Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Headahces and Tunnel Vision

It's true, I've had a headache and some strange kind of tunnel vision for the last month or so. Not sure what it is, hope it isn't a brain tumor (joking) but more likely might be my monitor. I'm a little girl sitting in a big girl desk (damn it, I just dropped chocolate muffin all over the ground. That 5 minute rule thing does not apply to the floor around my desk or any floor at my work.) and I like big girl things like a tall computer monitor. That was until I learnt that tut-tut-tut "viewing area of the monitor between 15° and 50° below horizontal eye level" mine is too tall. To big girl for this girl *sigh* so I have to move it. But I don't want to move it because all my little toys are properly mechanised in the perfect pyramid formation that all visual merchandisers use. Regardless, I think I have to move it. In the name of my sanity, I have to move it. Where oh WHERE shall I put my bunny farm now?

More info on Office Ergonomics- I believe it's from 1999, just check out that old school computer monitor they use in the figs! Old. School.
For more info on Bunny Farm you will have to wait.

Tapeworms Are Gross

It's true, they are. I've never had one but often joked that I might because of my uncanny ability to devour food and never gain a pound. Now I just call it rocket fuel metabolism. At the turn of the century however things were a little different, Tapeworms were all the rage! Easy to swallow, sanitized, jar packed, no need for exercise or diet- Tapeworms. Silly turn of the century peasants- who would THINK of doing this now?? Well... in Hong Kong they are bringing it back! It has become so popular that the Hong Kong Health Department has issued warnings against it. Next thing there will be Raw Chicken Clinics popping up serving up 10 treatments deals of Salmonella *sigh* all in the name of weight. It's really very sad to me, the self hate that we inflict on our bodies, the lack of respect.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Monday Hobo Dance

Today, I have a tummy ache. A tummy ache that has been waxing and waning all weekend. I almost didn't come to work today but glad I am because I don't think I would have come across this video:

I stole it from a Vancouver magazine blog called ION. I guess they were putting on a little show in this shop and a little "homeless man" (he doesn't look like the homeless men we have in Calgary that's for sure) came in and showed them all his sweet moves.

It made me laugh. Even though I still have a stomach ache and think I might go home. That's the end of my story.

Original Source

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Spring

Dear Spring,

I am very pleased that you have arrived to stay with us for the next few months. Though your brother winter has been very kind to us, still, we are always so pleased to see you- minus the spiders.

Please take the spiders with you (while they are still small) when you leave in June- thank you!

Love from,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adventures in Eating

Today, I had Jellyfish at lunch. Seriously. They were not made of sugar or jelly, it was indeed real, honest to goodness Jelly Fish.

It wasn't bad but I doubt I'd go out of my way to eat it again. It was cut in to thin strips and seasoned with light soy sauce, white rice vinegar and a hint of heat. It had a similar texture to cabbage, a little crunchy, a little soft and a little rubbery.

I can now check off "do something that scares you" for today. Hmmmm... what shall I do tomorrow?

Hot, Cheesy Goodness

April 5th - 11th it is Grilled Cheese Week at Farm
They are featuring a different Grilled Cheese creation every day



How excited am I! SO excited- though my heart will always beat an extra beat for the oh so standard Wonderbread/Processed cheese combo, I can't help but get a little lusty over added boar bacon, grainy Dijon mustard and wine parings. Mmmm... oh my goodness my tummy is rolling in hunger juices! I am on this like melted cheese on bread- Mmmm! So there, I am so totally there!

I haven't been this excited since I discovered The Bucket of Bacon (with maple dipping sauce) at District!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love At First Bite

I hate to say it but I am so bored of cupcakes. They are everywhere in all sorts of bad concoctions with too much cheap icing- I'm just done. Over it, I can eat no more (that is a bit of an exaggeration but I'm allowed, it's my blog). Instead, as of the end of January ( I know, I am a bit late in reporting this- shame on me!) Yann Haute Patisserie has stolen my fickle heart and enchanted me with these delicious Parisian macaroons. Just look at the suculent little creatures, don't they look divine?!?!

They are the house specialty! Created with two almond cookies encasing a sweet buttercream or ganache filling. The selection varies from the traditional (chocolate) to the tantalizing (caramel with fleur de sel and ganache)- only $2 each Mmmmmm! A toonie has never tasted so good!

