, I'm sure out there in this vast world of bagels, there is an Everything Bagel that I may like. Calgary is no where near being a major player in the bagel game so I imagine that our specimens are only sub par. Maybe I'm putting the wrong spread on it too... perhaps an Everything Bagel deserves the best of the best. Lox and Capers or Bacon and Mustard? Maybe I should make this a quest of mine... something to do before I turn 30?

What do you think, are you a fan of the Everything Bagel?

I'm A Capricorn- Don't Mess With Me!

Capricorn (also know as "Crapy-Corn" and "Goat Fish")

Others can get more than they bargained for today if they try to control you, for your intense emotions are churning just beneath the surface. The slightest provocation can bring forth a flood of passion as you defend yourself against someone who makes you feel insecure. But your position may be not as precarious as it seems and your swift reaction may be overstated. Take a few deep breaths and let your anxieties settle before you respond.

This is my horoscope via iGoogle- sounds nothing like me *ahem*... nothing at all. There is one person inparticular who always knows how to press this button in me, it's a good thing I'm not seeing him today.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

I am going to comprise a list of things I would like to do with my next 50 odd days (take a week off for Christmas of course) before I turn 30. I'm going to try and keep them as realistic as possible so I don't burn myself out trying to achieve ridiculous things (IE: getting married, doing a full pilgrimage across Europe, becoming a doctor, See Led Zeppelin live, etc.)- I'll leave those for my 40th Birthday.

30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

(in no particular order)

  1. Have my first official dinner/house warming party
  2. Make that little cubby room into a full on storage/pantry area

  3. Finish furnishing my place (and post pictures because that seems to be what everyone does)

  4. Dust off my camera and take some pictures

  5. Find a place in Calgary that serves Dim Sum and go get some (teehee)

  6. Make a loaf of whole wheat bird seed bread (it's what I call bread that had seeds and nuts in it)

  7. Knit something and use it

  8. Go to at least one concert (i haven't seen any live acts in a few months) preferably someone who I haven't seen live already

  9. Visit the Glenbow Museum

  10. Join something in my community to meet people

  11. Learn to cook something exotic

  12. Go dancing

  13. Kiss a girl *laughs*

  14. Ice Skate at Olympic Plaza

  15. Spend a day at Heritage Park

  16. Go to Zoo Lights

  17. Dust off my water colours and paint with them

  18. Play Cards

  19. Sign up for lessons of some sort (guitar, art, dance- whatever)

  20. have a good cup of coffee and enjoy it (I don't drink coffee)

  21. Unpack and use my telescope

  22. Locate my x-country skis and make plans to go out to Canmore

  23. Make a necklace and earring suite

  24. Sing like I use to

  25. Make snow angles (if it ever snows)

  26. Learn how to eat a pomegranate and then do it

  27. Pick a classic book and read it

  28. Learn how to apply make-up

  29. Visit a beauty counter and find out what products I should be using on my (aging) skin

  30. Laugh at least 57 times

  31. (for good measure) create a list of things to do before I turn 40

So this is my list... and now starts my count down. Tadaaaa! Wish me luck!


TRUTH: in about 57 days (give or take) I'll be turning 30 (give or take) for the first time.

TRUTH: I am a little nervous about it. Why? you ask... because I never really thought about age till now. I never though about life as having an expiry date and often took my youth for granted. Until now...

I've made goals in my life and achieved many of them, nothing is ever set in stone though... they often change as I grown and gain more wisdom. I never really thought about marriage or making my own little family until I realised that 30 was just around the corner. Even when I was 8 I knew I wouldn't really start thinking about it seriously till I was 30, I never dreamed of the typical fairy tail wedding even when I was in relationships with people who wanted to get married. As I look back on all the major aspects of moving into adult hood they all took me a really long time to shift into. Longer then the rest of my friends- that never really bothered me.

But now that I am turning 30 (though I still think of myself as 25 and my mum thinks I'm younger then I really am too) my values are starting to change. Almost ripen... It's time to get serious (as serious as this girl can be) about life and what I want.

