Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tasteful Memories

The chocolate one already has my finger print in it

When I was little and in gymnastics my Dad use to take me to my practices every Saturday morning. He's sit on the hard wooden benches and watch me for the 2 hours as I bounced, flew, and flipped my way through all the stations. He sat there every week for years as I worked myself up from a toddling-tot to a full fledged competitive gymnast. After every practice on the way home we would take a little detour to one of the local neighbourhood bakeries and buy a doughnut each. A special treat for the both of us (this is the person whom I believed to have inherited my sweet tooth from), he would get a Maple Glaze and I would get a Chocolate Glazed Long John.

One year the unmentionable happened... Our favorite bakery closed and we no longer went for doughnuts after practice. By this time I was getting bored of gymnastics so the whole tradition just became a tasteful memory from the past. Since then I have eaten many different doughnuts and I have found that they have become over processed, nasty, chewy masses of dough and synthetic flavor. Sure, I have my favorites now. The simple ones. The ones with less room for error but I don't eat the chocolate glazed- they never compared to the ones from my childhood.

Until now.

Recently I took a leap at the grill and restaurant in my office building. They have a wide variety of foods and lots of unhealthy and totally delicious baked goods. I started with the cookies which quickly became my favorites as well as my daily routine. Then one day they didn't have cookies so I tried a gleaming, glorious looking Chocolate Glazed Long John- like the one from my childhood. Taking my first bit- it tasted exactly how I remembered the one tasting on those Saturday afternoons after gymnastics. A flood of memories came storming into my mind and I was elated. Delighted. I had found my match.

So this was my memory this morning as I bit into this weeks Chocolate Long John treat. I would have taken a picture but who wants to see a picture of a few crumbs on a plate? It got it's self all eaten before I had the chance to pull out my camera phone.

What is your "tasteful memory"?

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