The bakery also serves homemade gelees ($13 for a box), croissants and brioches ($3) or custom-made cakes (prices vary).

Guaranteed to induce love at first bite *roar!*

Yann Haute Patisserie
329 23 Ave. S.W.
located in the heart of Mission, on 23rd Avenue SW, behind the Bank of Montreal.


It's hard to say what is right as apposed to saying what you want. There is a freedom involved with speaking the truth, unknown recklessness that can come instead if the tightly wound restraint of lies or denial. It's difficult not to be in control. Daily though , I am reminded of the lesson I learnt about being honest all those years ago. I try to keep that at my side to keep me honest and my intention true. Crack away at the sugar coating and expose what really is, though bitter it can be a much better pill to swallow. Sometimes the hardest person to be honest with is ourselves.

Honesty- though lonely, brings truth. Speak your truth.

Image of maggie gyllenhaal in happy endings

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Dad

Raise your hand if you aren't distracting enough.

Dear Dad,

Please hurry up and call me soon, I am anxious to hear how Mum is doing. There is only so much distraction a radio show on 1980 Russian politics can bring. Thanks.

Lots of Love,

PS: It sucks that you both are in Vancouver right now.

Friday, March 19, 2010

That's A Rap

That was a rap or at least it was last night. As mentioned before, I went to the Trans Canada Music Fest to see the "PopRocks" series of the event. I wasn't surprised that I was delighted by all the delicious and diverse melodies produced by local Alberta talent. Some of it was stuff I had heard before (maybe later I will tell you about how I stalk Mark Hamilton from Woodpigeon- okay not really, but close) and other stuff I wasn't even excepting.

Stuff like The Joe, at first I admit, I was kind of intimidated. He was the kind of person who stood on stage and made eye contact with the people in the audience- real eye contact. The kind that you know you are being seen by him. At the same time, he was sprouting off a string of witty, dry lines that were just sarcastic enough to be enduring as apposed to arrogant. Then, he started rapping. For real- a white rapper from Edmonton? And he was good, not that I know that much about rap or what is good and what isn't good but I liked it and to me, he sounded a talented young lad. Really talented. He was the audience favorite as well, I could tell this by all the whooping and hollering.

Impressed, I Googled him (The Joe) and found his MySpace page (which I can't access at work because all that is fun and social networking is banned at my work) as well as a write up on him in Calgary's weekly magazine, FFWD.

Here's a video he created, yes... there is a whole lotta Edmonton in there:

If you ever get a chance to see "The Joe" live, do it. He puts on an awesome live show and even for someone who doesn't dig rap at all, it works for me. He's great.

Image borrowed from FFWD (article linked above)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter Bacon Style

So I was going through my blog roll and I noticed that A Cup Of Joy had the cutest looking little chocolate bunny post. Thinking about Easter and Easter Treats I looked further into the Vosges Chocolate site- low and behold if I didn't find a Bacon and Eggs chocolate. This classy little chocolate egg imprinted with a classic Hen and Rooster motif boasts to be filled with "soft, buttery, bacon caramel". Is that suppose to be yummy? Everything else on the site sounds yummy so this must be okay- wouldn't you think?


Tonight I'm going to the "Poprocks" increment of TransCanada Alberta Music Festival. I'm pretty excited because it should be a good show with bands like Woodpigeon, Savk and The Joe.

The TransCanada Alberta Music Festival will be going on for the next 3 nights (including tonight) with themes such as PopRocks, Soul Session and Roots Session. Last night they had the MixTape sessions which would have been a wonderfully eclectic night. For only $18 a ticket it's a cheap way to enjoy the night and see 6 bands all at once!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Yes it's St Paddy's Day but I'm not going to talk about Leprechauns or green beer (both are a little scary) I'm going to talk about zombies. Specifically about a book that involves marrying Jane Austen novels with the flesh-eating undead in the best-selling book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The sequel is on its way.

