Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures in Garage Sale Hosting

I have never seen a more color cordinated yard sale in my life

Today is Wednesday and I have the next 5 days off from work. Go me! I'm excited because this weekend is the garage sale I've been so diligently chaotically planning. I've know I was going to do this for months but I decided to leave it till this week to do anything about it. No big deal- being the obsessive compulsive perfectionist kind of person I am there is no doubt in my mind that things will come together in the end. Sure at the cost of a little lack of sleep but no biggie. The troops have been rounded up and so has the soon-to-be someone else's treasure. I'm just hoping that the weather participates (not to hot, not to cold and really... no rain please) but I'm not that worried about it. What will be will be and that is all I can expect. I just think it's going to be fun and whatever we don't sell will be donated so truly, it's just a really good cleanse.

The garage sale is going to be on Saturday August 21st between 9AM and 3PM in the SW area of the city (my parents place- I don't have a back yard living in a tree house in downtown Calgary). If you are interested in coming to shop our stuff (it's a multi family collection of things) then you know how to get a hold of me (Facebook, cell phone).

So, have you ever had a yard or garage sale? Was it a success or a fail? What are some of the things that you have found that work really well? What are some of the things that don't work at all?

I found this decent slideshow (where I borrowed the image from above) that gives way to lots of inspiration. Thank you Goodhouse Keeping for making life appear so effortless!


Ryan said...

Good Housekeeping, Schmood Schmouseschmeeping!

That garage sale looks far too photogenic. And I've never seen a guitar at one. (I wish!) Though I did get a tortoise-shell banjo once.

The two keys are good signage spread out like a spider-wed of entrapment, and then a good "curb appeal" to make sure it doesn't look like a pile of baby stuff and Ikea shelves.

In no time you will have more quarters than you'll know what to do with!

amourissima said...

oh no, I already have more quarters than I know what to do with.

There will be no Ikea shelves or baby stuff at my garage sale- that's for sure!