Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sandra Marie

My sister, her name is Sandy. She's creative, humble and caring. One of the most genuine people I have honestly ever met in my life. She's sick. She has been sick for about a year at a rate that didn't really alarm us till a few weeks ago. And then yesterday with blue lips and a lack of oxygen that had the paramedics and emergency staff dancing in circles, she was admitted to the hospital. She stayed over night in emergency and then moved her up to ICU today. It's much nicer in ICU, she has natural light and a larger room. Her bed looks more comfortable. As comfortable as a bed can be when you have tubes and other devices attached to every area of your body. The nurses and doctors have been great the whole time even if they only know so much about what is actually going on with her. Her heart isn't working properly and neither are her lungs. Her poor lungs that even in the midst of all this flutter she still wants to smoke. I had to laugh. She laughed too. At least the best that she could considering.

Things seem to be in limbo right now- will they take a turn for the worst or for the better? I'm not sure. In my own mind I am prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. I know that this is only the beginning as well. Being the baby of a family that is about a generation or two older then me suggests that I might have to go through something like this with most of them if not all of my siblings and family members. Like I've said before I try and make the most of the relationships I have now. It's important to me.

So that's whats going on with me right now- whats going on with you?


"My Many Sides"  Artist- Sandra Milne

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