Monday, September 13, 2010

School Starts Tomorrow

I am here- Later.

Tomorrow I start my first class at the University of Calgary. *gulp* I'm actually pretty excited even though the though of it makes me a little woozy and spinney. As I've expressed before, I would rather be going in the direction of a registered dietitian however:

A) I would have to upgrade my High School (not a big deal)
B) My work won't pay for it (Kind of a big deal- school is expensive!)
C) I'd have to move AND quit my job (BIG deal)

Ideally, I would love to dive in to that adventure but for now- it's not in the cards. This is what is in the cards and I'm okay with that because my work will pay for it, I don't have to quit my job or move and I don't have to worry about my High School (for now).

On Saturday I went down to campus and tried to get a feel for the lay of the land as well, visiting the U of C book store and gasping at the prices of textbooks - why SO freaking expensive? I couldn't find used or second hand books anywhere (I looked a few times prior to going down) so I got the mint-condition-shrink-wrapped-version for top dollar.

I have to confess, I would love to quit my middle class job and go to school full time, getting a degree in something exciting. So I can become a Geologist or a Scientist, an Engineer or a Santa.

Anything, anyone. Learning is addicting, I can't get enough of it. I'm excited, it feels like I'm getting the ball rolling again and causing doors to open and life to spread itself wide for me. One just never knows where even the smallest things in life can lead us.

Are you glad you went to school for what you did?
Would you like to go back and take something else?
WHY are textbooks so expensive?

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