It's true, and it even has a trailer:

Dawn of the Dreadful video borrowed from Youtube
I'm done talking about it- enjoy your St. Paddy's Day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

My New Found Love

Necco Wafers- the first time I ever heard of them was 10 years ago in a Martha Stewart Living Christmas special. She was creating an elaborate Victorian era Gingerbread House and roofed the place with Necco Wafers. Fast forward to last Friday when our front reception got new candy, one of them being... Necco Wafers. Individually wrapped 2 inch cylinders, each holding about 10 wafer disks. I didn't except much when I popped the first one into my mouth, believing it to be a lot like those little powdery candies called Rockets- pastel fruity flavours- nothing much to write home about. I was actually somewhat surprised when I popped the first ones into my mouth. Much to the same texture as their big candy sister, Conversation Hearts they were sweet and powdery with a more identifiable fruity flavor. Lemon (yellow), orange (orange), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (black), chocolate (brown) and clove (purple). Yes, purple isn't purple flavored- it's clove. That one totally threw me off and honestly, made me throw up a bit in my mouth. Ew (figuratively speaking but you get my drift). The rest though, the rest were delicious- I am hooked. Never in a million years would I think that they little confectionery sugar disks would become a favorite of mine. I mean, they are not covered in chocolate and they are not chewy- who would have though!
I did a little research and discovered that NECCO, the company that develops the tasty little wafers and many more traditional favorites, is the longest continuously run candy manufacture in the USA. I remember reading about them in a book called Candyfreak a years back. NECCO also produces a candy called Canada Mints- I'm Canadian but I have no idea what a Canada Mint is.

Perhaps it's something Minty Bacon Flavored?

Maybe Minty Maple Syrup flavour?

What is your favorite candy to gnaw on?

Friday, March 12, 2010

And So Then The Dermatologist Said-

I worry to much.

Really... I wasn't aware of that (I'm being sarcastic). I'm worrying less then I was about life since I decided that I would cut back on the worry in November (it actually worked, I'm rather please!). I'm still adjusting to my 'new age' though so I am still learning.

I went to the dermatologist yesterday to talk about my skin. I am worried about wrinkles, I am worried about skin cancer and I am worried that it's all downhill from here. I've never really been one to fuss too much so I didn't really start taking care of my skin until last year. I've always been one to wear sunscreen on my face and wash my makeup off before I go to sleep but other then that- I never really cared. Slowly though, the paranoia sets in... I hear it on TV, from my co-workers and read about it in books. Anti-aging this and wrinkle cream that. 75% increase in skin cancer if you did this before you turned 30... EEEK! I didn't know what to do or where to go so, I went where my gut told me to go- to a professional. I don't trust the Internet, I don't trust magazines, I really don't trust the people trying to sell me the products.

So I sat there, swinging my feet as I waiting for the doctor to come and give me my consultation. She walked in and smiled, asking me "So, what can I do for you" I told her everything that was running through my head. I pointed out my creases, wrinkles and spots. I expressed my concern for this area and that and she just listened attentively. When I was done she looked me square in the eyes and told me "you are worrying too much." She told me that my skin looked amazing, it was in great condition and didn't show any signs of premature aging. It's normal to have a few lines here or there and it would be unnecessary for me to do any of the treatments they offer. I could get a little Botox but it wasn't necessary right now. She didn't start using it until she was more in her 40's. Her advise for me:

-Keep doing what I'm doing
-Exfoliate 3 times a week
-I could introduce a serum into my beauty regime (she gave me a sample, it's really quit lovely)
-Wear sunscreen but it's okay to get a bit of sun every once in a while.
-Drink lots of water, eat well and enjoy life
-Oh, and stop stressing about it and stop using those magnifying mirrors (you know the ones).

So with that she sent me on my way, I felt silly for being so worried but reassured by all the information I was given. In 10 years I'll revisit the topic but for now, I'm going to give myself a break. I was concerned that I would look back 10 years from now and regret not doing anything about it. Now I'm just concerned that in 10 years I'm going to look back and wish I didn't spend so much time worrying about it.

photo borrowed from Google Images

Baby Elephant Friday

I love this picture of the new born baby elephant that arrived at the Sydney, Australia zoo. It was a long labour for the mother but after 6 days the little guy popped out- you can see the joy displayed in the Mama Elephants face here! Nothing says "that was hard work" like throwing some hay on your back.

Speaking of hard work, Friday is here and I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I hope tonight to just stay at home and do some laundry and maybe upload some pictures I have taken over the winter months with my new camera.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

baby elephant pictures found here

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A lot has happened today...

