Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Speech

There was a time in my life that I was in love with Kevin Smith. I think back now and I can't remember where it started or how I got my hands on the movie Chasing Amy. Somewhere, someone slipped me their copy and in a week I probably watched that movie 12 times. I haven't seen it in years and can't remember if the guy even got the girl in the end. I remember that it may have been Ben Afflecks best role and of course, I remember the speech. Silent Bob's only words though the whole movie still taste as bitter sweet as they did when I first heard them (see video).

Last year I did see Kevin Smith in concert (if that's what you can call it). He stood on stage and answered questions from the audience, it was great. Someone was so excited that they got a bleeding nose- seriously. It was pretty funny. Even now, I still can't put a finger on why I like him so much, perhaps it's his geeky exterior or his smart words or the fact that he has been a guest star on Degrassi (one of the "Bad TV" shows I watch) on more then one occasion. Maybe it's his dedication to Jason Mewes sobriety. Maybe it's all that and more, combined. Who knows, it's a mystery but what I can say is I always look forward to the next thing Kevin Smith creates regardless of how vulgar he makes it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Week So Far

Work has been busy, we are coming to the close of our busy time. Spring Break-up (March) is when things slow down for my area of work. My department is extra busy this time of year as well with Tax Season up and running. It's T4 time and printing thousands of them on a bratty printer is enough to make anyone want to eat those little bags of Silica Gel go nuts. I have a way with the printer- or so my boss tells me. She says all I have to do is bat my eye lashes at it and flirt a little and the printer will start working perfectly fine. This does seem work but I somehow doubt that flirting with a machine actually works... I think it's just coincidence. Who knows, maybe I am the printer whisper... don't tell I.T. though... they may want to harness my power and use it for evil.

On Monday I went over the Laura's house for Christmas Dinner- it wasn't real Christmas Dinner but it was all the food and fixings that we would have had if it was Christmas Dinner. It was delicious! Laura made this thing called Nut Loaf (I have also found that it is referred to as Nut Roast) which was out of this world. And I quote from Wikipedia:

A Nut roast or Roasted Nut Loaf is a rich and savory vegetarian dish consisting of nuts, grains, vegetable oils, broth or butter, and seasonings formed into a firm loaf shape or long casserole dish before roasting and often eaten as an alternative to the traditional British style roast dinner. It is popular with vegetarians at Christmas, as well as part of a traditional Sunday roast. Nut roasts are also made by Canadian and American vegetarians and vegans as the main dish for Thanksgiving or other harvest festival meals.

So GOOD- oh my goodness! So we had oven fresh Nut Loaf with Mushroom Gravy, broccoli, carrots and baby potatoes. For dessert I made a Social Apply Betty (one of the easiest desserts in the world to make) with French Vanilla Ice Cream- this too was served screeching hot warm from the over. We were both so full and watched the Olympics until it was time for me to go home. It was a nice night.

Last week I talked about needing a Bad TV intervention and so with this awareness I was able to make it 3 whole days without watching anything that I would consider "Make Me Stupid" TV. Last night though I did watch "16 and pregnant" on but I counter acted the bad with 2 hours of science filled learning. So that was good. I think. I learnt about a green sea slug that makes chlorophyll like a plant (Yes- that's right, an animal that acts like a plant!), that one of the moons of Jupiter (Callisto) likely has the presence of ocean well below its thick icy floors. This is exciting because it increases the chances of "life" (more then likely bacterial life as apposed to finding a tribe of Na'vi.) actually being present, though to research and confirm this are far beyond any means that we currently have. I also learnt about something called Spray on Glass which sounds a lot like magic in a can that I think sounds a bit silly.

I have also decided that instead of going into school I should first seek out a career counsellor first and talk about what I want to do and get guidance in the direction I should be headed. I still want to work towards becoming a Dietitian however am still stuck on how best to get the schooling done. I figured that seeing a career counsellor would help me get my head on straight and start moving forward with it. Thinking and planning are one things but actually moving forward with it is a whole other thing. This, I think, might be my best option.. my best baby step. So I will see where this takes me!

Also, I am going to the gym. Blanche + Gym has NEVER been an equation I understood aside from when I was in gymnastics. One of the girls at work though wants someone to go with and I've been toying with the idea for a few years so I decided to give it a try and see what happens. My goals are:
-Not to loose any fat (it's hard enough finding clothing to fit me now)
-Meet interesting people
I want to meet interesting people because I don't anymore... or at least not as fast as I once did when I was a smoker (many, many years ago).

