Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Power To The Orange Wellies

They've done it again- they (who ever "they" are) have made fashion strange.


My Wellies Are Sexy & Eco-Chic

You can dance all night (preferably 12 hours) and keep your phone charged for 1 hour all while looking oh so stylish in these hot and sexy rubber boots. It's the heat from your feet that gives them their power.

Don't get me wrong- I LOVE my rubber boots. I have a few pairs, one ever has a lovely little wedge heal on it (trust me to get high heel rain boots). These Power Wellies are just beastly looking- I'd wear them in the back country (to muck around in the swamp) and that is the last place I want to take my cell phone. Even if I could get reception.

To be honest though I guess these boots were designed to be worn while gallivanting around the mud at the famed Glastonbury Festival

Andrew Pearcey, Head of Sponsorship at Orange UK said: “Orange remain loyal to the green ethos of the Glastonbury Festival and are committed to researching exciting new energy sources that can be used on site to ensure people can stay in touch with their nearest and dearest. The Orange Power Wellies use clean and renewable energy to create valuable electricity ensuring festival goers can text and phone their mates for the duration of the weekend”.

Your Feet Are Hot- and charging my phone.

So all in all, I give them an A for creativity and even an A for effort but the chances that I would find any use for these are so slim I might just have to eat a sandwich.

Can you see a use for them in your life?

[Hat tip to Geeky Gadgets]


Ryan said...

Those are some posh galoshes!

Of course, I'm all caught up wondering if the electricity converted from feet-heat is less efficient than a mechanical generator powered the up-and-down of your heel as you walk.

Heck, use both. The boots could come with headlights for those dark swamps.

TorontoVerve.: said...

I agree. It's an interesting idea, but I don't think they're practical.