Thursday, July 22, 2010

Folk Fest Thursday

Today is the first day of The Calgary Folk Music Festival Gates open tonight at 5pm so I'm hoping that I can get out of work for 4pm- rush home, get my stuff together and then boogie on over to Laura's place to meet her. Tonight, they just have the main stage going- almost like a warm up to the rest of the weekend.

The Bands playing today will be:

(Canada-SK) Art-Rock, Indie, Pop. "Sophisticated hooks and melodies plus complex harmonies and anthemic choruses"
Favorite Songs:
Drinking Games- sweet little melody with a clapping course I can follow.
Bookish- try not to move to this song 

I don't know anything about this woman other then what the folk fest page tells me "Electronic beats meet North African and Arabic sounds, often in collaboration with a diversity of international artists."
Sounds pretty interesting to me!

(Canada-QC) Alternative, Indie, Pop. "Loved for their knack for creating melodic, literate, sophisticated pop songs in a natural, off-the-cuff manner."
Where do I start with them? I am most excited to see them tonight- a long time favorite of mine. Songs of bitter sweet words that are made to be listened too. They encase so much that I love about the Canadian Indie Music Scene. According to my iTunes my favorite STARS song are:
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
The Beginning After the End
Calendar Girl- those who have followed me around for one Internet home to another might remember this

USA) Acoustic, Alt-Country, Americana, Bluegrass, Roots. "Known for their rowdy, infectious stage shows, the high-flying ensemble tears through tunes with unbridled energy, popping banjo and guitar strings right and left while inciting stomping audience singalongs"
Favorite Song:
I and Love and You-  the ideal slow dance song of the night.

It's going to be a good  night and even if the weather doesn't hold out it isn't anything a little Sangria, good company and a rain suit can't fix.

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