So that is the week so far, I'm pretty excited about everything! What kind of things do you have on the go and are excited about?

Image care of Natalie Dee

What Would Gilligan Do?

Really, I shouldn't be mentioning this at all. I mean- AT ALL but the truth of the matter is I did it and I have better admit it.

The other night, when I was getting changed after work the strap on my bra broke. It had come apart from the back and really just needed a few stitches to be fixed. Last night, I had a little time between yoga and making dinner to repair it. After closer inspection I realised that the portion that has come apart had actually frayed and needed to be replaced fully. *sigh* I'm not going to throw away a perfectly good bra over something like this but I don't have the right kind of fabric to fix it. The chances of me going to a Fabric store any time soon are slim to none and me being me, I like to get things done as soon as possible. I hate leaving stuff because I know it will never get done.

It was around this time that the gears in my brain started to grind and a fantastic idea came into play. I grabbed clear nail polish and then a spool of dental floss and went to work. I'm not sure what part of my brain I access when I come up with ideas like this. Resourceful? Creative? Crack-head? All these descriptions come to mind. I use the nail polish to repair the frayed edge that I need to sew and I use the dental floss as thread (It's grape flavor so it's a lovely purple hue that matches my bra perfectly and smells fruity to boot! YUM!). One coat of polish, dried. 5 small almost invisible stitches and bra is as good as new- yippee!!

I'm wearing it today and to be honest, I've forgotten about till now. I was reminded when someone asked me what I did last night after work- to which I didn't respond "repair my bra with nail polish and dental floss", that just wouldn't have been professional. I don't have a problem throwing stuff out that is old and no longer useful however, this was not one of those situations. To break up a perfectly pretty purple undergarment set would be a shame especially over something as simple as a broken strap.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you need to repair something but don't have the proper tools, ask yourself- "what would Gilligan do?"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tom the Toad

Speaking about my brother here is a picture of me and him from my frist Christmas way back in the 80's. There is a 12 year differnece between the two of us. He was the only sibling I even came close to growing up with, by the time he was 18 he was out of the house and living in Vancouver. The 6 years that we lived as brother and sister though were fun years. He spent a lot of the time tormenting me and I spent a lot of the time getting him in trouble for the things I did. He use to dress up as this skelliton man and come roaring up the stiars from the basement- SCARY! He would make Chocolate Chip Cookies with me and the vanilla was always called "Monster Extract" which he always made a Monster sticker for. Scary yes, but fun. We would build cars out of my diaper boxes and he would send me flying down the stiars in them- the landing was always a bit hard but he's put cushions down to soften the fall. We would make these giant couch forts using the family room and lviing room couches, when it would get to hot he's grab the hair blow dryer and turn it on to cool for me. His favorite cookies are the Eagle Brand Magic Cookie Bars and he was the first one to teach me how to make bread from scrath and soy milk with a cheese cloth. Tom taught me about music and about seeing things with a creative eye. Even at 12, 14 and 16 he was a great brother so now at 40 something he's an even better Dad.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mini ME and Mini YOU

Drew and Claire

My brother is coming to Calgary soon for a visit and a job interview at the University of Calgary. He currently works as a crazy genetics scientist at Rockefeller University in NYC, his mission is to help find a cure for cancer (Lupus to be exact). His wife, also has a PhD but at this time she is busy with Drew and Claire- their new bundles of joy.

I'm really looking forward to them coming because I haven't seen my brother or his wife in a few years. I've only met Drew once and Claire, who was born last year, doesn't even know I exists. I'm really hoping this interview in Calgary goes well and that Tom might be excited enough about it to take the job. He has another interview in Sydney, Australia that sounds like a total shoe in but he would be so far away. I know he's concerned about that as well, especially as my parents get on in age (even though they don't act or really look their age).

