Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Confession: I've Hit Rock (Candy) Bottom

According to Lay-la: One spoonful is a snack but two is a meal.

I hit rock bottom on Friday- actually it was Saturday morning when I looked around my kitchen and realised all I had to eat were Tootsie Rolls, Mustard and Peanut Butter. Wednesday night when I got home from class I had a handful of chocolate chips as my dinner. Thursday night when I got home at 8:00pm I had a handful of Tootsie Rolls. Friday as I was studying for my test and working on an assignment I had two spoonfuls of peanut butter. Me, the food snob.  Me,  the girl who doesn't eat processed food. Me, the girl who loves to cook wholesome meals from scratch is also the girl who ate the  dream diet of an 8 year old last week. Enough is enough. I would have been better off with a can of soup or Kraft Dinner.

So enough is enough, it's time I get cooking. I don't really have time too but I'm sure I can throw together something that would have more substance then brown chewy mystery sweets (Mmmm Tootsie Rolls- who here LOVES Tootsie Rolls?) wrapped in sticky wax paper.

I have a slow cooker but I'm scared to use it- afraid I'll come home to a burnt down condo. Also, some days I don't get home for 12-14 hours. Is it possible that a slow cooker might be able to work with that length of time?

I don't like to buy frozen pre-made dinners from the store, I would rather make it myself (which I'm not doing right now).

I want to make things that are low maintenance, tasty and healthy. Come along creative people- what are your suggestions? Creations? Share!

Anyone want to come over and be my Stepford Wife?

Picture of "Peanut Butter on a Spoon" courtesy of : The Perfect Pantry


Calvin said...

Slow cooker for the win! Mine has a keep warm mode that it automatically flips to when cooking is complete. It'll stay in keep warm mode for up to 8 hours before shutting off. So 6-8 hours to cook + another 8 in keep warm. Just remember, if the recipe calls for 6-8 hours on low, that's only if it's around half full. If you have a large cooker that is only 1/4 full and you set it for 7 hours, your chicken will come out dry. Wish I'd remembered that last Sunday. :/

Otherwise oven roasting is pretty handy for a busy person. 20 minutes of prep then in the oven for one or two hours while you go do laundry, study, or play with your hula-hoop. Disadvantage: meal time is pretty late if you're not home around 5 or 6 to put it in the oven.

Microwaved whole grain minute rice is a healthy fast carb fix.

Stir fries are quick and easy. I used to get premade frozen stir fries that consisted of the veggies, seasoning, and noodles, just add fresh beef/pork/chicken strips and prepare. I think they were Green Giant? Haven't seen them in the store for a while, but they were very convenient.

Giulia said...

I'll be back as I must run to get the cat's dinner or I'm in big trouble. But last bday I rec'd Cuisinart's slow cooker (I did ask for it)...yes, it's possible to go out for as long as you say. I have some good recipes...will send them your way when I can. (Hint: not a one is from a slow-cooker cookbook. I made those mistakes already.)Most of them are adapted; & it that isn't tempting enough, my award-winning chef sister (in the 80s, she left before the madness of cookery contests) uses the same one.