- Didn't do my hair for the second time this week (I guess that is more of a NOT happening though). Giving it a break from all the heat and stress. Getting it done on Saturday- BOOYAH!

- Left my place early and walked to work with my BFF from my condo. I call this guy my BFF because he is THE only person who I actually say "HI" too. I don't know his name but I know where he lives.

- Got to work early and got something in my eye, spent 10 minutes trying to get it out even though I couldn't even see it. That sucked.

-Did a roll-call at work. Counted heads to see who was all here so we could order lunch for all the worker bee's. Not my job but I enjoyed the wander.

- Ordered 5 large pizza's and a Greek salad sans garlic toast (we have 1 celiac in our office)

-Spent a good hour yakking up in JC's office with some of the other girls, the topic was boobs for some reason.

- Went to the gym and got sweaty at lunch. I was NOT expecting that! JC said it was going to be a Yoga class well this was more or a slaughter class with 5 minutes of yoga to Britney Spears. The rest of the class was this insane thing that... well I don't know what!

- Broke my necklace twice and fixed it twice. It's hard to repair stuff like that with tools from the IT department and paperclips. Remember, you can call me Gilligan!

-Horsed around with reception, ate candy- ate my lunch, wrote a check and returned calls (yes I actually did work)

- Ate leftover pizza with JC and talked about boobs AGAIN, what the heck! Then the convo changed and we started talking about Sinus Rinse! My Fave!

- Bantered back and forth with a guy everyone calls Stubby. We did not talk about boobs or sinus rinse. Or pizza.

-Talked on the phone, looked at pictures of puppies, tried to remember what Calvin did on Monday because HE can't seem to remember.

- Read some messed up "article" about Vaccinations causing Autism in DOGS? are you KIDDING ME? Tisk-tisk... people, get a grip! Here is skepchick's post about it... and the REAL article

And there is more to come! Riveting, I know. Must be hump day! Tomorrow is Simon and Garfunkel presale so that is #1 on the agenda when I get to work.

How was YOUR day?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Esperanza Hotel in Cabo

I've been eyeing up this place for the last few years as a place to tuck myself away for a week or so and rejuvenate. It's called Esperanza and is part of a the Auberge Resort family, all of their properties are just divine. Esperanza is located in Cabo right along the shore of the Sea of Cortes. How lovely would that be? Can't you just see yourself swaying softly, breathing in the sea air and listening to the surf crash against the shore while you enjoy a drink and a book in a hammock tucked away somewhere private.
Please, just take me away!

UNA- I Love You!

Once upon a time there was a pizza place in Calgary called The Wicked Wedge Pizza. It was located along 17th ave on the cusp of the collar of where things go from "trendy" to "scummy". It was self claimed as "artisan pizza by the slice" but honestly, the stuff made my tummy turn. Sure, it had wholesome ingredients on whole wheat crust but there was just something about it that left a bad taste in my mouth. I really wanted to like it, really, I did.. but it never happened for us.

Then something happened a month or so ago- it closed it's doors (don't worry- it has gone away for good. It has moved to Chinook Centre Shopping Mall.) and up cropped quit quietly Una: Pizza and Wine. A few weeks ago, wandering my neighbourhood for a place to eat I decided to give 'er a try. Damn, was I delighted! House wine, Thin crust pies with tasty, unique toppings and dessert to make you want to forgo dinner all together. Interesting yet simple starters to get the pallet rolling- ALL for the really fantastic price of under $50 for the whole experience. I went there again on Saturday before going to see The One Man Band and was delighted once again.

Dinner #1
2 glasses of house wine- red
1 small starters (8 BLT skewers with bore bacon, zingy tomatoes and zesty chipolata)
1 regular pizza pie
1 Delicious desert

total: $41 (including tax)

Dinner #2
2 glasses of house wine
2 starters (roasted cherry tomato's with Cristin's and then a Spanish flan)
1 regular pizza pie (the special with Gorgonzola cheese)
1 delectable dessert

Total: $50 (including tax)

For me, I expect to pay about $150 minimum when I go out for dinner. I like good food and good service. This place was all that but with comfort and a nice price tag- the clientele was versatile so it wasn't just hipsters when I walked in. It's that dressy Calgary casual that has become this cities trademark (whether we want to admit it or not) so everyone would feel comfortable there. It appears that everyone DOES feel comfortable there because everyone and their dog were crammed into the space Saturday night (okay- no dogs but maybe some kitchen sinks). I had arrived a touch after 6pm and was able to find room at the bar just in time for the dinner crowds to start congregating at the door.