That is all so far in the future, the main thing I am looking forward to is just them visiting. I'm so awkward around children because for the longest time I have been the youngest in the family. Drew and Claire are pretty much my parents first Grandchildren that count. Dogs, I've grown up with those my whole life and know how to be around them but children? Always a challange, a welcomed one- but a challange none-the-less! Maybe I'll have to learn some magic tricks to woo them in....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pretty Bridesmaids All In A Row

Tonight I am going out with Rheann to find bridesmaids dresses. She's getting married in June and all us maids need to get our act together. We need dresses! Rheann is a pretty laid back person so it is no surprise that she doesn't show any signs of being a Bridezilla. Our only direction for dresses are as follows:

-Cocktail Length
-Suitable for a Catholic Church wedding

I'm shocked that I don't already have something in my closet! Just the other day I went rooting through to find a dress for a birthday and found this gorgeous floor length evening gown that I've never worn. I made a mental note and put it back in there, maybe a Christmas party this year or something.

We have one store in mind that we are going to hit, I have looked at the website and picked 2 dresses that I think might be nice. I printed them off and plan to go in there, show the sales person and get 'er done! Rheann will be so relieved, even if she's not a bridezilla in anyway I know that this will be one last "big thing" to worry about.

These are my selections:
#1 Choice

#2 choice

I want straps on my dress because as i have learnt from the past few Christmas parties, strapless and dancing do not mix. Both dresses come with straps, my second choice they are optional so I assume that means they can be taken off. Oooooh it's like a Transformer but in dress form!

So hopefully when we get to the store the whole thing will be as cut and dry as I think it will be! Booyah!


This morning the past zipped up and swatted me on the side of the head- 3 times!

Incident #1: Jon-a-tron
Walking to work, I cross the street seeing a man walking towards me with a baby stroller. Didn't think anything about it but then all of the sudden something seemed familiar, so I looked back at the guy. He had a big smile on his face and I knew, it was my friend Jonathan. I hadn't seen him in years, I know he's happily married with his first kid. Floored I gave him a giant hug and then introduced myself to Cameron, the little guy.

Jonathan was at one point one of my closet friends through a very tumultuous time in my life. We hung out every day for months but as life goes, things happen and relationships drift apart. The last I remember talking to him he had just proposed to the woman of his dreams. Though delighted, our lives took separate turns and we just stopped talking. People come and go and this just happened to have been one of those situations.

As it turns out he now lives at the end of my block (small world!) with his wifey and baby. It was nice to reconnect, though it was only for a brief moment. It meant a lot and put a smile on my face.

Incident #2: married man
Many months ago, actually maybe it was a year ago, I kept running into this man who worked in my office building. I'd see him when I'd go grab breakfast and I'd see him when I'd go out for drinks with the girls on Friday. He made some pretty forward advances on me and I found out he was married. Well, I tore a nice little strip off of him and put him in his place. Every time I would run into him he would instantly lower his eyes to his shoes and turn bright red. I wasn't bothered by the situation at all, he was the married one with the shity moral values. Today, I ran into him first thing, taking the elevator up to work. It was just me and him so I smiled and made polite conversation. I can tell he knows my boundaries but it was pleasant to be able to have a normal conversation with him. I was pleased to see that he was also wearing his wedding ring.

Incident #3: John
It has been years since I have talked to John. He was a former boyfriend which waffled between a serious relationship to a not so serious relationship to a serious relationship again. For my own sanity I had to remove myself from contact with John because it was important for me to establish some space and grow without the distraction. I am not exaggerating when I say that I haven't had any contact with John for years. When I came into work this morning I saw that I had an email from him, it wasn't anything personal it was actually information from him informing me that he was doing an epic ride/adventure for cancer. In the past he has donated to all my causes and this morning, my gut said "Blanche, it's time to come out of hiding and show some support". So I did. It may not sound like much but I donated to his cause and wrote a little note of encouragement. This was an important step for me to take to marry all the growth that I have done now with my past.

I am sure none of these things sound like much to you, but for me they were gigantic moments especially to happen all in one day. I am reminded of who I was, the strength I have and who I am today. There are no expectations or forecasts over any of these events, they are what they are. Isolated occurrences to remind me of lessons I've learnt.

The Older Man and the Sea

There comes a time when I knew I would have to stop hiding. Stop hiding for the past, the future and all the things that scare me. I have to stand up and look you square in the face, be honest with myself and smile. I don't know if this is the right thing to do or the wrong thing however it was what I chose for now. A safe move but a challenging one, for me.

