Monday, September 20, 2010

Robert Plant and the Band of Joy

Get along now Cindy, Cindy. Get Along...

A few years ago when I was a part of a band we covered old folk songs like Li'l Liza Jane, Oh Suzanna, Boil em' Cabbage Down and Don't Leave Nobody But The Baby. We were awesome live. Lazy hot summers spent sitting on Laura's back deck filling the night with pretty harmonies and new versions of old songs.  Those were good times and it was a sad day when we all went our separate ways.

Being the hard core Led Zeppelin fan I am I of course picked up the new Robert Plant solo album. I loved his last creation with Alison Krauss titled Raising Sands from 2007. Favorites include Stick With Me Baby, Please Read the Letter, and Gone Gone Gone. So when Band of Joy came out it was a must. The whole thing. His voice is the same as it was back in the 70's but he mixes it with his first love. Gritty blues and folk. You can even hear a little  Honeydrippers in some of the songs. Tracks that stick out to me right off the bat are:  

Central Two-O-Nice
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
You Can't Buy My Love
Angel Dance

and then...
Cindy, I'll Marry You Some Day.

Cindy was a song we use to sing in our little band. It was a sweet little version when we did it but Robert Plant takes the original and brings it to life like I've never heard.

It brings me back to my jamming days.Those glorious days that are now a faded but fond memory.

How has music made a presence in your life?
Did you even belong to a band?
Do you sing in the shower?


Giulia said...

I love it, isn't it great? I sing in the shower & sang horrible back up in a non-famous band. But they were paid. Does that count? Playing my summer playlist's ever present. Thank you for posting about Band of Joy.


amourissima said...

That totally counts- making music however you do it counts. End of story. :)

There is a feeling that comes with the sharing and making of music.

Thank you for your comment!

Kat Mortensen said...

Saw your blog on Hazel's list and stopped in for a peek. I like what I see!
"Raising Sand" is one of my favourite albums. (If my menopausal brain were working today, I might even be able to tell you which songs I love.)

Also a Zep fan - I love the very first album and consider (despite it's over-use) "Stairway to Heaven" to be perhaps the best rock song ever written. Pure poetry!

I hope you'll visit!

amourissima said...


I did visit... beautiful!! I love your stunning depiction of the world. I am excited to see what else you create.

Thanks for stopping in and welcome to my pre-menopausal brain :)

Kat Mortensen said...

Ack! Just noticed I committed a cardinal sin (in my book, at least). I used it's for its. Bad. bad. bad.

Count yourself lucky (about the brain thing).

Thanks so much for your visit and your exceedingly generous comments.