Out of 10 I would give it a 7.5 and out of 5 I would give it a 4 (go figure) and that is all I have to say about that! Num-num.

image borrowed from the Una website

Monday, March 8, 2010

One Man Band

On Saturday I went with my friend Rheann to the Riverstone Pub in NW Calgary to see this "one man bad" as a potential entertainer for her wedding. In my head I was expecting a man with cymbals between his legs, harmonica strapped to his neck, drums on his back, a horn on his foot and 3 guitars hooked up to his front. Entertaining, YES but would you really want your first dance as Man and Wife to be to a song performed by Dan-the-One-Man-Band? Rheann has good taste and so I knew there had to be a catch and there was- this guy what we saw.... he was good. He was just a man with a piano and 2 back up singers. Not really a one man band but truly a lot of fun and talented beyond belief. Most of the night he took requests from people in the pub, there wasn't a song he didn't know (though there were songs that he didn't really want to sing IE: Rick Ashley or whatever the heck that guys name was).

The best part of the night was an hour or so into his show when he was taking requests from the audience. A woman well into her 40's and well into her white wine spritzers yelled out "Rock!! I want to hear some rock!" The OMB (one man band) guy was like "Excellent- what kind of rock were you thinking? I love playing rock!" the woman then yelled back, fist pumping in the air "I want to hear some good, hard hitting rock like Areosmith!!! Oh YEA!!!" The OMB guy responded with "You want to hear some Areosmith? I think we can do that!!" the woman piped in with her enthusiasm not waning "Or the 1988 Olympic song!!! YEAHHHHHH!" we all just sort of stared at her for a moment. Think about Areosmith and then watch this video:

Random choices, yes? Made me laugh and made the OMB guy laugh too- I'm not sure what he ended up playing in the end, doesn't really matter. I'd have to admit but it was one of the best quotes of the night.

In the end, we were all really impressed with this guy. I'm not sure if Rheann is going to use him for her wedding because he is a bit more money then a DJ but he is defiantly a contender. Regardless of what she chooses it will be great, she has good taste and knows how to have fun.

Evoluntion of Dance

Thanks to episode 17/18 of The Office (US) I have been introduced to one of the "most watched" videos on You Tube- and I have NEVER seen it never mind even heard of it:

The Evolution of Dance: Judson Laipply
Excellent, but still not as good as Charlie Bit My Finger or Panda Sneeze OR TALKING DOGS!
Good times. GOOD times!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Plastic Cash

The times, they are a changing- slowly. According to the Canadian Fiance Minister it appears that Canada will be adopting the trend of Polymer bank notes as apposed to the cotton-based paper bills that we currently use. They will be introduced late next year as a way to modernize the currency and crack down on counterfeiting. The change over has been implemented in many countries such as New Zealand and appears to have gone rather well. With positive changes seen in environmental impact, cost in production of currency and fewer counterfeit notes being created. In Canada the bills are expected to have a revamped design which includes a window that prevents it form being photocopied.

I can't even imagine what these new bank notes might feel like, I am reminded of a set of playing cards that were considered "anti-tear" and made out of a very thin Polymer plastic type material. Very easy to clean which is kind of exciting!

As for the coins, they will be taking on a bit of a revamp as well. Though they will look and feel much like the current ones that will be a change in the composition. Using the same patented multi-ply plated steel technology technology which was adapted in 2000 for Canadian nickles, dimes and quarters. This is a less expensive process then making coins primarily made of nickle and copper.

With all this new "plastic" money I will no longer be able to say that I have "burnt" through my cash. Perhaps the term "melted" or "boiled" might be more appropriated (Hehe- had to say it).
And what exactly do they plan to make Canadian Tire money out of?

So what do you think? Have you ever used Polymer bank notes before? I am curious to hear some feedback that isn't funneled through the Internet or media.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Truth About Sex

I'm not sure what it is like in the rest of the world, the rest of the country or the rest of this province but people are so poorly educated about sex it is really scary. I'm not talking about positions, situations or the best way to do anything, what I'm talking about is sex and your health.