You've found me, actually you knew where I was the whole time- I was just fooling myself. Though a man of many faces you are looking and sounding well. I'm proud of what you have done and what you are doing. Enjoy your epic journey, you have always inspired me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Stuck

My foot is stuck in my keyboard cord and my head is stuck for inspiration. blah. I don't like it when I want to write but have nothing with any theme to write so I just end up complaining about not having anything to say.. hohummm....

Lunch just finished 46 minutes ago and I am hungry again. I made a grilled cheese and warmed up some tomato soup- it was good. I also had some mini carrots, 2 yogurts and a piece of fruit but I am still hungry. I want a hamburger- I blame that Brazilian BBQ place for revamping my taste for meat. I haven't had a hamburger in years... turkey burgers don't count.

I'm currently reading a fluff book right now (this is a bonus because I've been put off reading for the last little while) called Bright Shiny Morning. I'm enjoying the balance between outlandish fictional characters and the threads of non-fiction woven through the book. I'm three quarters of the way through and when done I will start my next fluff book called Pillars of the Earth. Over the weekend I was lucky to have had a day out in the woods spent reading in front of the fireplace. I am reminded of a family vacation that we took years ago to a place called Cannon Beach in Oregon. We had a place right on the beach and every morning I would read- when chilly by the fireplace and when warm on the beach. I went through a book a day. I also remember eating Ukrainian food for the first time.

It snowed a lot this morning, I had to wear my unfashionable but totally functional coat to work- lame. They said the snow would stop by the afternoon but I don't really see much of a change yet. I bet Vancouver is jealous of all the snow because I hear that they haven't had much luck with it so far for the Winter Olympics.

Speaking about the Winter Olympics, I watched a medal ceremony yesterday at work. Are they giving the winners bouquets of skunk cabbage? I'm serious! Actually I just did a Google search and found THIS article which explains things. And THIS article goes into even further detail. My oh My! (after reading through everything I have learnt that the Olympic Bouquets are actually Green Mums and Hypericum Berries)

That reminds me, I need a Bad TV Intervention. No, I don't need Intervention the TV show to come and get me... I just need someone to come and intervene in my bad TV watching situation. The sickness has gone from Big Brother (I've watched ALL 11 seasons in a row... ) to Jersey Shore (yes, it gets worse) to now Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew- oooh my! I feel my IQ getting lower and lower but I can't stop, I need help! The reason that reminds me is there is a tree that is often seen at the front of Pasadena Rehabilitation Center that is kind of strange. It has these giant pods on them and I don't know if it's fruit or what it is. Oh California, with your crazy exotic foliage and crazier messed up celebrities.

That is my babble for today, I'm going to go make some toast because MAN am I hungry!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pancake Day

Today, February 16Th 2010... some of you may call it Mardi Gras, some of you may call it Fat Tuesday, some of you may call it Shrove Tuesday and some of you may just call today Tuesday, February 16Th 2010. I call today, Pancake Day! Happy Pancake Day everyone! This is a new celebration for me, I started celebrating it back in 2005 by making breakfast for dinner. Since then the day has always been a fun and exciting one for me. Mind you, I find cardboard boxes to be fun and exciting as well.

Anyway, what can be better then indulging after Valentines Day in a feast that is heavy on the sugar, fat and eggs. Mmmmm... traditionally, this was a last feast before the restrictive ritual of fasting for lent (which I must admit, I have never done. Even while going to Catholic School my whole life).

So in celebration of Pancake Tuesday I'd like to share with you a new recipe of delicious proportions.

Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes with Hot Maple Butter Serves 3-4 people

2 Cups All Purpose Flour
2 Tsp Baking Powder
1 Tsp Baking Soda
1/2 Tsp Salt
3 Tbsp Sugar
2 Large Eggs
3 Cups Buttermilk
4 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter (Melted and slightly cooled)
1 Bag Frozen Blueberries (you can use fresh as well) You will need at least 1 cup

Maple Butter :
3/4 Cup of Dark Maple Syrup
1 Cup Butter

In large bowl sift dry ingredients together.
In smaller bowl whisk together eggs, buttermilk and melted butter until frothy.
Combine wet ingredients into dry, stirring gently until you achieve a batter with medium-small lumps. You do not want a smooth batter as you may loose the airiness to the pancakes when cooking.

