Wednesday, July 7, 2010


sing it from the roof top

spon·ta·ne·i·ty (spŏn'tə-nē'ĭ-tē, -nā'-)
n., pl., -ties.
  1. The quality or condition of being spontaneous.
  2. Spontaneous behavior, impulse, or movement.
It was once I turned off the water after washing the dishes that I heard it. The sweet notes of an old familiar song came wafting through the open patio door. It wasn't a neighbours music turned up too loud or a bar down the way- it was a woman. Singing loud, strong and solo. She knew the words and her range well. I stopped and listened, enjoying the invisible show. Finding myself humming along I joined in softly at first then gradually matching her volume in a long distance duet. Within a few moments the we were joined by two other voices coming from a completely different direction down my street. Rough, male voices punched through the course each time we arrived at it grounding our sweetly feminine pitches.

When we finished there were soft applauds from scattered balconies, I peaked my head out the door to see if my street wise choir had shown themselves. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The smokers were smoking, the sock man was watering his plants and the hobos were napping in the last bit of evening sunlight.  

A moment of musical unity. Glee couldn't have done it better.

Spontaneity and Anonymity at its best.


Haley Sue said...

Ah what a neat story to share! What was the song may I ask?

amourissima said...

It was actually the song "Picture" by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock

amourissima said...

and yes, it was a totally awesome thing :)

Rolley said...

HAHA woahhhhh how awesome is that!!! hehe

I love it when something totally unexpected happens, and it's great to be spontaneous.

amourissima said...

I agree Rolley! The best.