Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Brother 12- Week Two

Nothing ruins the mood of a sexy haircut like a Jewish Foot Doctor cleaning up after you.

Okay, truth be told... with the chaos of this weekend I didn't watch Sunday's episode of Big Brother until last night. Friday's episode was watched after midnight and I kind of fell a sleep and to be 100% honest- this season is kind of boring. SO FAR- I've been told to hold on, that it should get better once the first eviction happen and the drama starts. All that stuff has happened and all they keep showing is the stupid, disgusting "gross-mance" between Fun Bags and her boy toy Brendon the Swim Coach (which we found on has bug clumsy feet). Yetch! I swear... and now with Kristen and that Hayden guy who looks like a Hanson brother (Am I showing my age now?). Big Brother- please. At least we see a little risky game skill coming from Matt the Smart Mensa Guy, even though I don't really like that guy.

So really all that we saw this week was a lot of making out between the showmances, Fun Bags Rachel giggling, catty girl fights and crying. Monet and Britney the small town back stabbing blond were up on the block but then Brit got the power of Veto by getting tired at just the right moment. Which in turn Matt the Smart Mensa Guy volunteered to be put up in her place as a "pawn". This kind of blew up in his face but not really... he still ended up staying and Monet was sent-a-walking.

I must admit, Andrew the Jewish foot doctor is really growing on me. He is my favorite House Guest so far with his geeky composer and ability to make a potentially sexy situation awkward- love him! I do suspect right now though that Brendon the Swim Coach and Andrew the Jewish Foot Doctor might know each other. They might be the secret alliance that "the saboteur" exposed and no seems to care about anymore.

Cookies of the Week

  • *Gold Star* Andrew the Jewish Foot Doctor for being so awesome
  • anyone NOT involved in the Der Bergade's alliance or a showmance
  • Monet for think 60 x 60 is 1200 (yes, she gets a cookie for that one even though she was SO wrong  but it was SO funny)

Mud Puddles of the Week
  • Matt the Smart Mensa Guy for lying about a "condition" his wife has.
  • Monet, Britney the small town back stabbing blond , and Fun Bags all for crying and being so catty
  • Anyone involved in the Der Bergade's alliance or a showmance

Not much else to say, here's hoping that week three gets a little more interesting.
I'd like to see more of Britney the small town back stabbing blond, I think she has a pretty sharp personality that would be fun. I'd just like to see less of Fun Bags. Period. And that is on all levels.

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