On a flat griddle heated to 375°F spoon out batter in the desired size of pancake. Pancakes are ready to flip once a few bubbles appear on the surface and and the tops are starting to go dull. Just before they are ready to flip, sprinkle a few blueberries on top of each pancake. Flip and cook another minute or two

If you need to, you can preheat the over to 175°F and place pancakes on a lined (I usually use paper towel) cookies sheet to keep warm until they are ready to be served. Generally they should not be left in there for longer then 10 minutes as it will change the texture of the pancake.

Maple Butter:
In a small saucepan, melt together butter and maple syrup over low heat until melted. You can adjust the amount of maple syrup to make it more or less pronounced, depending on your tastes Serve immediately over pancakes

Mmmmmm.... enjoy!


The other day someone came up to me and asked me to go for coffee. Never one to turn down a chance to take a walk, grabbed my purse and left with her. I don't often find myself in situations with her in which it's just her and I talking. At first it was kind of awkward, and it got even more awkward when she out right said "So I guess I should tell you... I'm getting an augmentation done". My face was blank and I asked her- "What is that?" it was her turn to give me a blank stare and say "Breast enhancement- you know... a Boob job."

"Ooooohhh... um, WHY? you don't need it. " I look at this woman, she is super cute and I know I'm not the only one who thinks so. "It's time I do something for myself." I can tell she has given this a lot of thought, so whatever. To each their own. Personally, I'm scared of any operation so I give her kudos for going under the knife. This really must mean a lot to her and I'm excited.

"So where did you get yours done at?" she asked me- another blank stare came across my face. "My what?" I asked. She motioned towards my boobs and I laughed- "No where, they just grew this way." She looked shocked "On your tiny frame? Wow, did you luck out!" I sort of shrugged my shoulders and said "It is what it is, no big deal!"

and so we kept walking, this really was an unexpected conversation. When we arrived at the coffee shop we made our orders and waited for them to be made. The conversation came back to our bodies and she said to me "Well, when I come back from having my surgery a lot of my clothing isn't going to fit me, I mean, this dress that I'm wearing isn't going to fit me at all ." I look at it, super cute tailored wrap dress "So, if you want, I can put together a bunch of stuff that doesn't fit me and give it to you..." I gasped, now I'm really excited for her surgery! This girl has some of the cutest clothing I have ever seen! "Really? are you sure??" I swear I was drooling by this point. "Oh yes, I'm sure! None of my friends even come close to being the same size as me so it would be a total waste if I didn't give them to someone!" I smiled, "okay! if you insist! Thank you for thinking of me!"

and that was that. Though it was a strange conversation to have with someone I hardly talk to, it ended up being a good one. So I count down the days just as she does, till she has her surgery. I'm excited to see the change in her, I'm sure on some level she will feel better then she does now about her self. I am also excited to potentially inherit some really cute clothing- April the 4Th, here I come!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nice Guys

Just thought you should know...

Nice guys don't finish last, they actually finish loved.

True story.

image/comic/whatever borrowed from American Hell

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Takeover Day (formally know as Valentines Day)

A few years ago I discovered that when I tried to text the word "Valentines Day" my phone didn't understand what I was trying to write- instead T9Word (the format in which I do all of my texting) suggested "Takeover Day". Made me laugh- Happy Takeover Day Everyone!!

I call myself a rational romantic- I don't believe in Hollywood Love Stories. This is why movies like The Notebook make me more angry then anything. I get irritated that the over all combination of every thing just creates the most unrealistic expectations for anyone to achieve. It isn't fair though I will admit it would be fun for a little while.

I do believe in love though, my love isn't a possessed love or a dying love or even a romantic love. It's an appreciation and a caring that doesn't go away. It can morph as it needs to but rarely does it ever fully go away forever. My love is all the same. I love my sister as I love my friend as I love you, the only difference is that sometimes there is an emotional charge that goes a long with it- but that's not love. That's just energy. At least, that is what I think.

I haven't picked up these thoughts from a book or from a movie or another person. I've found this through my life, as I see things. I'm sure it might be different for you. Or maybe you relate? Regardless, that is how I am... I'm not jaded or broken just rational and consistent. I'm sure that with time, this too will evolve and change. Nothing ever stays the same, to me it only gets better.

So with Valentines Day around the corner and everything a glow with red and chocolate I admit, I get a little excited. I still like to send out Be My Valentine cards to those who appreciate them and even to some who don't. So what if the day is commercial and that "you don't need someone to tell you what day to tell someone you love them" it's still nice to feel loved. Or even just to be noticed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It doesn't stand for "Fantasy Music League" or "Family and Medical Leave" or even "Face Modeling Language"- it stand for "F*ck My Life" and honestly, I really don't like it.