A few days ago I came across some blogs by women who have created a list of things they want to do before they turn 30, sort of like a "bucket list" to their 20's. Most of them were created when they first turned 29 and they had a whole year to complete everything. I only have a few months... so I am still going to create a list of things I want to do before I am 30 and post it in here.

I may have already achieved one now- I wrote a whole post without ANY misspellings- that is UNHEARD of in my world! OK- so keep your eyes open for my list!

What are some of the things you want or wanted to do before you were 30?
Have you done them?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Symphony of Science

The following post included content that may be considered geeky

OK, exposing myself a little here I am about to admit how down and geeky I can get. I listen to a fascinating (and often dangerously hilarious) podcast called The Skeptics Guide to the Universe . It's heavy in the science area which for me, if right up my fancy little alley- think of it as a step up from Mythbusters (minus the TV show part).

I haven't listened to it in a few weeks so while I was working this morning I had it on my iPod, during the opening sequence of last weeks show -November 4th 2009- they introduced something called The Symphony of Science. Particularly, they played a beautiful auto-tuned "musical" piece called A Glorious Dawn featuring snippets of Carl Sagan from Cosmos and every ones favorite human robot- Steven Hawking

It's wonderful isn't it... well I think it is, but I'm geeky that way.

Music + Science + Smart People = LOVE *swoon* I'm not sure how to make food fit into that equation but I guess that can be worked out later.

PS: This appears to be the "link" post of the week... sorry, I just haven't had the time to write out a full post but I really wanted to write... so in turn I just had to link to a bunch of important stuff. blah blah blah.. haha

Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Obsession Monday: Ohbijou

Current Music Obsession: Ohbijour

It was a year ago that I first heard Ohbijou on an obscure radio station and rushed home to investigate who this band was. Harmonious and sweet... "hushed and heart tugging", I was slightly addicted. Upon locating them online and buying up all the music I could I discovered that they were playing at a venue near me along with 2 other musical obsessions (later to be described).

This small little indie/pop/folk/blue grassy band although outwardly appear shy on stage hold strong in their live performances. Peppered with such instruments as bass, banjo, drums, trumpet, cello, piano, synth, glockenspiel, electric piano, and mandolin one can't help but gap in awe and the talent that exists between these 7 musician. Listen for yourself...

The Woods by Ohbijour (the song that first caught my attention)

They play live in Calgary on November 18th 2009 at the Marquee Room on 8th Ave so check them out if you get the chance.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fact or Crap

I have this calender that I got for Christmas last year from my BFF Laura. It's the Fact or Crap Music Edition Calender- every day there is a new statement and I have to decided if it's FACT or CRAP- the answer if on the back of the paper.

I use to change my Facebook status daily with the Fact or Crap question, having people respond daily however that soon got boring so I just play it with myself. Sometimes I learn something new, sometimes I don't and sometimes... just don't give a crap.

Today's Fact or Crap is a question that caught me off guard and therefore inspired this post.

Johnny Cash spent time in jail after being caught picking
flowers illegally...

FACT (yes, that's right FACT): It was only for
one night and although jailed several times, he never spent more than one night
at a time in jail

Here is the article that supports this FACT
Here's to a Happy Friday to everyone and have a wonderful weekend, and just remember... don't pick the flowers.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Liked Being Stuck In The Dark

"Once upon a time there was light in my life, now there's only love work in the dark... "

No... Once upon a time there was dark in my life now there's only work in the light...Something happened while I was away this last week from work. Something bright and unexpected at 7:30 this morning. Somebody came into my office and changed all my burnt out lights. I only had 2 maybe 3 that weren't working and they had been that way for about 2 years but now? NOW I have all 6 burning hard and bright. Obnoxious...

Before, I had a nice, mood enhancing mix of natural light from the window and with a gentle wash of artificial light. It was relaxed, soothing and romantic (Work=Romantic? Guess sooo.. I LOOOOOOVE spreadsheet *swoon*). Now, my eyes are being pillaged by the harsh intrusion of florescent badness- yes BADNESS. If Lindsey Lohan were to be a light bulb SHE should be these nasty florescent bulb things.

