Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Being Human

No strings attached

Who wants to be a crier
a liar
a trier

Who wants to blend in
stand apart
or be rejected.

Who wants to love

Who wants to be happy most of the time
and sad some of the time

Who wants to admit that they aren't perfect
that they make mistakes

Who wants to never be the smartest
or the brightest
or the dumbest

Who wants to be healthy

Who wants to be messy
and then clean it up
only to make a mess again
and then leave it for the day

Who wants to care about another
and get hurt
and then care again
and then love deeper then ever thought possible
and then fight
and then make up.

Who wants to wake up in the morning and go to work
at a bad job
a good job
an old job
a new job

Who wants to take a chance
and fail
or succeed

Who wants that
who wants to be human?

I do.

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