I totally get that the phrase comes from that oh-so-popular site FML: Your Everyday Life Stories

Today, I was sitting on the train wondering what that putrid smell was. As I got off the train I realized there was vomit all over the back of my seat. FML

Okay, I agree- that totally sucks. REALLY sucks and I feel for you 110% Actually, most of the stuff on the site makes me giggle... but there are some people who sometimes use it in totally the wrong context and I think to myself, "You just don't get it".

The truth is, I just don't get it. I understand that it's something that should be taken lightly not literally however, never in a million years could I even consider uttering the phrase FML over some little trivial event. It just seems wrong, disrespectful and degrading to myself and everything involved. I love my life, even when it gets nasty, dirty and I'm at my lowest.

Even if I sat in vomit on the train.

"FML" image borrowed from some strange site I found on Google Images. Cute little FML fox....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ouch-o Gouch-o

On Saturday I went out to a place in Calgary called Goucho's. It's a Brazilian BBQ and my, was that an experience.

First off, let me remind you that I don't eat much meat. It's not that I am a vegetarian or making a political stance, I just really don't like meet. Or rather, my BODY doesn't really like meat. So I don't eat much of it and when I do it's usually something a little different, something a little less mass produced. Maybe, subconsciously, my body is making a statement its self about meat. Anyway, this isn't the point of my post. My point is that I went to a BBQ as a fair weather meat eater.

I told myself as I was getting ready that there must be something other then meat on the menu. There had to be!

First of all, there wasn't.
Second of all, there wasn't really a menu.

The process was actually pretty fun, you had a variety of sides as choices (everything from Mashed Potatoes to Black Bean Soup- some where authentic Brazilian dishes, others... not so much.) and then each table was given a little cow- one side green the other side white. When the green side was up these men who roamed with purpose around the restaurant, would come up to your table and offer you tastes of what they had on their skewer. Different cuts of beef, lamb (which I actually think may have been Mutton because it had a fairly strong flavor but that's okay...), pork, chicken, sausages and things wrapped in bacon. In the back I guess they have a huge rotisserie that constantly cooks the meat, so quite often everything was piping hot.

Once you find yourself in need of a break you just flip that little cow card over to the white side and the men know to give you some space and digest. It was a fun experience and I tried everything that came my way (in total I think there were about 10-15 different things). By the time all was over and done with I left feeling well fed and sleepy. I didn't have room for dessert but a woman I work with who I ran into there told me that it was thinly sliced barbecued pineapple served hot over a small bed of coconut ice cream- Mmmmm.... sounds divine! Next time I will have to have that!

Have you ever been to a Brazilian BBQ?

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Natural Air Fresh Maker

In my humble, honest opinion... the people who live below me stink. Seriously. They smoke (strike #1) and they cook cabbage (strike # infinity). The worst part about the cabbage smell is it travels and once a week I catch a waft of it in this one tiny little section of my place. Gross.

I use to rebel with things like air freshener, candles, incense and a whole lot of complaining. Now I fight back with baking and cooking smells of my own. Today my weapon of choice was Banana Bread- Mmmmmmm...

Tonight my place smells just like a grandmothers house and it's comforting. My recipe usually yields 2 regular loafs but I decided that tonight would be perfect for mini loafs. I ended up with 3 loaves to give away, 1 to keep for myself and 2 of them I ate before they were fully cooled down. SO GOOD! I was a little concerned that my over ripe bananas which I keep tucked away in the freezer may have been in the freezer a bit too long (3 months) but they were perfect!

Here is the recipe:

Banana Bread a'La Blanche
I cup (250ml) of butter
2 cups (500ml) of granulated sugar
3 cups (750ml) of mashed ripe bananas (6 bananas)
4 Eggs, well beaten
2 1/2 cups (625ml) of flour
2 tsp (10ml) Baking Soda
1 tsp (5ml) of salt
1 tsp (5ml) of Nutmeg

Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add Bananas and eggs and beat until well mixed. Combine dry ingredients and blend with banana mixture, but DO NOT over mix (I usually put down the beater and take out my old wooden spoon and fold the dry ingredients in). Pour into 2 Lightly greased loaf pans or 6 mini loaf pans or a bunt pan. Bake 55 minutes (45 for the mini loafs- I usually tell by smell when they are done) to about 1 hour. Test for doneness (toothpick inserted in middle comes out clean) and cool on rack for 10 minutes before removing from pans.

