Friday, September 17, 2010

New Orleans

"it's the hotel you dream of discovering"

This year it has not been a secret that I have not taken any holidays. Sure, I've booked the odd day off work for this, that and the other but honestly, I have not traveled outside of the city since last year. Oh wait, that is a lie. I blocked out the traveling I've done for work. Sure, I had made plans. Initially I was hoping to move to New York city for about a month or so and live in an adorable brown stone in Greenwich Village but that ended up not working out because my traveling companion was a wee bit tardy at getting back to me. So, I have slowly dreamt up a master plan which I would love to execute in 2011.

I get close to a month off for holidays so I was thinking about spreading it out between 3 American cities.

1 week in San Francisco
1 week in New York City (even though my brother will no longer be there)
1 week in New Orleans

I am most excited about New Orleans because of  things such as the music, culture, history, food and the influence it has had on the rest of North America. It's different then any other place you might visit in the USA and NOTHING at all like Canada (though I guess you could compare it to the FAR east coast in the sense that it goes through life following the beat of it's own drum.). Since then I've found TV and volunteer program, movies and blogs devoted to the New Orleans experience. Most recently was my GOOP newsletter.

I'm dreaming about Crawfish, Beignets, ground roasted chicory coffee (yes, coffee), sweet tea, Hushpuppies and Gumbo. Mmmmm...

Ideally, it appears that one of the best places to stay in the French Quarter as called the Soniat House. Apparently it's not haunted (which is a good thing if I believed in that kind of stuff- though I do love a good ghost story), it smells like Jasmine and they serve the BEST BISCUITS which are delivered in a basket with a hot stone underneath, and a side of strawberry jam. Nom-nom-nom.

As well, I am sure that there are other wonderful places to stay too- this one just perked my interest.

I'm excited! Not sure when I should go- being that I am of somewhat of a a tame personality that doesn't drink much I would love to go to Mardi Gras but wonder if it's just a bit too much party for me as a first experience. Everything is a party in New Orleans so I'm sure I won't miss out even if I plan a trip for the middle of June.

So have you ever been to New Orleans? If yes, any words of the wise?

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