Nobody looks good under these things. Not even Bobble head Dwight Schrute and he always looks good.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wonder Michael

I've been on "holidays" I say that with "quotes" because I'm not going anywhere, I'm just taking a few days away from work. So yes, I've been on "holidays" now for... let me calculate... 36 hours? What I have done so far is:
  • Go to the dermatologist (for fun, he's great!)
  • Grocery shopping 3 times (mmmm... food....)
  • Seen some movie about goats... maybe it's called Men Who Stare At Goats... yeah- I think that's it. It has Obi-Wan Kenobi in it...
  • Made a full on BBQ chicken feast.
  • Got a free incense stick from one of the shop owners along Inglewood (I also think I may have offended another shop owner when I asked for a deal on a slightly damaged book)
  • OMG do Laundry which is ready NOW!! Holy Crap- I'll be back!
OK, so yes... I've been doing lots of little joyful things and plan to do many more for the next week which may mean that I might not be blogging (I do most of my blogging at work, a much needed mental cool down) so, have a good week and I will leave you with this picture from Halloween past of me (Wonder Woman) wearing a Michael Jackson mask beating up a Sumo Wrestler.

Good times. GOOOOOD time. Take care of your selves and don't forget to wash your nose!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cookies Are A RIGHT NOW Food

Yesterday we had Big Birds Licorice Alsorts legs standing in all their pink and yellow glory in front of the Google Icon- today we have MY personal favorite COOKIE MONSTER!

Oh Cookie Monster, how I identify with you so. Your passion for the sweeter things in life and inability to keep your monster self under control when in the presence of COOKIES (oh the things I have done for cookies, I am sure you can relate) or anything round-ish in shape. The last few years you have been given a lot slack, much like Barbie, for contributing to health issues in today's youth. Some may disagree with me however I believe that it has nothing to do with you, people just want to blame a monster- ANY monster and you just happen to fir the bill. It takes a big man to succumb to so much criticism. I appreciate your honesty when you appeared on The Colbert Report stating that you are the Robert Downey Jr. of Cookies and had "crazy times" in the 70's and 80's.

Oh Cookie Monster, how the ladies love you...

All the ladies except for Prairie Dawn

PS: Is it wrong of me to want to give Cookie Monster a good brushing?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

40 Years

Happy Birthday Sesame Street also known to me AS the Happiest Place on EARTH. Mind you, I have never been to Disney anything or spent much time in Vegas so my opinion might be a bit bias- regardless... knowing what I know, to me. it's the happiest place on earth and has been for many people since it came in through their TVs 40 years ago!

There have been a few episodes that have stuck out for me from my child hood years, one aired on American Thanksgiving 1983- "Farewell, Mr. Hooper". In this episode Big Bird deals with the death of Mr. Hooper, the shop owner of Mr. Hooper's Shop- the actor who played Mr. Hooper passed away in real life a few months before the show was taped. I remember being awestruck by the rawness of the story line even at the tender age of 3 and feeling empathetic towards the loss Big Bird must be feeling.
Farewell, Mr Hooper 1983
Another one being the Christmas Eve special from before I was born. I always loved it because Oscar the Grouch had LEGS- actually... EVERYONE had legs. Awesome. And is it just me does Big Birds legs remind anyone else of Licorice Alsorts?

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street 1978

I love taking a trip down a 1980's Sesame Street mind trip, have a great day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Plan This Far

OK, between you and I... I really don't have a plan. I have a handful of goals I keep on hand at any given time. Some I achieve others shift into something different. It's never been a structured things... it just happens. For example, sometimes I think it might be fun to be a Vampire Slayer (I'm really not that big into the whole Vampire thing that's happening right now so Vampire Slayer is PERFECT for me) but then I think and I decided I'd rather be a Dietitian. Or a Rockette.

