Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pay Phones

Hello, it's me....

Yesterday I was at my company's Stampede party. While in the ladies room I noticed a pay phone on the wall. You see, Ranchman's (where my party was held) is as old as the hills. It's about as classic and cowboy as any bar in Calgary can get. It's so traditional that it's been used in movies. It's so traditional that it still has a payphone in the vanity area of the ladies room. Impressed when I saw it I pointed it out to Christina, my bathroom buddy (because, girls can't go to the bathroom by themselves) and we marveled at how "vintage" it was. In actuality I think it was one that had been produced in the 1990's- so much for vintage. We both babbled on about how back in the day the payphone was only a quarter or 25¢ but then they bumped it up to 35¢  at the beginning of 2000. Well, as I was chatting and poking and looking at the phone my eyes zoomed in on the tiny little writing up by the coin slot:

Local Calls...........50¢

You read that right, 50¢! When the heck did they change that?! Apparently the change became legal sometimes in June 2007. I'm shocked. I guess I don't really use payphones that often- well ever since June of 2007.
  • Do you still use payphones or do you always have your cell phone with you?
  • Do you carry emergency change with you in case you need to use a payphone?
  • Would we even miss payphones if they were removed completely from our life?

What do you think?


Calvin said...

It's an oblique tax on drug dealers.

Ryan said...

Why, just yesterday I directed a tourist to the nearest payphone.

No, please, "hero" seems too much.

amourissima said...

Calvin: Are you insinuating that TELUS might be in on the drug peddling business?

Ryan: Hero might be a bit much after spending 50¢ to make a local call.

Calvin said...

"In on" it is a bit much, but whoever collects the pay phone fees is definitely profiting from it. It seems to me that the subject of pay phones and drug dealers is brought up in city council on a fairly regular basis. Or at least it used to be; maybe not as often now.