There are a lot of people who I encounter on a day to day bases who are uncomfortable talking about sex. It's not that I walk around trying to strike up racy conversations with people on the street but when small things come up about this or that many people blush and turn their head in the other direction embarrassed to admit that they might even think about sex more then once a year.

Even those who are more open in the subject of bumping nasties are poorly educated in keeping themselves safe. Trust me, I know... I was there once. Not until last year did I finally "get it" when a close friend of mine had an Sexually Transmitted Infection scare due to a situation out of her control. She was nervous about getting tested and so I went with her as support. She had asked me if I had ever gone through and had the tests done and I said I had a few years back with my family doctor. That was where I was wrong, your family doctor can NOT give you all the necessary tests for detecting sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

The only place you can have this done in the Calgary area is through the Calgary Health Region at a Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic.

No where else, no matter what and that is a fact. A fact.

I was suddenly worried, especially considering my past history in a long term relationship with a man whose strong points were not honesty and faithfulness. I don't know why I didn't know this, I always though that when I had my yearly physical I was being checked for everything (not that there was much of a reason but one just never knows). I was wrong and so are a lot of people. Lucky for me and for my friend who I mentioned above we both came out of the experience with a 100% clean bill of health. After talking with the nurse and then with my own doctor I got a much better understanding of the whole situation and the precautions I need to take to stay squeaky clean. ie: always use a condom. always. People can lie and may lie about their sexual past and health. Maybe they are clueless and just think they are clean, maybe they are embarrassed... regardless, the only way to guard yourself is to stay protected and a condom is the easiest way to do so. Period.

The facts are:
-Sex Infections are still growing
-Teens are more likely to use condoms and stay protected then young single adults
-In Alberta, Syphilis is making a HUGE come back- seriously. Syphilis... how old school is THAT?
-Syphilis rates among women increased 36 percent from 2007 to 2008
-1.2 million cases of chlamydia were reported in 2008, up from 1.1 million in 2007


So do us all a favor, be honest. Get tested. Talk to your partner. Use a condom. Have fun.

The End.

Post inspired by news article relating to outbreak in Syphilis

Monday, March 1, 2010

Poo Talkers

I once dated a guy who said to me "There are poo talkers and then there are non-poo talkers..." I don't remember what else he said with that because I remember being flabbergasted by the honestly of that statement. It's true though, if you think about it, there are people who are open and honest about talking about the functions of their lower intestine and others that aren't.

I have a family history stricken with cancer- on both my mother and fathers side. Fortunately, it has some what stopped at my parents. Though, I suppose my father has had 3 brain surgeries due to that of a very large, aggressive tumor- aside for that my parents are very healthy for their age. They are both very dedicated to being checked for everything that is a concern from our family history, Colon Cancer being one of them. A few months ago my mother had some tests done because her digestive track was working the way it should. Aware of some of the symptoms associated with Colon Cancer she had some tests done and as it turned out she has polyps on her Colon. The good news is they have discovered this and she will be heading out to Vancouver to a private clinic to have a Colonoscopy done. She had been put on an urgent waiting list here in Calgary however, would have to wait longer then she wanted to for the procedure.

My parents are taking off this week for Vancouver to have this done, thank goodness the Olympics are over so travel should be slow in the area. I offered to go along for the trip however, my Mum being my Mum said not to worry and that she would be back soon. They are staying at my sisters place so at least they will have a comfortable place to be even though my sister won't be there. I am a little annoyed that my mother has to travel to a private clinic to have this done especially when they have found something in her system to be concerned about. I don't really understand why they couldn't get her in sooner but I think that is more of my entitlement speaking. She's my mum, she my priority! I am sure that everyone else getting this same procedure done here in Calgary is also someones mother, father, wife, husband, son and or daughter. They are just as frustrated with the wait and may not have the knowledge or the finances to go to a private clinic.

A friend of mines boss had a colonoscopy done here in Calgary, she was able to get in with in a few weeks but I think that is because her mother just passed away from a horrific type of cancer that started in her Colon. She told me that at the clinic the nurses dress in scrubs that are brown and the doctors call them "the turd patrol" which they all think is really funny. I guess when you work in a department like that you have to have a sense of humor and of course, be a poo talker.

Image borrowed from Adam: Multimedia Encyclopedia