Friday night I was having a conversation with Mark and I feel at my whits end with everything. The most foreground concern is not feeling well. I do everything right- I eat well, sleep well, I'm active, I don't smoke, I've been taking my antibiotics, sleeping with a humidifier and using Sinus Rinse every morning. I'm doing everything RIGHT... mean while I have friends that eat candy, guzzle booze, smoke like chimney stacks till the cows, cat and dogs come home and never get sick. Friends who just never get sick and do everything wrong. At the risk of sounding like a spoilt, highly entitled child- "It's NOT Fair!"

I get sick a few times a year and when I do my biggest issue is it never leaves. My body hangs on to it as though it's a long lost love from high school. It's as though I have the immunity of an 98 year old lady. It's frustrating because I feel as though my life is slipping past me as I nurse myself back to health. All I want is to feel better so I can get back in the game because if I don't I just get even sicker.

"What am I missing??" I asked Mark and he paused before he said "You need to relax"

I nodded (even though I was on the phone) and agreed "I am high stung, aren't I?"

So after rambling off the biology and chemical mechanism of the body and how being high strung would encourage sickness I decided that it was time to take a step back. I confuse relaxation with being lazy and really, I'm still not convinced that there is any difference between the two. My main concern is looking back on my life and thinking I didn't utilize it to my full potential. Not making the most out of it and there for missing out on optimal happiness. To me, optimal happiness is not being alone. Not feeling alone to be more clear. I need the salt to balance out my pepper so life has the proper flavour.

My goal for the next month is to try to let go... let go of the hypertension, the control and the frantic way I try to live my life as though it's some mind game I'm playing on my self. After some thought the only place I can see myself starting at is my state of mind. I have lost the awareness of staying "present" in life. I am always thinking 5 moves a head myself to ensure that I am always prepared for what ever may potentially come my way. That's exhausting. I'm so busy trying to diffuse any potential life surprise I'm missing out on now (FYI, I haven't read an Eckart Tolle book so I don't really know what The Power of NOW is.).

So the plan is to try to live life more spontaneously, with less of a plan (ironic isn't it). Incorporate more flexibility so everything isn't so ridged that it snaps at the first bend of uncertainty. Take each moment as it is and try not to concern myself that life is slipping through my hands unused. I don't need to always have a plan and I especially don't always need to have a plan for me and everyone else involved in my life. It's up to them to do that for themselves and if it doesn't work out then it doesn't work out. I don't need to always be perfect.

Aside from declaring November Nose Washing Month, I am also making November Learn To Relax Month.

Can any of you relate to what I have babbled on about?

What are some of the ways that you find to relax and self sooth?

photo credit: Yahoo Search

Monday, November 2, 2009

Music Obsession Monday: The Temper Trap

Current Music Obsession: The Temper Trap

I've been lustfully obsessing over The Temper Trap since I saw 500 Days of Summer, playing Sweet Disposition continuously for months. when they released their first full album Conditions on Oct 20, 2009 (Canada is so late on that boat. The rest of the world got it over the summer... lame but that's OK. It's here now.) I was honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed THE REST of the album. I think you'd have to have a very vapid knowledge of U2 to not notice the major influence on the music with the presence of "grand guitars". If MGMT and Vampire Weekend were to have a love child, I image that perhaps The Temper Trap might be that.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia- they have now moved to London to try and rev up the bands fan base. It has been noted that the band prefers to perform for large audience as in the smaller venues the lead singer feels more exposed and vulnerable.

Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

The Science of Fear by The Temper Trap

Lost Love (Live) by The Temper Trap (thankfully they have a clapping guide for me)

Notable songs from the album Conditions:
Solider On** (personal NEW music obsession song)
Drum Song
Down River

photo borrowed from Life Lounge

Perhaps It's Time I Formally Introduce Myself...

Hi! My name is Blanche (said with a french accent) and I write (if that's what you can call it...)
My Dog Dinner.

Say "Hi" Blanche!