Eat. Yum!

So this is my recipe for a natural and easy air freshener. Try it out for yourself!

I sometimes sprinkle things like nuts, chopped up banana chips or chocolate on top before baking to make them a little tastier and even prettier but tonight I didn't. I was just all about smell and ease.

picture borrowed from Google Images becasu I ate mine. Story of my life.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Doctor, My Chart Please

Temperature: 96.5°F (this reminds me, I need to have a little chat about Canada)

Throat: 94% better (hardly feel anything when I swallow however can't talk to much)

Sinus Passage: 80% ( I can breath but I am using my sinus rinse twice a day with a lot of results- to put it politely)

Over all quality of life for the day: 72% (felt okay, mind was a bit slow and both my typing and hand writing were rusting from taking a week long break. Very tired but better)

Appetite: 64% (Not that my stomach is upset but I just don't tend to eat much when I am "any kind" of sick- old habits die hard)

So I am feeling better, and really, I hope I haven't spoken too soon. It hit me like a cement truck on ice Monday night and after taking 3 days off, drinking lots of water, sleeping, nourishing my body and washing my nose I'm feeling almost better.

So with that being said tomorrow I am going to make a birthday cake and go to a Brazilian BBQ- yes, never been and don't really know the difference between a regular BBQ and a Brazilian. We will see, I hope they have something vegetarian on the menu even though I'm not a vegetarian. I just like to have my veggie options.

So this is the plan so far, Stan. It's Friday night and I'm trying to cock block this nasty virus so off to bed I go in the next 30 minutes. I'll let you know how to BBQ turns out and what the difference is between the two.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 Month Plan

So it appears that my immune system has a 3 month plan. That meaning every 3 months it lets it guard down and invites the nastiest bugs to party and invade my body- UGH!

I felt this coming on all last week and especially this weekend- I just figured I was getting burned out at work. Long hours, no time for myself and a little extra candy... Then Monday afternoon after shoveling a few peppermint paddies into my mouth my throat suddenly got sore. Not the kind of sore that comes from the dry Calgary winters but the kind that one just knows that there is a war going on inside their body. My body.

Last time, it was a full on WW3 where my body actually became allergic to it's self and I had to take an antihistamine until the burning, itching feeling went away. This time, strange again... it is isolated to the back of my throat (but not strep) with a fever. No stuffy nose, no cough (thank goodness because that stays with me for weeks) and no tummy issues (another relief though I didn't have much of a appetite). I stayed in bed for 36 hours, sleeping. Only getting up for more water and to check my email once or twice. I still have a fever and wonder if I should go to work tomorrow. My biggest mistake is often going back to work too early and having whatever it is that I am battling come back for a second round full force.

I sit here sipping my Chamomile Tea with a shot of lemon juice and a spoon full of honey asking myself, what would be best for me today... I think I'll ask myself that in the morning.

PS: I forgot to mention that Sylvia Brown (every ones favorite chain smoking psychic) made a prediction for 2009, which , evidently didn't come true.

"...I predict we can truly say "goodbye" to the common cold in 2009 or 2010. The solution to the common cold involves heat. Keep in mind that the body's first response when we develop a cold is to come down with a fever. Many doctors today no longer rush to push patients to take temperature reducing medications when they come down with a fever, unless the fever is dangerous. They feel the immune system is the patient's best medicine and should be given a chance to fight back. So as the immune system fights a cold with heat, the cure for the common cold certainly may lie in this first signal to heal.

I predict that a small cubicle will become available in doctor's offices sometime in 2009 and it will be heated to a very precise temperature. There may be a special vapor placed into the cubicle. Patients will stand in the cubicle for approximately five minutes and the rhinitis germ will be destroyed....

Okay, so we have till the end of 2010 for this to become an invention... but isn't it already invented and called a dry sauna? though it doesn't do anything for the common cold, however it may do something for that one singular "rhinitis germ" that she is referring too- never mind the other thousands that are flying around all the time. At least she didn't make any mothers cry this time!

Quote from Sylvia Brown 2010 Predictions