Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mamma Yamma

I was cultivated in a garden behind Anne Murray's House

Who is Mamma Yamma? who is she? It? I have no idea... all I know is she is being interviewed on my favorite radio show this morning. I heard somewhere as well that she might be a yam. A yam.. I hate yams. Yuck.

So, in an attempt to learn something I Googled Mamma Yamma and learnt the following.

Mamma Yamma is a yam with two passions - food and music. From her now famous Kensington Market Kitchen in the heart of urban Toronto, Mamma uses cooking and food as a springboard for learning about nutrition, cultural diversity, manners and mathematics. As Mighty Mamma, this yam helps kids learn the importance of a healthy breakfast as she defeats the evil Breakfast Froog. Mamma is perhaps best known for the spontaneous concerts that happen in her kitchen when friends like Sam Roberts, Serena Roberts and Rita MacNeil drop by.

Manners? Food? Music? All the things I love and all of this coming from a YAM? Maybe it's time I change my opinion on them. I mean really, I am a friend to Yam and Sweetpotatos alike because I just don't eat them. To me that sounds pretty friendly.

Mamma Yamma with Calgary's own Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara tapped this performance on Canada’s CBC kids show Mamma Yamma last winter but it finally aired and it’s hilarious. They had to change the lyrics to Sara’s song, Alligator to make it more kid friendly

We're Still Friends

A Yam (Mamma Yamma) and a Fish (salmon de champlain) - singing a nice song about being friends even though they are different.

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Anonymous said...

I was watching Mama Yamma and asked my husband what was that while watching the show. He said he thought it was a "poop" in an attempt to teach toddlers about the potty. I must admit I stared in shock and awe until I heard it was a yam. To this day I can't watch it without a good giggle.