OK, now that we have the formalities out of the way I can tell you a bit more about who I am.

What is My Dog Dinner? My Dog Dinner actually came about from a computer game I fell in love with (Fact: I am a GEEK who loves other geeks.) called Fate. My character in the game is this girl who travels though the catacombs of an evil castle and fights all types of evil beings, she does not however do this alone. She has a pet which goes in the very depth of hell with her, never leaving her side and always helping to fight evil, carry heavy armor and go to town in case of emergency. My pet, a dog which I call Dinner (yes, My Dog Dinner) is the closest companion my video game character has, I chose the name Dinner because in real life I'd like to call my real (future dream) dog Dinner. In reality, I'm a very quirky kind of girl. I haven't played Fate in a long time sadly, I just haven't had the time because when I get playing it I loose all concept of time.

Who is Amourissima?Amourissima is an name I use that is actually not a name at all, it's a title of a song from one of my favorite all time musical artists of all time. Feist, I have been a fan of her music for about 10 years- well before "1234" became the song that it is now. I actually have a live, raw, original version of the same song and it is very, very, different from the song we all know today. When Feist released "Let It Die" in the UK, she included some bonus songs that are unavailable in Canada. Amourissima is one of them, it's a melancholic piano melody with heavy lyrics.

this is not the actual video ( i actually think it's kind of horrible, so just close your eyes and listen to the song rather then watch it) but it's the best I can find in computer land. Amourissima isn't a real word, it was something that was created between Lesley Feist and her friend/musical partner in crime- Gonzales.

So that is a bit about me, I thought it was time that I stripped a little bit of the cover away from myself. The End!

(Now I can finally use one of those signatures that ALL the cool kids have without it seeming like I'm in a updated and poorly written copy of "Sybil")

Public Service Announcement...

It truly does pay to have talented, creative friends who help me take my silly little notions to a WHOLE other level.

Sent to me by Ryan, the throbing brain behind one of my favorite daily blogs:
(Learn Something New Every Day)
Have a lovely day everyone and don't forget to wash your nose!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Is Nose Washing Month

I declare, I say, I do declare November Nose Washing Month. Sexy sounding isn't it! Wait, it gets better- some of you may be familiar with the terms Saline Sinus Rinse, Neti Pot, Nasal Rinse, Nasal Lavage... they are all forms of Nasal Irrigation. Unattractive, yes (Oh YES) but helpful- VERY. At first, when my doctor told me to try it a few years ago I was so resistant because I remember the feeling of getting water up my nose; not a pleasant feeling I wanted to induce on myself. NO freaking way! As stubborn as I can be, with the assistance of Laura holding my hand though the first time- it actually wasn't that bad. Better yet is it cleaned up a persistent sinus infection I was routinely getting without the aide of any medication. For real!

More recently I received an email with simple yet effective tips on preventive measures regarding the up and coming cold and flu season. The usual "Wash your hands, don't touch your face (that's my downfall, I always have my fingers all over my face), eat healthy, stay active, get a proper nights sleep and stay hydrated" mantra, this list also included saline rinse. One being as a gargle for the throat (I'm sure many of you have used salt and warm water to help with a sore throat- it really does help!) used daily, the other being for the nose.

My doctor said to me 'Would you go through the day without washing your hands, face or brushing your teeth?" I said "No, but my nose knows how to clean its self, doesn't it?" to that she responded "It does, however... it doesn't hurt. Would you sweep your floor for the rest of your life or would you wash it once a week in between sweeping. Either way, it helps to clean the dust that collects however rinsing will be that much more effective."

So with that, I'm going to keep up my nasal rinse schedule for the month of November to see how it helps me and if you're brave enough too, maybe you should try it! I use this "all in one" stuff that my doctor and pharmacist recommended. The company is called NeilMed Pharmaceuticals and the product I use is the basic Sinus Rinse with the packages and bottle and stuff. I'm not hardcore enough to use the little Neti pot thing... I like to make it as easy as possible on myself!

Let me know if you try it!